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Businesswoman becomes mother of

the Business woman expecting the child faces a large number of unexpected problems.

Pregnancy - the phenomenon physiological, but not social. It would seem what difference, who is going to become a mother - actively working woman or that what stays at home? Only at first sight - any. Overfatigue, stresses, fear that, having withdrawn even for a while, then you will not be able to overtake missed, and many other problems do not give business - the lady of an opportunity to concentrate on the main thing - care of themselves and future child. How to behave to get out of the hard situation with the smallest losses? We represent two points of view on this problem - future mother and the doctor.

Everything was easier than

, than I expected

to Liouba thirty years. She works as the chief accountant in business concern, waits for the firstborn. Before childbirth it remained less than a month.

“I prepared for pregnancy very seriously: previously passed full inspection, received medical treatment. But did not do a cult of the situation and I do not do.

Work I cannot leave

per day: finance - piece serious, you will not submit the monetary cases by another. So far everything goes perfectly.

From the very beginning we with the husband seriously approached

the choice of clinic where I would be observed during pregnancy and delivered. We analysed the market of medical services, carried out a peculiar expertize: tried to collect information on medical institutions which interested us, did a bit of traveling to different addresses, on the place discussing everything that we were wanted to be recognized with experts. As a result I was satisfied. Doctors attentively watch my state, appoint necessary inspections and analyses, consultations of experts - do everything to insure me from possible unforeseen circumstances, to ensure safety and the normal course of pregnancy. Now twice a week on a couple of hours I am engaged at school of future mothers. Lectures, special gymnastics - magnificent preparation that it is necessary to me.


is Helped by support of colleagues. I am the only woman in collective, and men behave as the real knights: try to protect from excess disorders, help with everything. I have flexible hours: houses, working in the mode “make a pause-eat Twix“, I am in time much more. All win. Certainly, there are concrete days and hours when I come to work. By this time colleagues prepare questions which should be solved. And for urgent problems there are phones - stable and mobile“.

Correctly use time before “hour of X“

All the rest can wait. Liouba`s option can be considered just ideal. The most important that it accepted the decision to become mother not spontaneously, and is conscious.

Preparation for pregnancy is necessary for

, but most of women, unfortunately, ignore this stage. In - the first, it is important to find out whether you have chronic diseases, for example chronic pyelonephritis or diabetes, whether all as it should be with vessels etc. It is necessary to receive medical treatment before conception as any medicines are removed from an organism long enough. Products of their disintegration, arriving to a fruit through blood, can cause various pathologies. And laying of the main bodies and systems of an organism of the kid occurs on the first month of pregnancy. It is necessary to make the analysis on existence of antibodies to herpes and a cytomegalovirus (the cytomegalic inclusion disease often proceeds in the latent form and can become the reason of various defects in development of a fruit). If you had no in the childhood a rubella, the doctor, perhaps, will advise to do vaccination to reduce risk of a disease during pregnancy.

Unfortunately, many women smoke now. As a rule, in the first months of pregnancy thirst for a cigarette at the majority disappears, but by this moment toxic agents already manage to get through a placenta to a fruit and can do it harm.

If you have problems with weight, it is worth consulting to the nutritionist in advance that even before conception to try to grow thin. Extra kilos in the course of pregnancy can lead to various complications.

Analyses: obligatory and “superplanned“

do not pull

on a visit to the gynecologist. It is necessary to be registered to future mother on the fifth - the seventh week of pregnancy. Prenatal diagnostics will allow to reveal any deviations in development of a fruit. Obligatory researches: the analysis of urine, blood, dab on flora, test on the content of sugar in blood, definition a Rhesus factor - a factor, tests for syphilis and an antibody of hepatitis. Also several ultrasonic examinations are conducted. Besides traditional analyses the doctor can direct the woman to the test of hormones of a thyroid gland, monitoring inspection of a fruit, blood test for AFP (research of level of an alfafetoprotein allows to reveal at a fruit of a disease of nervous system, a liver, kidneys etc.) . Two major indicators of dynamics of pregnancy - the weight and arterial pressure. The insufficient or excess increase in weight quite often is a sign of various complications. The high pressure (especially at the end of the third trimester) often demonstrates emergence at the pregnant woman of the hidden problems.

If at you everything is all right, then within the first seven months it is necessary to come to an appointment time in four weeks, on the eighth month - time to two, and then - once a week up to childbirth. Do not break a schedule, referring to employment, - many business women “sin“ with it: “Two very important meetings feel normally, this week at me, I will go on following...“ Delay sometimes is dangerous: there can be difficult situations. For example, one of frequent complications of the second half of pregnancy - gestoz. Kidneys do not cope with the raised loading: there are hypostases, pressure rises. In such situation the bed rest, and sometimes and hospitalization is recommended.

This important word “No!“


, the most complex problems for the business woman during expectation of the child - psychological. To that who got used to put interests of business on the first place, to be the leader, to make independent decisions, it is difficult to be reconstructed on “silent“ life. Big loadings, an overstrain, stresses can become the reason of premature birth, pathologies in development of a fruit. Therefore during pregnancy it is important to realize that the only priority for you now - future kid. Learn to speak “no“ to ambitions, moderate business activity and you do not seek to be in time everywhere. If you feel that you cannot be reconstructed in any way, it is worth asking for the help the psychologist. It is necessary to change a way of life and a day regimen for the sake of future kid even if it seems to you that you perfectly feel and you are not tired at all. Try part of the duties for a while to transfer to employees to find more time for itself and the future kid. Quite good among a week to arrange one “unloading“ - from work - day. Discuss with colleagues as they can contact you in case of need.

After eight months of pregnancy take vacation and rationally use time for preparation for the most important event of your life. In the last several weeks it is worth working on special courses - to master equipment of behavior at childbirth, methods of the correct breath, the anesthetizing massage - it will help you to feel more surely and easier to cope with a hard work which is necessary to you.

think of yourself More

during the working day arrange to

pauses for 10 - 15 minutes: turn on a gentle music, do several simple exercises which will help to take off fatigue. Always you keep the state under control.

Nestle in a chair, relax. You breathe deeply, serially relax muscles a foot, palms, a trunk, the person.