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Children`s autism of

How practically to help the sick child


about children`s autism is written Recently very much. But scientific literature is not always clear to ordinary mothers and fathers as and among experts there is no consensus about ways of the solution of this problem. And in popular or pseudo-scientific editions autism is called most often “a mysterious illness“. Of course, indifferences of professionals - psychologists, teachers, doctors - not to manage. But the future of such children first of all depends on parents, their activity, persistence and patience.

the Main signs of autism

It agrees the International classification of diseases accepted in Russia 10 - go revision (MKB - 10), children`s autism is the general violation of development which is shown aged till 2 - 2,5 years (more rare in 3 - 5 years) and mentions mentality of the child. First of all the need for communication and ability to social interaction is broken, and also stereotype of behavior, interests and activities is noted.

It is definition needs the explanation. “Communication violations“ are understood as not pathology of means of communication (the speech, hearing), but communication per se. If the child with a heavy hearing disorder and speeches compensates deficiency of speech contact by gesture, a mimicry, seeks to understand told others on an articulation, then at autism (even at formally safe the speech and hearing) the kid or ignores attempts of interaction with it, or actively rejects and avoids them. Contact with other person if is established, then has the formal and distorted character as motives of acts, behavior of other people, their emotions and experiences are not clear to the child with autism. In these conditions even potentially safe mental functions develop with deviations. Level of intellectual development can be various, but approximately in 70% of cases it is lowered.

repeated repetition of nonfunctional movements and actions, from a simple rhythmical potryakhivaniye hands before difficult actions and rituals understand

As stereotype of behavior. According to MKB - 10, fears, aggression, self-aggression, negativism, protest reactions and other similar phenomena can meet at autism, but are not its obligatory signs. And at last, with age manifestations of autism change a little, but remain throughout all life.

Acquaintance to the main signs of autism is very important

, and parents have to have a basis for the critical relation that different people speak about their child (from relatives and acquaintances to experts). Separate signs of autism happen partly similar to symptoms of other violations of development and diseases, and sometimes think of this pathology only on the basis of a delay of speech development or, once having seen as the child is shaken in an arena. Similar signs can demonstrate also other frustration. But if there were doubts, it is necessary to address the children`s psychiatrist.

it is difficult for p to Diagnose children`s autism. Even the skilled expert needs a lot of time for supervision and the analysis of a picture of this mental violation. It is necessary to treat purpose of repeated receptions, inspections and consultations quietly. Some signs of autism are found at deep and heavy intellectual backwardness and a heavy underdevelopment of the speech. Therefore without sufficient idea of nature of violations treatment and correctional work can be insufficiently effective.


What has to guard the parent in behavior of the child aged till two years?

It is considered h2 that it is possible to think of autism if the child:

does not hold
  • how many - nibud it is long contact “eye to eye“
  • does not respond addressed to at safe hearing;
  • is found by deficiency of joint attention (that is does not try to attract with the word or gesture attention of others to the subject which interested him);
  • does not ask for the help;
  • does not try to share something;
  • uses other person as if it is an inanimate object.

If these signs appear in behavior of the child constantly, then it is necessary to address the children`s psychiatrist.

the Diagnosis and forecasts

If at the child really comes to light autism, then parents need to realize that it for the rest of life. Autism does not pass and does not recover. But it is not necessary to panic and look at the future as on the continuous tragedy. In this situation not all depends on parents if, then almost everything and that the help was more effective, it is necessary to consider experience of those who already went this way.

Sometimes parents do not believe

that the diagnosis is made correctly, and visit experts of one behind another. This their right, and similar behavior, probably, is not deprived of sense. As we know, “one head well, two - is better“. But quite often these searches get a chronic current and become end in itself, losing any sense. For such category of parents there is even a special term - “parents - pilgrims“. That it: searches of a miracle? Subconscious replacement of a difficult situation? Anyway, but time when the correct education and training can yield essential results, leaves.

In other cases parents pretend that the problem does not exist. And communication violations, speech problems and stereotypes in behavior are explained with manifestations of specific features of character. However if to do nothing, then with age lovely whims of the kid will become already ridiculous and inadequate. And here it will be much more difficult to change something, if at all perhaps.

