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Skin - a mirror of intestines

Cosmetologists claim: “There are no ugly women, there is a bad cosmetics“, and the toxicologist would tell:“ Problem skin problem toxicological“. So where truth? Yes the matter is that both are right. Cosmetology and toxicology (the science studying effect of poisons on the person), dealing with the problems, the millennia walked without being crossed with each other, and an organism uniform, complete system, and the condition of one body mutually influences a condition of others. What communication of skin and toxicology?


In an organism constantly form metabolism products, some of them are toxic. Most of all these substances are formed and contains in intestines. For their neutralization there is the whole system which includes such bodies as: liver, lungs, intestines, kidneys, immune system and and and skin.

Processes of formation of toxic substances and their neutralization normal are counterbalanced by

and the person feels healthy and respectively looks. However, when the stream of toxic substances exceeds possibilities of system of a detoxication of an organism and it works with an overstrain, the functional and structural condition of cages worsens, there are problems with health. Well, and that skin? She too at the same time “suffers“. Its properties worsen: turgor, elasticity that results in its flabbiness and premature formation of wrinkles. There is an unhealthy color. Depending on prevalence of these or those toxic substances in an organism, it can have a yellow, gray, earthy shade, circles under eyes, puffiness appear. Changes of skin of allergic and inflammatory character develop. Deterioration in a condition of skin, according to scientists - dermatologists, is directly connected with massive “bombing“ by microbic toxins with an excess growth of certain species of the bacteria living in a small intestine.

So to do in similar situation?

two solutions of a problem Exist. The first of them is cosmetic. Opportunities at it big. But there is a shortcoming. He acts “outside“, without mentioning and without influencing the prime cause. Not for nothing once the term “renovation“ appeared. There is other way clarification of an organism from within. People understood it long ago. The first attempts of clarification of an organism were reduced to use of vomitives and enemas. Though there was obvious their small efficiency and even harm, a long time the mankind was forced to use these means.

At the present stage scientifically - technical progress such effective methods of purification of blood as a hemodialysis, haemo sorption, a plasma exchange appeared. Implementation of these methods assumes existence of the difficult equipment and the equipment, specialized offices, and these conditions inevitably resulted in their high cost. Their main shortcoming is that in process of purification of blood new portions of toxic substances arrive from intestines, reducing efficiency of these methods. It is clear to all that clarification of an organism should be begun with intestines, and, all digestive tract at the same time. But the task this, at first sight, seeming idle time, actually is very daunting: emetic and a depletive you will not help here, and enemas and a gidrokolonoterapiya it is possible to clear only smaller part of all digestive tract a thick gut, it is impossible “to approach“ a small intestine in such a way.

ways of washing of all digestive tract Exist: the Indian yogis Shankh Prakshalana with use of solution of table salt and a modern technique with use of medicine “Fortrans“. However, owing to the fact that chemical compositions of these solutions have “casual“ character in relation to a chemical composition of the internal environment of a gut at their use (in the volume sufficient for careful cleaning of a digestive tract) arise vodno - electrolytic violations of plasma of blood. Under the law of a gradient of concentration, the minerals which are absent in solution “are washed away“ from blood. Decrease in concentration in blood, for example, of such macrocells as potassium and calcium can cause life-threatening states. Besides, these solutions perniciously work on useful intestines bacteria.

Considering this circumstance in the Moscow Scientific Research Institute of Emergency Medicine of N. V. Sklifosovsky the solution which is ideally suited for washing of intestines was created. Feature of this solution is that its electrolytic structure and physical parameters correspond to that of the internal environment of a small intestine. The main macrocells (potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, carbon, phosphorus, sulfur and chlorine), minerals and vitamins (only 34 components) are a part of solution in the form of salts in a certain proportion. This condition provides not only stability of normal composition of plasma of blood when washing intestines, but also, in case of any initial deviations, their correction. Not casually the composition of solution did not include nitrogen. It is made in order that it “was dumped“ from blood in solution. And as at plasma of the blood washing intestines there are compounds of nitrogen which are products of disintegration of the “become obsolete“ cages, release from the excess number of these connections represents an effective detoxication.

Cleaning of an organism of toxic substances of an internal and external origin by washing of all zheludochno - an intestinal path received the name of an intestinal unleavened wheat cake (from the French du lavage).

Procedure of clarification of intestines

the Method is technically simple

, does not demand the special equipment and consists in the following: the patient drinks solution on 150 - 200 ml with intervals of 5 - 10 minutes.

having filled

In 0,5 - 1,5 hours, intestines begin to be emptied in the natural way softly, without efforts and unpleasant feelings. Procedure is carried out to pure washing waters. Shortly after the patient stops drinking solution, “work“ of intestines stops. All procedure continues 2 - 4 hours then the patient can be engaged in commonplaces. For careful cleaning of an organism it is enough 2 - x procedures with an interval of 2 - 3 days. In the presence of any diseases, treatment is carried out to clinical effect (improvement, recovery) in the form of a course of an intestinal unleavened wheat cake which consists of several procedures.

