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Councils skilled young

to us, young mummies, it is necessary to listen constantly to different councils for leaving and education of our firstborns. Having summarized the experience and experience of my friends, I want to share with you the most popular councils.

Council No. 1 . The most widespread. It is not necessary to accustom the child to hands. “Itself then you will cry at ease“, - careful aunts and grandmothers warned me. “Will get used, heavy will be, and it is necessary to drag“, - they were afraid for my health.

it was p, absolutely on the contrary. In 3 months, of course, the kid from my hands did not get down, but as learned to sit and creep - do not dozovtsya.“ What interesting at mother on hands? Sat for a long time already for half a year“.

Council No. 2 . Pampers. What I and my friends have only not heard plenty of. About the notorious greenhouse effect threatening with infertility. About the fact that legs will be curves. About what to school will be written etc.

the First 2 months pampers did not use

. Intimidated-. The kid revealed at night in spite of the fact that clothespegs fastened a blanket. It was written in a dream and did not wake up. Slept under a window leaf as in July there were stuffy nights. As a result got sharp pyelonephritis and were hospitalized.

Council No. 3 . To accustom to sleep in the bed. To sleep on the parental sofa unhygienically and indecently.

Suffered the first two months awfully. Rocked to sleep on hands, the child fell asleep, shifted in a bed, woke up. Which - as I utolkat, in one or two hours I will feed, I wait when falls asleep. I sit, I knit hats at a bed, dithat turns. Only I will extinguish light, again groans. At 6 in the morning: “Good morning, mummy!“. Spat everything. Began to sleep together, together began and to get enough sleep. And before mother spoke to me:“ You will begin to get enough sleep, only not soon when to the child of year two it is executed“.

Council No. 4 . To feed on hours, to be decanted.

At first fed with

once at three o`clock. As a result in 1,5 rebenkiny months, nearly lost milk. Hare underate, cried. I believed that gripes. All became overwrought. Only then reached that he wants to eat. I decant, and milk of grams 50, no more. Called the consultant, she advised not to tear off practically the child from a breast that rassosat. The child went mad with happiness, hung on Tit week. And then so weight well began to gain, cry ceased also it in spite of the fact that we were ill at that time strongly and were in hospital.

Council No. 5 . To forbid to suck fingers.

I Remember

, we walk with the child down the street, the neigbour to me shouts from the opposite side of the road:“ You that, you do not see, it at you thrust a finger into a mouth! Here at my acquaintance the child exhausted a finger. All fingers were normal, and one thin, thin“. My friend on it joked: “Holy Christ, why I had oral sex with the husband!“

the Kid in the first months really liked to suck a finger, and now prefers to suck apples and drying.

Council No. 6 . To give to drink to the child water.

How many I battled against the mother! The district doctor will come, mother asks: “To give to drink to the child water?“. “Of course!“ - the pediatrician with a clever look answers. “Here you see! I spoke!“ - mother as if she received the five at examination rejoices. And water does not want to drink dithat in any. Good fellow, hare!

Council No. 7 . To wash a breast before feeding.


Ya, the idiot, with soap. Cracks and grazes did not pass. The mother-in-law, suffering mastitis in due time, advised Furacilin as prevention. Whether well, it is worth explaining what was with my aunts? Cracks began to live only when ceased to wash in general (except a daily shower, it is natural).

Council No. 8 . To give juice on droplets. It is possible orange at once.

to the Child was weeks three, strawberry began to keep up. How not to allow the child to suck through a marlechka! The child inclined to diathesis, I, it is natural on racks. Slightly did not thrust this strawberry into one place to one my close relative.

Council No. 9 . To accustom to sleep the child at noise that he did not wake up then from sudden sharp sounds.

Ya accustomed. Slept. And months in 6 all the same began to wake up. Ceased to rustle, began to store a light infantile sleep. It can and to the best: still it is unknown, than similar councils are fraught.

Council No. 10 . Not to rise over the child`s head that he did not lift up the head back.

Than it is harmful to

, nobody knows. I suspect that this phenomenon code-named “a meat piece“, that is what does not give in to a logical explanation. The name of a phenomenon grows from the following history: one woman, having cut meat and having put it in a frying pan, always cleaned one piece back in the refrigerator. When it was asked why it does it, she answered that she does not know, but so mother always did it. Found the old woman, asked her the same question. At first she did not understand in what an essence, and then remembered that, having once cut meat and having put it on a baking sheet, cleaned one piece in the refrigerator because it just did not get.

Council No. 11 . To swaddle / not to swaddle hardly in general.

Having read different clever articles about harm of swaddling still, being a pregnant woman, decided that I will not swaddle the baby. But, when the baby was born, distinctly let know that swaddled he feels more comfortably. In a week the sonny accustomed to our world and decided that hands are necessary to it on freedom. Began to swaddle only not hardly legs as toddlers was still great. The mother-in-law long tried dithat to swaddle entirely and more tightly, but nevertheless reconciled. However when in one and a half months made to the kid the diagnosis “a neurologic wryneck“, told: “And here it was necessary to swaddle!“ In the fact that the reason in an uneven tone of muscles, did not believe.

Krom of these, the most often meeting councils, I heard also very original. For example, mother of the my friend who gave birth to the daughter weighing 4300 worried that the girl will grow thin, and advised newly made mummy to decant forward milk as it watery, and to feed only yellow, fat. Other my acquaintance said that it is necessary to feed only with forward milk because yellow - stagnant and it needs to be decanted and poured out.

generally how many people, are so much also opinions. The main thing to listen to the intuition and to do what suits you.