It is quite natural

that first of all parents are concerned by forecasts: what will be with the child whether he will be able to study at school, whether will be able to establish a family and even will drive the car } But autism is revealed most often in 3 - 5 years, and at this age to guarantee something self-confidently, prematurely and nonprofessionally. The current of autism can be the most various, and the competent expert will never begin to speak about the long-term forecast neither in positive, nor in negative sense. Such child it is necessary to observe, work with him for now patience and once again patience.

At the same time (not as the forecast, and from experience) can try to answer two questions: about the social status of children with autism and about opportunities of family life. It is easy to guess that a lot of things depend on expressiveness of frustration. In the most hard cases even during the most successful work it is possible to achieve only adaptation to living conditions in a family (ability to wash, put on, cook food, to clean the apartment), and sometimes it becomes not less complex challenge, than training of the child for school. Matter not only that in the most hard cases the question of training in sense, traditional for all, can not arise. Unevenness of the general development at autism and the wrong approach to education (more) quite often do peculiar “clever uselessness“ of such child: the school program it, at least formally, acquires, but cannot neither go where - nibud independently, nor to prepare for itself to eat because any of the existing school programs does not mean “training of life“. Happens that the owner of the school certificate or even the high school diploma experiences huge difficulties with how to apply this knowledge.


on the other hand, knows many cases of successful social adaptation when people with autism tried to obtain the high social and professional status. Professor of veterinary science Templ Grandin (USA), the public figure Iris Uechanson (Sweden), the writer Donna William (Australia) can be an example. Many former pupils of society “Dobro“ graduated from higher education institutions too and successfully work.

If to speak about creation of a family, then at easy forms of autism it is quite real prospect, and most of children do not suffer from serious frustration of mentality from such marriages. But risk of emergence of autism in posterity at them all - above, than on average for the population. Parents have to know that autism substantially is hereditarily caused. At severe forms of pathology, regardless of success of correctional work, people with autism need continuous guardianship, and creation of a family is improbable.

of the Reason of emergence of autism

the Question of the reasons of development of this pathology in children in general and at each sick child in particular on advisory receptions is set most often.

If to speak about a problem in general, then its reasons are very ambiguous. An essential role is played by a hereditary factor though serious impact is exerted also by organic violations of the central nervous system during pre-natal development, at childbirth and in the early childhood. Quite often these factors are combined. Sometimes autism happens a consequence of the postponed disease, sometimes manifestation of the current disease process. it is much more difficult to p to Answer with

a question of autism reasons in each case. Nobody challenges the right of parents for the fullest information on this occasion, but what it will give from the practical point of view? The knowledge that in one of the previous generations there was a change (mutation) of a certain gene will change nothing. Also will not help the kid. Whether it is better to reject the past and to bend all efforts in the present and the future, on fuller social adaptation of the child?

Correctional work

Correctional techniques and approaches can be the most different, depending on concrete situations. But some general principles nevertheless can be allocated.

First of all, between parents and experts the trust and mutual understanding at the sufficient level of criticality has to be established by

. Mothers and fathers should have no doubts in competence of experts which work with their child, and experts have to be sure of sincerity and openness of parents. At the same time, if there are some questions or fears, they should not be held in themselves, it is necessary to strive for full clarity.

Correction of children`s autism has to begin

as soon as possible. Till three years this diagnosis is not made, but if there are any suspicions, it is expedient to carry the child to risk group and to begin diagnostic occupations lasting not less than one - two months. Even if the diagnosis will not be confirmed, they, except advantage, will bring nothing. Here basic rules of correctional work:

  1. Correction of children`s autism has to be complex, and the leading place is allocated the psychologist - pedagogical work. Drug treatment in many cases is expedient and it is even necessary, but it is necessary to approach purpose of various preparations (especially stimulating character) very carefully. Parents cannot interfere with treatment under no circumstances: independent purpose or cancellation of any preparations are inadmissible.
  2. to Autistic children it is difficult for li to adapt to constantly changing conditions. Therefore organizational features in institution which is visited by such child and houses have to be identical or at least close. Ideally all tenor of life in a family with the sick kid has to correspond to problems of correctional work: it includes unity of the principles of the attitude towards the child from all family members, sequence and constancy in their application.
  3. Correctional work remains to
  4. necessary for many years, but especially intensive it has to be at the initial stages, at preschool and younger school age, and during this period the main loading is the share not of experts, and of parents.
  5. Work with the kid has to take place
  6. in sufficient volume. When speak in images that correction of children`s autism has to continue 25 hours a day, mean not the number of class periods, but “correction by all life“. It first of all concerns structuring space (accurate communication of certain kinds of activity with the corresponding sites of educational rooms) and time (through system suitable on the volume and a form of schedules).
  7. Correctional work, especially at the initial stages, is based on the basis of individually developed program therefore formal transfer of others experience is inadmissible, it needs to be used with care and creatively.
Of course no deep theoretical calculations and councils will be compared by

