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The fifth birthday of Sofochki

I Want to share with you, the dear parents puzzling over a question: “How to show off before the child in day of its birth and to bring it joy?“ personal and endured.

So, attempts to arrange something such at birthdays of the children at me was much. The fifth anniversary of the oldest daughter (August, 2004) was represented to me by a certain result of all saved-up experience. Idea to make something special seriously a fuse to me in heart and in the head.

Preparation for a holiday began

a month before festival. In the afternoon everything looked in a family as usual. At night ours 6 - ti the meter kitchen turned into a workshop and reminded the dry pool with bumazhno - rag filling in which I was the only diver.

  1. the Idea

Main is an idea. It was decided to spend thematic birthday. For this purpose I chose the fairy tale “Teremok“. In invitations we defined to each guest the corresponding image, suggested to refresh the fairy tale in memory, to make a suit or at least a mask of the hero, well and if the age allows, then to rehearse the exit with words. It turned out that it is less roles in the play, than children. It was necessary to dream up and add several more characters from himself (a hedgehog, a squirrel). It is necessary to tell, all parents were inspired by idea not less the children and started to preparation with enthusiasm.

should be told

  1. of of the Invitation About it separately. Now I know that the holiday for your child begins when you together begin to make invitations.

    In general, when the child (with 4 - 5 - summer age) takes active part in preparation for the birthday (and by any other holiday), it has many positive aspects.

    In - the first, from the point of view of the family relations. You create together with the child, inspired by one idea, test pleasure from communication with each other, and it fine pulls together. Whether it is those minutes which want to be remembered then?

    In - the second, the kid by all means will estimate that your attention to some time belongs only to it. Usually mother is too busy for occupations with the child.

    B - the third, this just fascinating and useful occupation on development of creative skills both in the child, and in the parent.

    B - the fourth, future birthday man not just passively waits for the moment of delivery of gifts, but begins to feel responsibility for preparation for a holiday, for the guests.

    A most important is a creative process in which decisions are made by the child, and it is so important for it!

    But we will return to invitations. By all means send invitations by mail!

    Well and that that you and your guests live on the neighboring streets! It is difficult to describe delight of recipients! According to parents, some guests even fell asleep with our invitations in hands.

    I can prompt

    of Options of design of the invitation much, but it is necessary to choose such that your kid himself could participate actively in registration, at your unostentatious management, of course.

    1. of Decoration of an interior

    On the night of birthday I got all art masterpieces of my daughter saved from one-year-old age and hanged out where it is only possible. Occupation this tiresome, especially in darkness therefore some works as it was found in the morning, were hanging head over heels. But it gave expositions even some originality. Without having managed to wake up, my child already suspected something wrong. Well, and when she saw balloons and the wall newspaper...

    1. of of Entertainment

    needed to be thought up how to beat declared “Teremok“. Having consulted to the girlfriend, just decided to lose the fairy tale few times with the adult - the leader.

    Was even real cardboard teremok. On the holiday everything passed well, except for the fox who were afraid and stuck to mothers, a squirrel and a bear. Encore the fairy tale was lost with adults. Parents pulled down on themselves masks of children that right there liberated them, and the imagination went to a subject that is called. The fairy tale performed by adults received brightly social coloring. All laughed loudly with all the heart, especially when our cardboard teremok so - failed and covered us under the general explosion of a laughter.

    1. of Puppet theater

    to us were presented in the Summer by several sets for private puppet theater, by the way, of a domestic production (Moscow area). So one performance was not to play a sin during the holiday at least especially as on the third anniversary of my average daughter the private theatricals made huge success (the truth, then I borrowed dolls in kindergarten). Besides with my faithful girlfriend - the skilled worker on all hands we decided to put “By magic“. Of course, on rehearsal, vzhivany at images and creative search of time was not. The premiere, actually, was also our only rehearsal. In advance prepared only scenery and musical registration, fixed a curtain in a doorway and divided the scenario in half.

    the Changing scenery fixed on flypapers to a wall of an aperture on each side. At house statements it is necessary to pay special attention to durability of scenery in order to avoid various incidents. It is necessary to tell, the performance was successful though the most young audience was torn to participate personally in the play all the time, continually breaking behind the scenes.

    the Entertainment
By experience I can tell
  1. of to

    that various salads, more hotly, children eat pies extremely reluctantly. And here crocodiles, pigs, giraffes, fly agarics and flowers - with pleasure! Be not frightened, all these delicacies prepare from improvised products and very quickly. But eating surpasses all expectations! Cake was replaced this time with the ice cream decorated with candles. Yes, also do not forget about the disposable tableware decorated, for example, with self-made butterflies!

were bought
  1. of by

    On the eve of birthday various trifles: soap bubbles, balloons, notebooks, transfers etc., etc. All this is put in a beautiful sack and is given on a measure and executions of verses and songs. A minimum of expenses and absolute happiness (whose - you understand).

    1. of All on air!
    Walk at us was not planned by

    . But after such highly topical program in the small room of children it was just necessary to send to the street. Frankly speaking, I do not know, than fathers were engaged on the street with children, and we, mothers, suited to ourselves awfully nice with coffee - a pause.

    1. of Draw conclusions!
    That the following birthday passed

    even better, well to analyse both the successful, and unsuccessful moments of just died down holiday.

    So, my mistakes:

    • two dramatized actions for once are too! For such big (10 children and their parents) and the uneven-age company it is emotional search;
    • to invite 2 two-year-olds to the five-year-old child - it is good not to eat. Whenever possible, do not invite. Kids quickly were tired from - for sharings of toys and did not perceive other entertainments any more;
    • needs to give parents in advance with useful functions as I noticed some confusion and passivity from their party. Let someone direct table layout, someone entertains the guests who came a bit earlier. By the way, here I had the first puncture. While waited late, children managed to get naughty and be tired already seriously. It was necessary to offer them a couple of games in a circle or to watch the animated film, for example, about birthday of a burro of News agency; whether
    • you have a plan, Mr. Fiks?

    Unfortunately, I did not think over accurate sequence of entertainments or, on - simple, dramatic art of all action in general. At some point I understood that children already just were tired, and the most interesting was still ahead. Emotionally it was already difficult for p to collect by

    children, and further all events looked rather chaotically.

    Positive moments:

    the idea of fancy-dress birthday to all very much was pleasant to
    • . I hope, she will get accustomed now not only in our family;
    • “Teremok“ - excellent option for house statements. Approaches, so to speak, in all respects;
    • the entertainment to all was necessary to
    • as by the form, and to taste. It is ready to share recipes;
    • guests went ungifted away not, and having filled the pockets with the earned prizes;
    • all were with
    • satisfied!:-)