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Steam smoothes everything!

Professional ironing systems at your place

Long since are known that meet on clothes. Therefore how your clothes look, in many respects depends that will think of you. What place is taken in it by an ironing table and the iron? - you ask. Undoubtedly, one of the major.

Outerwear we do not send

to the cleaner`s every day, but how we look after her, its appearance and our internal feelings in many respects depends.

the Rare article of clothing does not get under the iron. Many as flour perceive for themselves pereglazhivany lots of clothes, an otutyuzhivaniye of arrows and collars. Besides, in inept hands quality of an ironing leaves much to be desired - it is both unnecessary “gloss“, and prints of seams, and the burned-down things. For achievement of professional quality of an ironing and in order to avoid numerous problems it is necessary to use the qualitative equipment.

many firms release

For simplification of care of clothes a huge number of irons, however the ordinary iron, despite “sapphire soles“ and other knowledge, cannot reach such quality ironing what is possible with use of steam ironing system.

the Reason is rather simple

- the regular systems of an otparivaniye applied in ordinary irons lack the power of a heating element and a water-supply therefore irons well cope with the mixed fabrics, and it is almost impossible to iron out pure cotton, wool, flax or synthetics with their help. As a result such fabrics should be ironed several times, and, eventually, they lose appearance and former attractiveness.

Professionals in consumer services use the special steam ironing systems differing in high quality of an ironing and high efficiency in work long ago.

For household use by the LauraStar company the ironing cars comparable according to characteristics to professional are issued. These ironing cars differ from professional in more “friendly“ design and a number of the additional functions simplifying their use in life.

Unlike irons, steam ironing systems are supplied with a boiler in which there is a steam formation in the volume sufficient for smoothing of the most various materials including “heavy“ fabrics. Steam in modern ironing systems differs from that which is used by ordinary irons. Experts call it “overdried“ or “overheated“. At the same time steam temperature - 160 C, pressure of 3 - 4 bars. In practice it means that any fabrics - silk, lyon or cotton, it is possible to iron at the same temperature, nothing will burn down.

Such effect is reached by

thanks to a steam pillow which arises between the iron and a layer of fabric. Thus, the ironing occurs not the iron, namely steam. The vapor jet moves from the steam generator in the iron under pressure that it gives the chance easily to iron even several layers of fabric. It is convenient at care of trousers, jackets and bed linen.

For example, by means of steam ironing system of several put sheets or blanket covers without effort it is possible to iron for one pass. And they do not need to be overturned for an ironing on other party at all. Such functionality will be surely estimated by families with small children where the bed linen should be ironed rather often.

During the work in the mode of vacuum (absorption) fabric nestles on an ironing table. In such a way an ironing it is easier to achieve uncreasable folds and arrows. And after such steaming fabric remains absolutely dry. The thing can be dressed at once, without dosushivaniye, without being afraid to rumple it.

the Steam ironing system not only facilitates work, but also purifies any fabrics, destroys smells, relieves things of unnecessary “gloss“. Besides, the steam ironing system can be applied both for horizontal, and for a vertical otparivaniye - the vapor jet leaving openings in an iron sole processes fabric at distance of 5 - 10 cm. This functional feature facilitates care of outerwear, suits, upholstered furniture and even curtains, without taking off them from windows.

So if in your clothes there are a lot of things, or the things demanding care are, we recommend to use steam ironing system, and the result will surpass all your expectations.