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Classification of buyers

Type first - “Simply looking“. They really look - silently, reacting to your advances by the phrase: “I just look“. It is necessary to understand: “There is no Otvyan from my purse, money!“. Stand in three steps from the interesting goods and look out for something, convulsively extending necks. All your desires to help and allow to look closer, are stopped.

“Fan of sightseeing tours“. Opposite previous type. Go on a trading floor, dragging for themselves the seller. Tynut a finger in everything that sees an eye, and question: “And it that it? And it what for? And here for what? And here why?“ . Also ever anything is bought. Speak much, often without listening to your explanations. It is difficult to get rid of them. Sometimes only shameful flight.

“Fans to talk about life“. Elderly people, people with obvious problems on the head, the missing housewives sin with this business most often. Long choose goods, will change five modifications of one model, then will catch your word, and the monologue will go … The main thing not to listen, otherwise get stuck in a flow of words, questions in anywhere and councils. Always look to you in the face. It is worth distracting from them - again try to win your attention. It is possible to get rid of a flow of words the polite phrase (on roughness can begin to stamp legs and to demand the administrator) and besides flight. If you the seller young and inexperienced, such buyers merge for fun to you other sellers. Many of them are known by sight and tried not to be come nearer. Often, having had a good long talk thoroughly, leave, without having made purchases. Brrr!

“Abrupt telka“. They always “on a show off“, are dressed up and curled. Sometimes under this category girls - teenagers mask. Looks, in comparison with the real “abrupt telka“ it is a pity. So, manicured fingers are spread wide, on a face in the January afternoon negritossky suntan from the next sunbed, heels and leopard leggings, something fur always sticks out. The same individual aged - very scandalously, is dressed expensively and with taste. Very much appreciates himself. Buy generally for themselves, darling. Never look in the face, always by you. Drop phrases of type:“ I buy this washing vacuum cleaner by the maid “, “ my doggies do not eat it“ etc. At professional and thoughtful approach easily get divorced on large purchase. The main thing - to understand a wish of the “daragy“ client.

“Divorced“ - is shorter than

, it is possible to part them and it is necessary! Most often came to you incidentally, to be curious. Are caught on your professional explanations made with knowledge of goods and the person. Make the short review on shop, being interested in everything gradually. If you managed to grope the subject interesting to your buyer, consider that from potential he becomes real.

of “Grandma“. Wow! They see nothing, do not hear, do not understand a half from told by you. But patiently dangle on shop, considering price tags through three points. Do not torment, to themselves do not require attention. What is wanted - unclear.

“Just buyers“. Well, here everything is simple. Came - looked - asked - chose - bought. Most often run from work on weekday.