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“Frost and sun, day wonderful!.“

(winter entertainments)

They say that with age the person loses ability to enjoy life, and become especially noticeable it in the winter when nobody wants to go on a frost once again. Admit when you last time were with children on a skating rink?. Built a snowman? Played snowballs? And the winter gives us surprising games, entertainments and other pleasures which are inaccessible neither in the summer, nor in the fall, nor in the spring. Because there is snow in the winter!!!

it is a lot of

of Winter entertainments, and everyone has delights and shortcomings. But when is what to choose from, it is always possible to find that game which will be pleasant to your children and you personally! And I will just remind you of trifles which nevertheless are very important at the choice of winter entertainment!

Skating rink . The real expanse for people of all age, from the most young (if only the child though slightly - slightly stood on skates!) to the most advanced, and it is undoubted plus! Skates can be hired, skillful “skaters“ will teach beginners, girls will easily make friends with boys, time on ice will pass absolutely quickly and as result - a heap of acquaintances, pleasant meetings and feeling of a holiday in soul. And still remarkable appetite which can be satisfied behind a family dinner!

I do not think that it is only possible to ride a skating rink! There is a set of games which are especially interesting on ice: it is classical hockey, and also “game of tag“, “cat and mouse“, relays. The main thing is that children moved, rode all the time, but not just like that, and with a definite purpose: ran away from driving, transferred a stick on a chain and so on. If your children absolutely small, play with them a round dance or a streamlet, you will kill with it two hares at once: kids will slowly move, nobody rasshibtsya - it is time, and two - you will be able slowly, in the course of game to teach them to keep on ice!

Now about minuses which, of course, are. Remember that skates are continuous falling, so, grazes, bruises and bruises are inevitable. It is necessary to be careful anyway even if you and your children are physically healthy. But if the child just had something serious if he weak or he in the recent past had dislocations and fractures, then on a skating rink it is impossible for him at all! It is the first moment. And - do not arrange the second on ice of difficult games, especially among beginners: children will be fond and can wound each other with edges of skates. Forget about a blind-man`s-buff and power games in which something needs to be taken away or where all hunt for one thing! Well and, of course, you should not go on a skating rink if someone from children is not able or cannot from - for a weak health to ride. You can imagine a condition of the child who is standing near a side of a skating rink and greedy looking after the riding friends?!

of the Ski . It is in general the song! I have several familiar families which in full strength cross every winter huge snow space of Volga on skis and go on Green or on the Cossack island. And there, having removed skis, establish tent for the whole day, part a kosterok, bake potato. Children with pleasure frolic in a rare lesochk and ride from hills, adults have peacefully a rest of working everyday life... Once was coordinated to them a domestic dog the Ball, I well remember it because I saw off them: he ran behind them, highly jumping up, to the middle of the river, however, then he had to be evacuated urgently back, on the coast because the dog nearly rolled in snow!. This campaign - really remarkable thing! In the morning - on the island, and in the evening - in a way back: skis creak on a ski track, all tired, but happy!

However minus is, and considerable: if you badly ski, then distant campaigns are contraindicated to you! The same concerns also your children. To continue to go on skis and at the same time it is impossible to bear on hands of the child who was tired or sprained a leg, and without skis you will get stuck in snow. And just you do not derive pleasure if skis for you - not native elements. So if you like to ski, but not too well do it, then be trained in the nearest park on small hills so far... And by the way, for kids or active not fans of skis it is possible to take the sledge there !

Here pleasant piece - driving on the sledge, a sled, ice-boats and even just pieces of cardboard from a hill! Minus only one and that is the general for all winter games and entertainments: it is possible not to follow time and not to notice that you completely wetted through in snow and that all back parts of your organisms rimed long ago! And here it is necessary to approach the choice of a hill seriously because with you children to whom all the same, where to ride... So a hill - on your conscience. In - the first, it has to be without any secret potholes and hillocks. On one of such “hills with a surprise“ I last winter at first bit tongue when the piece of cardboard under me sharply jumped up, and right there dislocated a knee when from above fell to me several bodies which are screwed on the same hummock. In - the second, the hill should not be turned towards the road, any side at all! Because if there is at least one probability from hundred that someone from children will be left on the road, but I assure you, it surely happens! So do not let these matters drift!

Snowballs - very lovely game. Who does not like to battle, throwing the friend in the friend snow lumps? One is bad: when snow very dry and caustic, snowballs turn out firm, and is very sick when in you them get, even into a back or into a shoulder, I do not speak about the head... Here! Basic rule: not to throw snowballs in the head, to aim only in the case. Not following rules it is necessary to disqualify. And that, children very much love serious approach to game and with pleasure fulfill all requirements!

the Snowman, a snowman - these entertainments are old as the world, but all of them equally will never be forgotten, and all because it is creativity! At first it is just amusing: to roll several spheres from snow, to connect them with each other, to mold handles - eyes - a nose, then there is a feeling of passion, especially if nearby too someone molds. Here, by the way, why three or four snow figures always turn out better, than one: because each author wants to outdo all surrounding! So healthy rivalry here as is impossible more by the way!

