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Somewhere read verses for Dasha that when you cannot put feeling into words, they leave verses.

Somewhere read verses for Dasha that when you cannot put feeling into words, they leave verses. So happened also to me. During pregnancy it seemed that the soul sings without ceasing, but the main aria began with the moment of the birth of my baby. I wrote down verses on pieces of paper not to forget. And then rewrote in a notebook. When Dashenke decided to make a photo album, there was a wish that it was not similar to others. Near photos I pasted a rhyme. So it turned out that by every month of life of my girl the poem was written. Now we continue an album, it becomes thicker, and the aria in my soul is louder and louder.


grows up and develops. Soon the book of own production with pictures and verses will be ready. I tried to choose already familiar quatrains from an album and wrote new, simple and easily memorable. We will begin to study with Dasha them according to pictures. And, perhaps, my baby will start talking verses soon:

the Cat I Say I love, her small fish I feed with
. Eat
a small fish, Glash. with
You are fed by Dasha.

Such quatrains are easily remembered by

, especially if nearby the picture as the baby feeds the favourite cat.

I Offer several my works on your court.

32 - 33 Weeks of pregnancy, weight of 1800

Dasha, Dashenka, Dashulya,
my Daughter.
You was not born yet,
But I already love you.

You very quick now, me push
In a stomach. As if with a ball inside of
You in soccer play

Since morning to a lunch you sleep,
of Half of the night you walk.
I only mother will go to bed, As you it kick

Maternity hospital. Reanimation

Is not present anybody more perfectly than
On light,
Than small
, Newborn children!

I here I am mother !
A you is my child !
I I cannot See enough
of you.

You - my happiness!
You are my soul!
Ah to what
You, the baby, is good!


my Girl,
Eyes blue.
Father`s eyelashes
Long, direct.

the Grandmother`s nose
For the present did not grow up.
the Smile - that mine.
the Crumb, I love you.

Happiness you mine.
of Neighbours punishment.
I Ask you do not cry,
Moderate the sobbings.

Father`s you are pride,
Grandmother`s pleasure.
cannot see enough
Of grandfather`s weakness.

Tiny handles,
Small legs.
will run to Stamp they
on a path Soon.

my Heart is torn by

When you loudly cry. If you know
the baby,
As mean to me much.

so you I love

my Girl. the life I will give to
Only for you.

Fill up with

my child,
Sleep my angel.
Mummy your
Will be always with you.

washing Krovinochk`s

You my child.
my Angel.
Ya I love you.

1 month

U me hurts a tummy!
Mother! Help! Give to
rather the medicine! take
On hands!

Shake me on handles, the Song to me sing
does not hurt a tummy Any more.
Is good with you!

2 months I am able to tell


Ya! I Tell to
I So want to tell you,
That I love you!

Mother tells to

Means, loves too.
A still goes on “gu - gu“
the Uncle my Seryozha.

3 months

As are good to ride
At the grandfather hands!
will So highly lift,
That I speak: “Ah!“ .

4 months

Mother! Father! Look! me in a mouth
Any two cones,
Something I will not understand

you tell to

cannot be that!
But me something wants to bite

They awfully scratch!
They hurt again!
For what such torments
For little children?

4,5 months

U me already two teeth!
Allow to ask you,
Is possible for me not strongly
you for a finger at all to bite?

of 5 months

What is juice?
U! And it is tasty!
Let`s overturn a cup! With me it will not be sad

the Cup on a floor departed.
do not become angry the mummy.
On me cannot swear, your
Ya lapulya!

of 6 months

On a back I like to lie, the Leg in a mouth to put
. at
the Woman, look. well - repeat

it is more interesting to play

of all
With the grandmother. its
can pull a nose
I for hair to fray!

she does not swear,
does not shake finger.
A with me she laughs.
amuses Dasha!

of 7 months

Ya already big!
Ya itself I sit!
I as the girl from the fairy tale
Far I look!

I do not want to burst porridge! Apple I want
do not abuse your Dasha,
A that I will cry!

Ya in “soroka“ I am able to play

of 8 months, I am able to thumb through
I of the book.
I Am able to cry loudly,
I Can loudly laugh.

* * *

In walkers you I will catch up with

A well - run away! Want
- do not want, with me play

of 9 months

Ya already I creep! Watch
at me!
I am able to Creep!
Here what I!

* * *

Let`s play

, mother
C you in one game.
we Will throw out porridge on a floor,
we Will smear it on a table!

Mother, you it is not cheerful?
should not abuse me.
Let`s call we the father
I together we will play!

Monologue. 9 months

Yes, I am a minx, I am a capricious child,
I Can loudly shout.
But I ask you, do not swear!
I Want mother so to speak!

Me lips,
Language as if not mine do not obey

I Want to shout: “Mother, father!“
A turns out as howl.

Me nobody understands

I tears slide from eyes. from that I loudly pay
I, I Want
that understood now!

I Want

that just caressed, I Want
that on hands dragged! I Want
that often kissed!
I never would be abused!

I Want

did not force to sleep!
I that were played by all with me!
of Toys bought
I spoke much: “My hare!“ .

Yes, I such, I am a capricious child!
But you love me.
I “Mother not many! Father!“ - I will shout!

of 10 months

As it is exciting to p to bathe in a bathtub!
In a bathtub it is possible to lap. Mother to pour over
A she laughs with me!

* * *

- Pa - a pas - a pas! - I shout since morning.
- the Father, wake up. Let`s play
rather with me!
Get up and put on.

* * *

On a visit to the woman I came,
brought fun to Them. the Handle I wave
I with me the grandfather laughs.

of 11 months

Here eyes at a cat,
At a hedgehog a nose. to you everything I will show to
It not a question.