on a power of persuasion to a concrete case from real life. Therefore in conclusion there is a wish to give such here indicative example. The boy Alyosha was brought on consultation at the age of 1 year and 11 months with suspicion on children`s autism. It actually had no speech (1 - 2 indistinct words without address) the turned speech he did not understand, skills of neatness did not own, in behavior many various stereotypic actions were noted. At the same time at some relatives of the child autistic lines are noted.


gave In the beginning several diagnostic classes during which both features nervously - mental development, and the general state of health were constantly specified: in particular, the boy was advised by the children`s psychiatrist and the neurologist. Consultation showed existence of signs of organic damage of a brain that was confirmed with special research - mag - the resonant tomography allowing to scan and reveal organic pathology of bodies and systems of an organism. The cyst (hollow education with liquid contents) in brain tissue was found in the child. The electroencephalography (graphic registration of nervous impulses of a brain) revealed existence of the center of the pathological impulses in a brain provoking spasms. Anticonvulsive therapy was appointed. The individual correctional program was focused first of all on formation of skills of neatness, further - on development of understanding of the speech and the sounding speech, and the organization of behavior. Upon termination of the diagnostic period (about two months) parents were given the appropriate program and instructions for its performance. Parents carried out it very carefully, if necessary got additional advice. In a month at the child skills of neatness were created, now he well understands the turned speech (in the volume close to age norm), the address, simple phrases appeared. The boy became more contact and active, likes to be engaged. Problems remain a lot, but “break“ already happened, and experts consider that it is first of all a merit of parents.

Commenting on this case, there is a wish to pay attention that began to work with the kid early enough, without waiting for specification of the diagnosis, and parents actively, carefully and consistently implemented all recommendations of experts. Though correctional work with the child was carried out generally only by mother (the father is very engaged at work), the positive effect - is available.

All parents of autistic kids want to wish

: you should not rush about all family in search of miraculous escape. The biggest miracle capable to win against any illness is a belief in success patience, commitment and of course love to the child.

Personal experience:“ To feel sorry for itself there is no time“

to your kid 2 years any more, and it considerably differs from other children. All his age-mates are interested in the world, begin to speak, and he is silent and is not glad to tender embraces at all. The peanut all the time cries, sleepless nights exhaust you, and implementation of infinite recommendations of experts devastates the family budget. The child for hours plays some unusual games or turns on the room, and there is no opportunity nothing him to interest. It becomes clear that this “perpetual motion machine“ of everything is afraid. Searches of doctors, logopedists, speech pathologists begin. You hear various versions about deafness, intellectual backwardness, unwillingness to talk. At the same time the child has quite intelligent person, he is very musical. And once you hear from the doctor the mysterious word - autism which will bring into long waiting list for consultation in the centery where there are people who will be able to help something. You are captured by alarm: what will be with the child and your family? There comes the depression. The husband is irritated by problems, and he eventually decides that without a thing it to live more quietly. It would seem, it is the deadlock from which there is no exit. But believe, you should not despair! If the diagnosis final and at anybody does not raise doubts, do not feel sorry for yourself too long and do not hide the head in sand! On it simply there is no time. Nobody on light will be able to help your child, except you. Even the best experts will only teach how it is correct to be engaged with the kid, and no more. Do not bury in the loneliness, trust and hope, look for companions in misfortune - together easier to cope with any trouble. Do not put off a solution and count first of all only on the forces. Depends on it, your child a deep disabled person will be or will be able to live among people. If you love the kid, then help it. It is very lonely and needs understanding. God grant to you health and infinite patience.
Sawing Martynenko