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Young mother to be healthy!

For some reason many consider that, generally young mothers trifle of the birth and education of the crumbs. But pregnancy and motherhood often very strongly influence outlook and character. For these nine months the organism of the young girl undergoes huge changes thanks to which she becomes the woman and future mother. And what she will become a mummy for the kid, depends only on her.

When the doctor told that I on 6 - 7 week of pregnancy, I felt pleasure and nervousness. In the hall of a maternity welfare unit I was waited by the husband. Of course, I did not sustain a pause, having told him unusual news. I cannot tell that at that time both of us stood on the own two feet in life. I was 22 years old, I studied on a last year of institute, state examinations and thesis defense were coming me. The husband only began to be engaged in business. Generally, both of us were not rather sure of ourselves. Sometimes to me it became terrible: whether I will cope with such responsibility? But the thought of what the child can not be did not arise neither at him, nor at me.

the First four months flew by, pregnancy took place rather easily (except for dizzinesses and insuperable thirst for meat!) . At institute nobody even noticed the changes happening to me and when learned, many teachers even began to treat me as though I became more senior. Of course, it can be explained with the fact that against girls - students I was already a woman, future mother.

more difficult it was p with parents. Constantly tried to explain me inopportuneness of the decision to give birth. In me the fear arose that I will not be able to be realized in life and I will wallow in diapers... Generally, the weather forecast - parents consisted in a continuous cyclone with the subzero temperature and a gusty north.


After all examinations and solemn delivery of an honors degree, I admit, I began to miss. My classmates lived as then it seemed to me, full-fledged life: worked, had a rest, and I, the head of group, not replaceable within five years of study, the honors pupil and the sportswoman, was in isolation, on the seventh month of pregnancy.

the Husband as could, tried to support me: we walked much, visited. But it did not help to vanish from melancholy and unexpected loneliness. I began to be tired of the evening sat-up guests, lack of common interests and insignificant talks.

B one of days, having woken up at midday, I understood: it is necessary to change something! On the street the summer, the sun, my kid demands fresh air.

Gradually I replaced a circle of contacts. Began to go out with the friends at whom children already grew up. Walks in park (it were warm July days) and communication with their tiny newborn babies gave me self-confidence. I began to be interested in editions for future mothers, to go on children`s shops. When I took tiny caps and baby`s undershirts in hand, I could not believe that I will put on it the baby soon. The desire to see own child began to grow every day! There was so much energy, forces. All other months of pregnancy I equipped the house that gave me enormous pleasure. Inclined the husband to repair in the apartment before the birth of the kid. And all ran, turned...

I there came that day which became for me the most important event in life. I gave birth to the son.

Now to the little son 1,4, we walk much, we read books, we play. My friends are more senior which have grandmothers on help, are surprised how I all am in time when the child always with me: on walk, at home, in shop, in the car - everywhere. My answer is simple: grandmothers at us young people, all care of the kid on me. But I am firmly sure, and has to be. And still the kid on the question “who in the house the owner?“ knocks a cam on a table. Even the father does not argue with it.

there Passed long nine months, behind the first birthday, and sometimes it becomes a shame to me before the kid. How I could in some of the moments lower hands and not believe in myself? Now the sonny wakes up every morning and gets from the bed to me in a bed, gently irons me on hair, kisses on a cheek. I surely can tell: this huge happiness to be young independent mother, thanks to the son`s birth I became stronger and along with it is more womanly. And the most important, is a lot more time to be realized in life most and still to give rise to a couple of crumbs!

Several advice to future young mothers: