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Mother in maternity hospital: do not miss, the kid!

We with the husband decided long ago that we will have two children. And when we gave birth to Timosha, decided not to delay the second kid. Ultrasonography showed that there will be a boy; and, being chosen in the summer with one-and-a-half-year-old Timofey in the next campaign, we represented how in several years near tent two boys will play.


Long before childbirth the problem of children`s jealousy began to concern me, each mother wants that children were the best friends! And as many mothers of stair-steppers speak, the majority of problems can be avoided if in advance to begin to train the kid for appearance of the brother (little sister).

I Will risk to share the experience. Perhaps, my councils will be useful to someone.


It was decided that the bed will run over Timoshin from our room in grandmother`s, as it was made in one and a half months prior to childbirth.

U us from Timoshkaya long ago the tradition that I sing to it lullabies while it copes with “Agusha“ developed. Everything remained still: I came to the grandmother`s room and sang songs. And the father assembled all lamps which are available in the apartment and put on a grandmother`s case. As a result, after lullabies I wished to Timosha good night and left, and either the orange engine, or a green bear, or the lamp with floating spangles remained to shine him.

In policlinic when Timoshka showed me on babies, I reminded that we will have a little boy too soon. Sometimes put Timoshina a palm to a stomach when the kid kicked.“ Bam - Bam“ - Timosha commented.

it became heavy to p to Walk with Timofey, considering that it was necessary to drag constantly it from cars and others sledge or to climb behind it on a ladder on a hill (unless in a pipe on a children`s complex I did not get through). Therefore with Timosha we with the grandmother at first began to go for a walk in turn, and the last two - three weeks on weekdays the grandmother walked only. (During week-end - we with the father.) In exchange I tried to play and watch more from Timoshkaya - to discuss books with pictures.

is closer than

to childbirth on the last ultrasonography it became clear that there can be complications, and it is advisable to lay down in maternity hospital in advance. It was very sad to me to leave from Timokhi. Though he still small (year and seven), but, appear, suddenly will think that mother threw and left to other kid? And suddenly will wean from me? Also decided to take measures urgently.

On a dictophone I wrote down lullabies of a song and asked the father to include sometimes them to Timosha for the night. Were also a zapisanyva of the video “about mother“ of approximately following contents. In the first I get from - for backs the laid-up toys (a wooden frame with figures and the machine) and I speak:“ Timosha! I for a while left and very much I miss you. And that it was not boring for you, I want to present you these toys. The father will transfer them to you. On! (I give them in a chamber)“. For the second roller I drew a cheerful attractive face on a stomach, and contents turned out approximately it: “Timosha, hi! Look that it at me? (I show on a stomach, I do a pause.) Correctly, tummy. And who there? (I do a pause.) Correctly, little boy. I left to the doctor. I will give birth to you to the brother soon, and we will arrive home. Do not miss, I very much love you and I will call you“.

was Called by me from maternity hospital every day, Timoshk`s truth by phone I was not recognized, apparently, was confused and put a tube to the father. But “kinyo“ about mother enjoyed wide popularity. And the father often discussed my arrival with Timosha and included lullabies if did not forget. Especially the grandmother remarkably managed to stack Timosha.

Childbirth took place

without complications, and Ilyusha was born on December 23. In day of an extract Timosha was told that there will arrive mother with the kid, and he very much waited for us. However there was a small confusion. Since morning, before our arrival, to us home there arrived friends with the one-year-old daughter (brought a pelenalny little table). As my mother who arrived on a visit tells - probably, Timosha decided that it and is that promised kid: so he tremblingly went around Varechki and looked in it in eyes.

in the Evening the father brought home us with Ilyusha. Timoshka at first started embracing to me, but when saw the kid on hands at the father - at once ran to him, enthusiastically shouting “Mami!“ (kid).

Should tell

that we with the father thought up small cunning in advance initially to distract Timoshka from the kid. Handed to Ilyushk to grandmothers and moved to Timokh to other room: “Timosh, watch that we prepared for you!“ also got the hidden children`s lodge - tent. However the lodge did not make due impression, and Timoshka escaped to look at the brother.

Now Ilyushke month, and Timosha all the time very gently treats it. I think, thanks to those several rules which we follow (I ask forgiveness from those for whom it is common truths).

  1. we do not forbid Timoshke to touch the kid (at mother on hands). Of course, I strictly watch that he did not apply force - did not lean the elbows or would not pull a hand - for a leg. When I see that Timoshka was played and tries to splash or pinch the kid, just I catch him by a hand and I speak: “Give - a palm I will kiss!“, and right there I try to distract it something. As a last resort, I leave. I consider approach of my mother wrong: she, at Timosha`s appearance, to Ilyukh nearly under a ceiling lifts and is disturbing screams “It is impossible!“ . And at his age everything is interesting to Timosha. It constantly shows where Ilyusha has “hooks“ (eyes), “not“ (nose), “from“ (companies). (Once it was very ridiculous when Ilyusha sucked a breast, and Timosha showed me at first one ear, Ilyukhe turned then the head, having torn off from food, showed “thawed“ - the second). And constant bans for certain will cause the return reaction in Timofey.
  2. we do not close a door to the room of the kid, we do not forbid to take Ilyushkina to a thing. There is no wish that something caused envy in Timoshka.“ Wants to look at Ilyushina clothes - please. You see what it is small? There was yours earlier, and now you big, it will not fit you. You want to Ilyushina a bed? All right, climb, but take off sandals. You can touch a mobile, but it is impossible to jump here - you will fall out“. The most ridiculous that now at Timofey interest in a carriage which he refused flatly in the summer woke up. But our father right there found a way out - between a frame and a skin of our transformer he put a thick fanerka. As a result, when Timosha does not want to go - goes together with Ilyusha on a carriage, only sitting from above, holding the handle. However, we walk together with the grandmother so far - one I am afraid not to cope.
  3. we Praise Timosha in the presence of the kid. “Ilyusha, well you cry? Look, Timosha does not cry!“ or “Ilyush, well you again in pampers pokakat? Timosha here the good fellow - on a pot asks!“ (Matter of course - what to the baby a pot? But it is told, rather, in the educational purposes for Timofey because he - that just not always asks on a pot.)
  4. I Try to be engaged in
  5. from Timoshkaya as before, as far as possible. Ilya, the little sly fellow, when does not sleep - constantly at me on hands (in a bed cries), but it does not prevent me to consider pictures with Timofey or to direct game process: “Give, take the pussycat for a ride in a car!“ or “Give, the excavator will load stones in the dump truck!“. Certainly, much with Timosha the grandmother (in general, without her we would not venture the second), and during week-end and the father is engaged.
So many days since December passed

, and I at Timoshka do not observe any jealousy. Of course, someone posmeyotsya will also tell that still ahead, but me it seems that the main thing is correct to adjust the child from the very beginning. And now Timofey first of all resorts every morning to look at the brother and with affection exclaims: “Iyutya!“ (Ilyusha!), and today here still added: “Batic“ (brother).

Recently Timoshka approached

me and asked: “On uk!“ Thought, asks, on hands, and he took me by hand and moved to Ilyushka which cried in a bed that I took it. In general, I often be touched, looking at Timofey - probably, he really feels as the senior. Sometimes shows pampers on Ilyushin and speaks to me: “To change!“ or brings me small socks and speaks: “Odiyat!“ (in sense to dress to the kid). Here at such moments also you feel that such happiness.