A minus in this case one: sometimes snow just is not molded in any! There is a lot of snow, it all such white and friable, but for some reason it is impossible to roll from it at least a small sphere! We had a situation: with friends arrived to the wood, weather strange and here only the upset children became gloomy, they behind that here also went to play snowballs and to build snowmen, and here - such disappointment! But we then managed to find a way out of unpleasant situation, and still what! We played snowballs so: took a snow handful, ran up to “victim“ and smeared snow on her back or rushed snow dust, and then ran away. To squeal was! And how many pleasure!. And we left behind snowmen, however, not stuck together too, and... drawn on snow! Our pictures were “inlaid“ with sticks and carrots, and it turned out, probably, even more amusing than if we stuck together the real snowmen!

of fortress to mold

A is for boys the biggest pleasure on light! I did not make a reservation: for boys because little girls like to do snow stools, taburetochka more that is to equip a lodge. And if you decide to unite children with girls, then instead of amicable team receive two conflicting camps. This very serious prevention. So if under your beginning there are a lot of children, forget about fortresses... mold a labyrinth !

It is not difficult

at all: at first mark labyrinth contours on the earth so that easily it was possible to squeeze into the courses, make two exits and several deadlocks, and then begin to create walls! Involve all children: at first it is necessary to put snow on the contours of walls designated on the earth, to stamp them and further to put up walls. And then - if everything is serious! - to fill in snow preparations with water. Only do not do a wall very high, enough, that they were slightly higher than children`s growth! And not a pereuslozhnyayta a task, do not forget that your labyrinth - all this is game, but not a trap of the Minotaur.

Outdoor street games . You think that if outside the winter, about “game of tag“, “Is higher than a leg from the earth“, soccer and hockey and other entertainments need to be forgotten absolutely? Well and that that on you and on children there is a lot of clothes? An essence not in run speed, and in the process: someone “toils“, all others joyfully run away from it. Pay only attention that it is necessary to choose especially carefully the place for game in the winter: the flat platform without penk, sharp pieces of iron and so forth, under snow are not visible dangers. Means, it is necessary to play on familiar clearings, for example in the square or in park. It is time, and the second - is better to leave such games “as the curtain fell“ because in warm clothes children will quickly sweat and they will need to be taken away at once after game home that they did not catch a cold. But it is clear to all!.

to play

A in the winter very pleasantly and interestingly, probably, because it is necessary to change rules on the run. In youth I went to drama school therefore practically on all holidays I and my friends who are changed clothes by clowns turned on public. Including in the winter. Also you know what I will tell you? Children easily and with pleasure responded to our prizyvy played with such passion that their parents did not maintain too and joined us! And games and competitions were the simplest! Who will quicker gallop on one leg to a tag, will round it and will return back (it is not so simple to jump on one leg in the winter!) and all this is under a burst of applause of the audience. All played same “Streamlet“, but - with competition elements: did near two “streamlets“, of boys and fathers and of girls and mothers, and watched whose will turn out longer! And as “leapfrog“ went, you would see! Adults, however, practically did not take part in it, but children jumped the friend through the friend with such pleasure! And who could not jump itself, placed that, and it was very cheerful! You never played with the children in “leapfrog“? So try, you will not regret! Only do not forget about safety rules: surely insure children when they jump through you and the friend to the friend, especially the over the small and unsportsmanlike. Children can for want of habit not manage to jump through an obstacle and with dispersal to rasshibit a forehead about the earth or to dislocate an extremity. Just be on the alert, and then your leapfrog will work well wonderfully well as it was on our holiday!


But especially remembered to me game in “Spider line“ (it is “Confusion“). As play it in the summer, you, of course, know: players become in a circle, join hands. Then one leader (or two, at choice) turns away, and at this time children, without disconnecting hands, begin “to be mixed up“, stepping through someone`s hands and legs, turning on the place and so on. And the leader`s purpose - to untangle then this ball, without “having broken off“ it. Remembered? And now imagine to yourself such heap - to Mull in the winter! But it appears, this game gets a bigger charm because that most often comes to an end with a fulling in snow and a happy laughter of the “got confused“ children. However, there are two small nuances: as the leader of winter “Spider line“ is not lucky practically all the time, it will be better let this is the adult, it is far more pleasant to children to participate in process of “putanye“. And in - the second, “the live web“ has to move, move as much as possible that children did not freeze!

But as I already told, rules of the game are thought out directly on the place, on circumstances! To take the same “To a chain - chains are forged“ - well how here to make normal running start if your clothes weigh half-tons and standing heavy boots? Means, the distance needs to be reduced. And it is not necessary to shout in the winter , it is quite possible to replace a traditional exchange of remarks (“Chains - chains are forged, break us!“ - “Which of us?“ - “Subjects - that (a name of the child)!“ ) on a whistle or a wave of a hand. Game does not suffer from it at all, just sounds in a different way. Try as - nibud to play its winter option, it will be pleasant to you!

Children are divided

into two ranks and get up one opposite to another. The adult leader gets up near that team which needs to be “broken“, and gives a signal (blows in a whistle or waves a hand), at the same time tells the name of the child from other rank. The child chosen by it runs up and tries to break through a rank of opponents if it manages it, it comes back to the, having taken “captive“ and if it did not break through a system, then itself remains at the opponent. Then it is necessary to break other team. And so until in one rank there are no almost all children or still playing will not bother...

This game is pleasant to children, but it seems to me, its special charm that in the winter it is even pleasant to be “broken“, children fall on snow, roll in snowdrifts and do not hurry to rise and get up back in a system. And it is very cheerful! And though by rules it is not necessary to shout, all the same they will do it, and it is not necessary to abuse them for it... Simply, having much played enough, run quicker home and drink hot tea with raspberry jam, and remember how fine passed at you this day and as it was good to you together!

A on the next weekend think up something else, the same fascinating! Also be not afraid to dream any your invention will get a ready response at your children!