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Gift to the soldier of

Since hoary antiquity, soldiers, soldiers were held in respect of society as defenders of life and property of peace citizens of the country. Besides, their life full of dangers, adventures, distant campaigns and (not least) rich production which they from these campaigns brought, caused curiosity and envy of inhabitants. It is impossible to forget also about a military brotherhood. The first codes of honor in the history of mankind were military codes.

Especially thawed from a type of gallant fighters (legionaries, combatants, the uhlan, the hussar, cuirassiers and so forth) gentle maiden hearts. As a sign of eternal friendship and love red-cheeked beauties gave to the sympathies with own hand made gifts - tobacco pouches, burses, the embroidered belts, bench hammers, shirts. In medieval Europe these modest gifts were transformed to smart custom - the soldier - the knight solemnly and for show carried the tape presented by the ladylove and devoted it (the lady, certainly, but not a tape) all the feats.

Before revolution in the Russian army each regiment had holidays - so-called regimental days, were regularly arranged the army parades dated for these or those nice victories of the Russian weapon (the benefit, them in our military history was much).

the Red Army Formed in 1918 (RKKA - Is working - krestyanky Red Army) considered

as day of the birth and respectively the holiday on February 23 - day when under the city of Narva the half-starved and half-naked, but ideologically armed crowd for the first time won a victory over the German troops. In 1946 the Red Army was renamed into the Soviet Army. The holiday - on February 23, birthday now of the Soviet Army, remained. At first congratulated on it actually soldiers - professional soldiers and veterans civil, and later and the Great Patriotic War of wars.

Gradually the tradition changed and developed so that on February 23 began to congratulate and give gifts to all men and even boys. The army holiday turned into a holiday of men and a male in general. It appeared very conveniently: On February 23 we congratulate all men (all boys of our class), and on March 8 - according to all women and girls.

Generally telling

, in Soviet period such transformation was quite natural and is even logical. To do military service - the honourable right and a duty of each Soviet man. Therefore, it or was, or is, or will be a soldier. And why not to congratulate him if the occasion is?!

On children`s morning performances in kindergartens were sung by songs:
“Nice boys, nothing to grieve!
Too you will go to army to serve!“

you understand Sami`s

, in such context quite appropriate was to congratulate on a holiday of the Soviet Army even kindergartners.

What was given to men this day? Despite all metamorphoses, in something the tradition nevertheless was faithful to itself - in day of Army tried to present something, anyway connected with attributes of courage, military or other male valor. A tube, a tie, a belt, the razor, a cigarette case, a purse - all this was considered and it is considered a good gift.

It is natural, time introduced the amendments. In the early nineties the army became Russian again, and day of the Soviet Army was renamed into the Defender of the Fatherland Day. Well though did not transfer anywhere.

And attributes of courage became slightly others. No, no, nobody recommends to give in above-mentioned day to the fighter a crimson jacket or a gold chain, but nevertheless, nevertheless, nevertheless... For some reason there is a wish to dot one`s “i`s“ and cross one`s “t`s“. The soldier, the soldier - it is valid first of all the Defender. It protects the Country, her citizens, her women, children and old men. All other - the power, money, ambition - in comparison with it only small dismantling about which, at least, time in a year we forget we have the right to forget. And this day, on February 23, we celebrate the Soldier, the Defender even if on him and there is no shoulder strap.

I gifts this day have to be corresponding to this idea. With messages in gifts more and more - it is less clear, isn`t it?

You are my hero! - the woman gives a gift to the man.

As if we wanted to become similar to you (on you)! - pupils give a gift to the teacher, small children - to the beloved father or the grandfather.

Looking at you, I always learned to live! - the adult son - to the father, the younger friend - to the senior friend.

For you, absolutely safe! - very multiple-valued message. The wife - to the husband, the girl - to the guy, colleagues - to dear chief.

All gifts this day have to be beautiful and strict. Any frivolity! Any accessories are very good. The object has a car? Great! It is possible to present something avtomobilistsky - a charm, a notebook, a decorative automobile compass. Businessman? That`s good! A fine gift - hours, a pen, the calculator, a business notebook, the daily log.

to Give to

clothes, a belt, a tie, a bag it is possible only in case the donator is sure that he well knows taste of the object.

the Fine gift - a strict, graceful souvenir which can be put on a working or house table.

If a gift are given by children or the young girl, then the gift made with own hands perfectly keeps within tradition. The embroidered scarf or the application pasted by the child touches the man`s heart not less (and is frequent more), than expensive purchased souvenir. If the woman the skilled worker, then warms the sweater connected by her hands not only a body, but also I smother the elect. In our century of industrial technologies you should not forget that for centuries and in the millennia severe soldiers believed that the gift created by hands of the beloved, mother, wife or daughter has force to store them in the most cruel fight, to preserve life on the battlefield and to defend from other misfortunes. The modern psychology claims that they not so were mistaken...

A what to give to the real soldiers, professional soldiers in day of their professional holiday? Recommendations, in effect, the same are severity and functionality. Besides, it must be kept in mind that the real military as the person who got used to deal with extreme conditions even in peace and quite civilian life appreciates durability, not catchiness and a peculiar endurance and “autonomy“ of things. A small lamp which works in any weather and climatic conditions, hours which will not stop even in space, not torn tarpaulin or a vest with 25 pockets... Even if presented is far from special troops as it Decembrists from the people, and all the army career taught drawing in a military college - all the same similar gifts touch in his soul some very sensitive and specifically army - a man`s string. In similar a gift the same message is always ciphered: You are the real soldier and the real man! Such message for certain will not leave indifferent any man.