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He and she

She did not trust men. She knew that it cannot be done. On her heart there was a deep wound. That to which She trusted deceived her. That whom She loved destroyed their feelings. In her soul there is no bitterness left and despair, there was an emptiness! And never She will entrust anybody the tender feelings.

She remained one. In spite of the fact that it was surrounded by a great number of admirers. One suggested to throw the whole world to her legs, others just tried “to buy“ as expensive toy. She did not trust them. She knew, than it will end.

her was considered as the Snow queen, the Girl - a riddle, Die Hard, but actually it was vulnerable and very timid girl.

It was modest, efficient, rational

. He knew that he will not find the half in this world. All whom he met were ready to give all the “love“ for the only visit of restaurant or night club. Therefore it hid the dreams about that gentle and for a long time loving which will not demand anything in exchange which will be to it the real girlfriend.


Probably, in heaven to someone it became necessary that these two loneliness met. Probably, it was the destiny. It occurred as it is banal, on the Internet - in a chat. At first stirred about anything, but then it turned out that there is too much general at them, and they decided to meet.

“My God! It cannot be! I will never believe that such beautiful, clever, the businessman still was one. I do not trust. At it for certain for every day on the different girl“, - She thought.

“What beautiful girl! It precisely from those which give “love“ for the only dinner. Here, seemingly, without options“, - He reflected.

She decided

for herself that the excess friend will not prevent anyway. He thought that it is quite good to have supper, and there to draw conclusions.

the Dinner took place, of course, not by candlelight (before it was still very far). She did not throw the arms round to it a neck later. It as the true gentleman, saw off the girl without uniform hint on close relations.

They remained everyone with the guesses alone.

She did not wait for it a call. But He called.

Each new meeting brought to

all new and new opening. Every time They got into soul to each other more and more deeply. Passed already a lot of time when once, walking under the star sky, He told: “You want, I will present you stars? What most of all is pleasant to you - choose! It will be only your clearest asterisk. Every time when I raise eyes to the sky, I will think of you...“ . He did not suggest to put the world to her legs, but it gave it the soul! She believed It...

frosty morning day on an outcome of winter they became the husband and the wife. It was wonderful day! The most remarkable day! And a little later them became three. The little girl lit up their life a new light. And every day the daughter embraced, kissed them and repeated: “I love you, Mother and the Father!“.

At this moment She always remembered

how they boated, and there was a rain, and He kissed her wet lips, and drops a streamlet flew down up to a breast. Then gently and ardently they made a declaration of love each other!