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What new “behind glass“?

Are such joke. Aquarium. In the middle - a party of small fishes, they briskly argue on something. One of small fishes angrily sails aside, some time spins there, is angry, then, having got it together, comes back to others: “Well, well, men. Well. There is no god. But who then changes water in an aquarium?“ ... I do not know how actually small fishes, but here we treat us, people, recently even more often we use them for decoration of the apartment or office, making at the same time many mistakes.

the Mistake 1

Equipping with

the first aquarium, beginners “are usually conducted“ on purely visual effects. For example, choose decorative registration of an aquarium according to a room interior. Adjust on color, buying for an aquarium artificial gravel, color glass, etc., that is everything that is on sale in pet-shops much. Or literally fill up a bottom with any plastic toys: mermaids, divers, the sunk ships, picturesque ruins. Some of such things, such as psychodelic wheels, lamps from optical fiber - can just frighten fishes. Therefore not all that is on sale, suits for them, more often it can do them obvious harm and cause a stress.

Mistake 2

Illumination. Of course, the aquarium which is brightly lit with multi-colored lamps looks effectively, but small fishes in it feel serious discomfort as similar game of paints in the nature does not meet. Therefore in several days inhabitants of similar laser show begin to perish simply, and they should be changed constantly. And it, you see, is already frivolous.

the Mistake 3

Many people rush from one extreme to the other. Or litter an aquarium with what got, or in general leave it empty as empty it is easier to clean. The aquarium is a safe environment, there are no predators there and to hide to small fishes there is nobody. However the fear of predators at small living beings is instinctive. Therefore if in an aquarium there are no suitable scenery among which fishes could take cover, they will feel constant fear for the life.

Mistake 4

Improper soil. Some fans or simply pour river sand on a bottom, or in general replace it with bright pieces of glass, crystals, cockleshells. While different types of fishes need different soil. In aquariums such types of soil as gravel, sand, pebble, slate, special peat are usually used. Silt - usual natural soil - in aquariums is not used as it does water muddy, and it cannot be cleared.

Mistake 5

of the Plant. In pet-shops many aquarian plants, but only some of them really water are on sale. Some plants marginal (boundary) - they live in the nature along coast of the rivers or ponds so that under water there are only their roots, the lower part of a stalk and the lower leaves. And some not water, but land. In water they quickly perish and can pollute an aquarium. Juice of some plants is poisonous therefore if to damage them, and juice will begin to follow in water, it can lead of fishes to death. Therefore it is necessary to approach the choice of seaweed most responsibly. If you not the expert in water flora, suit you more plastic plants which learned to do now is surprisingly realistic.

Standard or exclusive?

Of course, it is possible to avoid all these mistakes. For example, if to read the good book on aquarium husbandry or to consult to the knowing person. And it is possible and to address to firm which will complete, will bring and will establish a ready aquarium and will populate it small fishes. Especially as now both the choice is huge, and the prices in salons for any purse.

For an example we will consider offers of several firms specializing in aquariums and the equipment for them.

If you feel thirst for contemplation of the underwater world and dream to be released at least temporarily from vanity, then you will suit practically any aquarium with small fishes, plants, snags and stones. In this case it is not necessary to be spent especially, buy a standard aquarium of production Juwel, Eheim Aqua Medic (Germany), Aqua Stabil (Denmark), Jebo (Hong Kong) or other foreign firms. Some Russian aquarian firms not only sell import aquariums, but also do similar. In Moscow “Akwa Logo“, “Submarine“ and many other firms are engaged in production and sale of standard aquariums, for example.

Standard aquariums are rather cheap

, but can not fit into your interior by the size, material, color and the invoice of finishing. There are no standard aquariums for placement in a concrete niche, a wall aperture, a bar counter, under a transparent floor etc. Therefore if you want not only to enjoy a show but also to use an aquarium as the real decoration of an interior - you need an aquarium non-standard, to order.

the Exclusive aquarium is of

more expensive. The essential share of the price is made by finishing. Usually it is not plastic or the laminated chipboard, and MDF with a relief, the massif of valuable species of a tree with a carving, marble corresponding on the color scale and processing which are available (or conceived) to interior elements. Happens, material for finishing of an aquarium is even brought from - for the ocean.

the cheapest aquariums - rectangular, from 86 to 129 rubles for one liter in the range of volume from 500 to 1000 l (“Akwa Logo“). Without equipment the price fluctuates within 48 - 57 rub/l in the range of volume from 100 to 600 l (“Submarine“). The most expensive - panoramic with arc glass. The price is from 122 to 201 rub/l in the range of volume from 170 to 1000 l (“Akwa Logo“) and from 58 to 86 rub/l in the range of volume from 170 to 580 l (“Submarine“).

Fish dislocation

When an aquarium could not be delivered to

, it is hung up on a wall. For safety reasons konsolno the strengthened aquariums should not have the weight more than 70 - 100 kg and thickness more than 15 - 18 cm. Such designs are usually framed with a baguette and therefore are called aquariums - pictures. Of course, only absolutely tiny small fishes who are interesting for observing from distance not further of an outstretched arm can live in a small aquarium of 10 - 12 cm and to perceive this construction as a picture.

does not have

the space for an aquarium? Make a niche. For example, in an opening 100 wide and 27 cm in depth very volume - 150 - a one-liter jar is located.

Can be made

instead of a niche of armholes in a wall. Then one aquarium will appear in two rooms at once. But not all walls for this purpose are good. It is desirable to use a partition which is lit with the sun not constantly, but also at least once a day.

finely the aquarium and in the head`s office (speak, it helps to remove stress that is very useful for subordinates), both in the apartment, and in a trading floor of shop, and in a private medical office will look. Naturally, for each room the, special design is necessary. Therefore if you want to have at yourself not just to bank with water, and the work of art, is better to address professionals who taking into account your wishes will create for you small (and even not really) the accumulator of good mood.