Mechanisms of effects of an intestinal unleavened wheat cake

of an intestinal unleavened wheat cake is resulted by full removal of contents of intestines, including toxic substances of an external and internal origin, allergens, stagnant bile is removed, excess colonization of intestines conditionally - pathogenic microorganisms is eliminated. As a result of clarification of intestines and blood functional load of bodies of a detoxication decreases: liver, kidneys, lungs, skin, immune system. Repeated sessions of washing of intestines promote cell regeneration mucous intestines that eliminates its excess permeability for bacteria and their toxins, for allergens.

Universality of medical and improving effect of an intestinal unleavened wheat cake is explained by the fact that it provides a detoxication, correction of the internal environment of an organism and structure of microflora, eliminating with that the functional frustration which are the cornerstone of various diseases.

the Intestinal unleavened wheat cake can be compared to clear-out when from an organism all superfluous is removed and order is restored. On its background other methods of treatment and improvement, for example, pharmacotherapy, a dietotherapy, phytotherapy, various cosmetic procedures give much more expressed effect.

In view of mechanisms of medical action, an intestinal unleavened wheat cake can be recommended to

of the Indication for carrying out an intestinal unleavened wheat cake as an element of complex therapy at various diseases.

of is shown to
of the Disease or a state at which carrying out an intestinal unleavened wheat cake the Recommended number of procedures
the Intestinal dysbiosis 6
Skin diseases: acne rash,
of an acne,
atopic dermatitis, psoriasis
Allergic diseases 6
Preparation for cosmetic procedures,
to operations
the Preventive course On 2 procedures 4 times a year

the Preventive course of an intestinal unleavened wheat cake is shown by 2
20 to all people, but in particular:

  • eating randomly or refined, or monotonous food,
  • leading an inactive life,
  • inclined to obesity,
  • to subject frequent catarrhal diseases,
  • after course treatment by antibiotics,
  • activity of which is connected by
  • with stressful situations and professional harm,
  • having addictions (including nicotine addiction).

Clinical results

At “clean“ intestines the feeling of cheerfulness, ease and internal comfort arises, the mood improves, irritability, the general weakness and fatigue disappear, there is a normalization of a dream. Skin becomes soft and elastic, its color improves. Especially notable changes are noted by patients with problem skin: rashes decrease or disappear absolutely.

Some patients note restoration of a regularity of monthly cycles, practically at all PMS symptomatology (a premenstrual syndrome) is reduced. According to modern representations intestines are one more gormonoprodutsiruyushchy body. Therefore clarification and restoration of its functional activity is followed by normalization of a hormonal background. However, so far it is still the hypothesis demanding additional confirmation.

Many patients address concerning these or those dermatological problems: acne rash, hypersensibility of skin, its flabbiness, atoniya, allergic manifestations, eczema, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis. In certain cases after carrying out an unleavened wheat cake almost instant improving and esthetic result is observed: complexion improves, there is a flush, healthy gloss of eyes, turgor of skin increases, the face form is restored. Hair and nails become better. And here at patients with eczema, psoriasis or atopic dermatitis other picture: the first procedures often do not bring the expected result or it is expressed very poorly. Sometimes after 5 - oh (7 - oh - 11 - oh) procedures the process aggravation which, however, is spontaneously allowed is possible, and after that there comes improvement, recovery.

Experience of collaboration with clinics of esthetic medicine and beauty shops showed that preliminary cleaning of an organism increases efficiency of cosmetic procedures and operations from within. The course of procedures of an intestinal unleavened wheat cake conducted before planned surgeries significantly facilitates course of the postoperative period, stimulates healing of a postoperative wound, reduces probability of complications at the expense of a detoxication of an organism and nonspecific stimulation of reserve opportunities. Preoperative preparation acquires special relevance in esthetic medicine when quality of a hem and a condition of skin have crucial importance.

Most of patients after the first procedure of an intestinal unleavened wheat cake note the expressed improvement of health, inflow of forces. Some, on the contrary, first speak about weakness, drowsiness. However, repeated procedure is already followed by sharply expressed positive result. Such distinction is connected with extent of “pollution“ of an organism.

Thus, the intestinal unleavened wheat cake is a simple, highly effective, safe and painless method. It is approved and allowed for use by the Russian Ministry of Health, conferred the Award of the city hall of Moscow in the field of health care for 1994.