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Our Christmas miracle of

History of our acquaintance is fine and romantic, and remembering that day now, heart fades with one thought that it could not take place. Turning over these moments in memory, every time you are convinced that we on a meeting to each other were conducted by destiny. But about everything one after another.

New 2004 I met

in terrible mood, having again convinced that all men svo. The prospect was absolutely not iridescent - long Christmas holiday, winter, cold and absolutely sadly. The state was awful, and every minute broke me on tears, I was more and more convinced that ahead of me waits for nothing good. There was a faint hope on the fact that there comes nevertheless my year of a monkey therefore I decided to throw down a challenge to destiny. On New Year`s Eve, shedding tears, I under peal of bells wrote on a piece of paper the most improbable at that time desire. I want to marry, having forgotten about “it“ already next day.

Seeing my deplorable look, the girl from work called me with herself for several days to St. Petersburg. She was going to visit the very old friend, and to me was then all the same where to go and what to do. Having bought tickets, already on January 4 we plunged into the train and went to the city on Neva. We went just remarkably, got acquainted with three children and the little girl who came back home from a meeting of New year, to St. Petersburg, and so behind conversation time flew by, well and on approaches to St. Petersburg we decided to exchange phones.

Having arrived to St. Petersburg, every other day we understood that walks with the old friend of my friend will not lead to anything good, we began to look for the reasons to get rid of it (history dark, and on it we will better not stop). We decided to call our new friend from the train which promised to show St. Petersburg. We met and very cheerfully spent time in one of Petersburg clubs, having agreed next day to go on service to Aleksandro - the Nevsky monastery.

I there came that light day of Christmas. We sat in cafe with our new acquaintance, and he called the friend who could take away us in Monastery. He instantly agreed, and in a minute we with amazement observed how he parks at cafe (it just at that moment passed by this cafe, but then it seemed to me that it just flew on a meeting to me). And here it comes into cafe, my Leshka, and I understood that everything, I was gone. It was the most true love at first sight, it did not need to tell anything, nothing to do, I just looked at it and fell in love more and more, but showed no sign.

We spent by

remarkable evening together with his friends, but in the evening of the next day I needed to come back to Moscow, but the heart already knocked so quickly and so joyfully that could not frighten me that my darling in other city and that separation is necessary to us. In these several hours which we spent together we managed to understand that we so long the friend of a rug waited and looked for.

I Left St. Petersburg with improbable feeling that our Christmas miracle came true. Having arrived to Moscow, I fluttered out from the train and heard joyful words of my brother: “This our Liouba returned...“ . I shone, smiled and laughed, and it was not happier than me, appear, then the person. Also our history of phone calls, correspondence in which we tried to recognize each other began, but every day became more obvious that we so well know each other as if are familiar hundred years.

Then Lesh arrived to me in February, and here everything rose on the places. We looked for each other and, at last, found. We and went to each other practically every weekend, and tried to spend all holidays together. But it was all the same madly heavy as we were far apart, and so there was a wish to share every day ups and downs with darling and not to release him anywhere.

Then. But we really solved it, it became just obvious, and other words were not necessary. When we came back home, on our happy faces everything could be read as according to the book. But all - to me became sometimes sad that there was no beautiful offer and a ringlet. Having Somehow asked Lesh that I will tell our children when they ask how the father made mother the proposal, he answered: “You will tell them about our Christmas miracle“.

A the present offer then all - took place, we drove up to church, and Leshka got a ringlet and pronounced those treasured words:“ Marry me“. Here such it at me darling, so, our miracle proceeds:-). On November 20 same 2004 we celebrated a wedding which, according to all our guests, was surprisingly gentle, beautiful, and the love soared in air.

I who could think that so everything will occur. Such series of accidents led to the fact that we now together, and I do not represent how I lived to this meeting.

P. S. And the wish made for New Year came true. Here also do not trust after that in miracles:-).