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Love in coal mine

In seven years prior to this conversation I stood and looked at a dry tree behind a window. Under it active workers pottered about. The jingling sharp voice of the saw pining for hunger became juicy and satisfied when it started the teeth in wood interiors. I waved with a hand to the falling tree. Said goodbye to it, said goodbye to the childhood.

Today, and the first time to me 17 years were executed. Ahead waited for something new and adult, and behind remained only penek, painted for some reason by green paint. As brilliant green. That was not ill.

also did not suspect

Ya that having quickly come off a school bench, I will fall directly in embraces of my future husband. Though it when shivered in the close car of the subway, standing shoulder to shoulder with uneasy mother, in a white shirt and beige trousers, fresh and ironed at an exit from the house, but sweaty and crumpled when approaching to institute, he did not represent that the vague image of the big love and impetuous passion drawn by it at the nights lonely so far will be embodied in me. A little nice, a little kind and a little harmonous.

I it did not see

that day. It me too. And then half a year more we existed separately, without suspecting that only 18 minutes of driving the trolleybus, 9 minutes of walking and 6 more minutes of driving the bus divide each of us from the inevitable destiny.

In the sum left 33 minutes old. Neither the bottomless seas and oceans nor scribbling the sky of the mountain and dead deserts. We could get each other simply and without serious consequences, it was worth spending half an hour for the road.

But we did not look for easy ways. At institute at first I became friends with Olya and Sergey. They did not know each other, but both knew my future husband. Olya together with it went to courses, and Sergey - studied at school. Sergey acquainted me with Seregoy which knew too my husband as studied with him in one group. As a result I got acquainted and a half group of my husband, but not with him as he hung out with other half.

A I got acquainted with it at office of MTS. Technical progress first of all influences youth which right there seeks to it to join. I joined too, having cadged from parents cellular on birthday. When approached it is time to enclose money into the account, I was ashamed of the denseness and at anybody did not take an interest how paper money turns into dollars, melodious with a female voice, in my phone.

At office was populously and briskly. All knew where it is necessary to them. I stood in one turn, then in another. Listened to talk though mainly all were silent. But for idiotic fear to be dishonored I began to move back imperceptibly to an exit.

- Hey, you where! Now your turn, - some guy unscrupulously drew attention to me.

it became inconvenient to p to Leave. I approached it and, silly giggling, told:
- Me money should be put into the account.

He everything understood

from the first “hi“.
- the First time, perhaps?

Ya wanted to tell lies and take an independent air, but only servilely nodded.

I Hate

these first times. The fear to blunder turns me into the slowed-down idiot with a nervous pokhikhikivaniye. Probably, it is the only complex which makes the life of me miserable. To others I treat with trembling love, including them the small weaknesses.

Soon I also forgot “shame“. We went with the guy across the Tverskaya, and with each step found out that our destinies are already strong bound - will want, will not untangle. And there was a wish to untangle still.

I it, and I were not free. Both strong got stuck in institute love intrigues. Then it became clear that he bullshitted two girls at once. And I already in a temper entered intimate relationship with Seregoy from husband`s group. However, the husband did not learn about it.

But if on a sort to us was written to be

together, soon and left.

there Passed seven years. We went across the Tverskaya again. Suddenly:

- I am irritated by your infantilism.
- And me - your dullness.
- You will marry me?
- And I have a choice?

P. S. On January 24 we celebrated the first anniversary! And I love its !!!