* * *

I Go on an arena. I Like to play
in it.
Still I like
to roll the Machine.

it I will take away

From the brother Dima
K to myself I press
I loudly I shout!

1 year

to me today exactly a year! Me all congratulate
give All gifts to me, Kiss
, embrace.

to me a cake was presented.
On it a candle burned.
It flickered brightly
I wanted to Touch.

We that blew out the candle
Me did not deceive,
Piece of cake of a distance, again congratulated

* * *

Ya I can already go.
Catch me rather.
Ya to you I go the granny
quicker and quicker - quicker!

New year!

to me allocate with

a dress,
Fastened a bow.
From a table managed to grab
Ya a golden candy wrapper.

are Told a holiday today,
decorated the Christmas tree.
will be met New year by us,
already laid the Table.

I understand

of Nothing, here to meet
of Whom.
Everything sparkles around,
A I want to sleep.

the Beach

A we went to the beach.
I in the small river I bathed.
I ran I on
I sand of the sun was not afraid!


Me presented to

a cross,
presented the Chain.
We all went to church,
christened Me there.

Olya is my godmother,
my Godfather - Seryozha.
Tam of the child cried slightly,
I I shouted too.


I was delivered in a font,
Ya ceased to cry.
Well, here ended that service,
I I Dariya became.


U me bicycle! the Great-grandfather presented
Ya did not reach pedals, the Father so rolled

the Swing

Flies up a swing up, I Stick to
strong there. Shake
the father
higher to heaven.

I Like to ride a roundabout of
Twist roundabouts
All my family!


Ya crawled to kitchen. I Want to play
I Ask you it is not necessary to close
Cases all.

it is so much interesting There:
of the Pan, cover, bowl.
Well, let`s play
A little bit to your Dasha.

I will play

Ya a drum,
In a horned goat,
I leave covers
I further I will spread A little.

In a hairdressing salon

Me is cut the machine.
Quietly I sit.
is accurater, the aunt!
Ya I watch you!

I go!

it is careful, step by step
You go on a carpet
You be not afraid, my baby,
I nearby, will help.

Well, go rather to mother,
Let`s me you embrace.
you Will grow up still a little bit
I you not to catch up.

1 year 1 month

Cubes and balls
In a box I will put

the doll to Lyal
I will put bed.

Ya to mother I help to clean
of the Toy. Now we will be tidied up by
Ya I will go to bed at once.

1 year 2 months



Ya to panties. Mother do not abuse
Ya in a bathtub carried them,
A you go, erase!

* * *

As music I will hear

, I Want to dance
. the grandmother for the
handle I Pull
I to dance again.

She with me dances
I on hands takes,
has A little bit a rest
I again goes to a dance.

1 year 3 months

As now to me to be,
did not become easy for me.
More I do not drink
of Mother milk.

But now
For the night I drink the
I kefir the world Lodged in my tummy

* * *

do not grab children
a bulb a hand. the Handle you will burn
Hurts though a wolf howl.

Ya did not begin to listen to
the Mummy.
the Bulb grabbed with
I now I shout!

Mother me irons

the Handle treats to me. Obey
- mother,
will be told by me to children.

1 year 4 months

Ya I am able to run. the Woman catch up with
If became boring, You with me play

* * *

Ya the grandmother and mother
I Am able to help

. I know
Ya as to jostle
carrot In a grater.

the Head of cabbage is sliced by mother,
Ya of a song is sung.
Cabbage is salted by the woman, I cabbage rumple

So far nobody watches

I Push it in a mouth.
U us a family big,
That I will eat, all mine!

1 year 5 months

the Cat I Say I love, her small fish I feed with
. Eat
a small fish, Glash, with
You are fed by Dasha.

* * *

Ya not simply I make eyes at

Ya I train a look.
I Will grow up still a little bit
I I will dement children!

1 year 6 months

I Again try to Thrust
a spoon into a mouth,
But porridge on cheeks again!
Laughs mother, here.

But I am stubborn

, I am a lion! I will achieve
Ya. porridge I will put
I in a mouth! mother I will smile to

* * *

the Vacuum cleaner big such, Dust it collects
is Vacuumed by our father, Darya helps

Here our such Dasha,
Girl Dashulya.
the Father praises the daughter,
Speaks: “Lapulya!“ .

New 2005

We to Father Frost write with

the letter,
I to mother I help,
the Pencil I draw a gift,
A who is he such, I do not know.

there Passed only several days,
I we received the answer.
Father Frost,
A me personal hi Sent us the letter.

He congratulates

on a holiday,
I still wishes something,
But nevertheless is necessary to me the answer,
Who is he such? this grandfather?

Mother told

to me,
That in the north he lives.
I gives gifts to all good kids
In new year.

I here a New Year`s Eve,
Till the morning I almost did not sleep.
Walked together with all
I of Father Frost waited.

Probably, it came,
But nobody woke me. the Gift it to me left
the Card congratulated.

this week,
to me a white dress was put on.
bought Tickets with the grandmother,
On “fir-tree“ we ran.

With kids we went,
drove the Round dance around a fir-tree.
Father Frost took me by hand, with me he danced


Yes, it kind and cheerful,
But listen friends.
my Grandfather nevertheless is better!
It is told you by me!

somebody Can will find quatrains and for the kid. it is not obligatory for p to write

the verses. Believe, the kid will be happy to see the photo in the book which was made by mother and the father. And whose there will be verses - not very well. Dare! New ideas come in process. And the best award - cheerful laughter of your child and pleasure on his face.