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The winter of

our new seasonal heading is devoted to those pleasant and not really pleasant surprises which are prepared for future mother by each season. Alternation of winter, spring, summer and fall is not just change of weather and clothes, this different health and mood, entertainments and rest, troubles and pleasures. Especially as any changes are reflected in an organism of the pregnant woman enough noticeably as during pregnancy work of all systems is reconstructed. In this regard the arterial pressure, a susceptibility to various infections and other physiological parameters can change. But everything is surmountable if you know from what extremes it is necessary to try to be saved.

Hardly anyone will argue that winter - the most Russian season and stories about our snowdrifts and frosts make nearly a subject of our national pride.“ The Russian cold is useful to my health“ - this Pushkin thesis wants to be added at once with some reservations about which speech will go below.

Winter problems

Usually our health in the winter, despite a frost, snow and a blizzard, cannot call bad as the difference of winter temperatures does not happen very big, and more - less uniform temperature scale does not threaten with the complications of chronic diseases, pressure jumps and other troubles characteristic it is rather for off-season.

Cold wind and low temperature are capable to affect not in the best way a condition of the person and hands, and warm woolen clothes and room air dry skin, and such state is far from comfortable. The matter is that skin “is usually dressed“ in a natural protective fatty layer which helps it to absorb water and to support the normal level of humidity. With this process there are no problems, on the street above-zero temperature so far. But in the winter when humidity of air sharply decreases, skin in literal sense begins to suffer from a lack of moisture. Almost for 70% consisting of moisture, in winter time it loses its from 5 to 10%.

skin Dehydration at everyone passes

differently. Symptoms can include not only a peeling, but also small cracks, an itch. If not to take measures, this state can lead to a dermatosis: skin will redden and will inflame.

Than can help itself?

the Person

do not use for washing the soap which is especially containing triklozan and other antibacterial means which have too high concentration of detergent and literally “undress“ our skin, exempting it from a natural fatty cover. Replace it with special gel or a skin for washing, it is desirable with the moistening additives.

Replace with

in the winter the moisturizing cream with nutritious and you put it not later than 30 minutes to an exit to the street. The moisturizing cream containing water can serve bad service during this season: the water which is contained in cream evaporates on a frost and cools skin that can lead to frostbite. It can occur already at a temperature - 5 ° The Page

For prevention of frostbite is recommended by periodically pinching from time to time movements to mass a nose and cheeks before warming. It is deeply also possible to sigh and hold the breath until blood flows to the person.

the Body

Surely once a week walk from the face to toe a srub, and then apply the moisturizing cream or lotion.

Avoid a temptation long to stand under a hot shower: hot water washes away natural skin fat and strengthens an itch. The most reasonable - to take a short warm shower.

do not use a bast from a loofah or sizalya: these are too aggressive means. Pass to gentle sponges.

concerning soap - the same recommendations, as for the person.

Be wiped by the towel which is well absorbing water. It is “correct“ to be wiped - means to blot skin, but not to rub at all. If you rub a towel as an emery paper, then you risk not only to deprive skin of the last moisture, but also to wound it.


Right after you are wiped, apply on skin the moistening means. The simplest and inexpensive cosmetics are suitable for most of people. In more serious cases it is possible to use the cream or ointment intended for dry skin.

of the Hand

you do not go outside, without having applied on hands of protective cream, try not to take off gloves on a frost.

you Steer clear of liquid soap which contains propylene glycol, alcohol and the other active agents erasing a protective cover of skin.

for the period of winter stop to use any strongly flavored detergents and if such opportunity not to avoid, try to put on gloves when using rough “chemistry“.

to give “ambulance“ to weather-beaten hands and the person, oil them olive (do not forget to apply it and on lips) and leave for half an hour. Then wash away oil and for 20 minutes put on a face and lips medical

If suddenly after stay on the street any site of skin turned white and lost sensitivity, cover the freezed place with fabric, for example a handkerchief, and through it slightly massage. This site of skin wipe houses with camphoric alcohol or vegetable oil. At stronger frostbite see a doctor.

in the Winter of one of the main dangers to future mother the ice and possible injuries and bruises got when falling becomes p>

. Therefore the question of winter footwear and clothes is of particular importance.

should meaning

In the Russian frosts that the footwear has to be not only warm, but convenient and free. The close footwear creates adverse conditions for blood circulation, food, warming of fabrics of foot. As for clothes - it is not necessary to be warmed too. To optimum use the principle of multiple layers. Besides, if becomes hot, it is easily possible to take off one jacket.

Too warm clothes will create

as much in the winter of problems how many and too easy. The matter is that, having passed on a frost and having come into public transport or some room - shop, policlinic, office etc., the woman quickly overheats and sweats, and going outside then, inadequately estimates cold. As a result of such differences cold is quite possible. Therefore, coming into the room, it is necessary to take off whenever possible outerwear or at least to undo buttons and to open a coat or a jacket. Thus it is possible to neutralize a difference of temperatures, not really - that useful to an unprepared organism which immunity during pregnancy already “works“ with some changes.

Lack of an overheat and overcooling well will affect an organism and in the period of a heat of infectious diseases. Though are not really characteristic of winter time of outbreak of infections thanks to low temperature, unlike off-season, for prevention it is the best of all to avoid places of a congestion of people. If it does not work well, then, leaving the house, grease nostrils with Oksolinovy ointment or balm Vitaon .

Other winter danger is also connected by

with frosts. The matter is that as a result of the same low temperature reigning on the street, the organism spends a lot of energy for warming, from here its frequent aspiration to fill up the power stocks - and, respectively, feeling of hunger which visits in a cold season much more often than in warm. Aspiration to satisfy these inquiries quicker, most often carbohydrate food - the sweets, flour products, sandwiches which are quickly giving surge in energy, in total with reduction of physical activity in the winter in such short light day - on a frost long you will not take a walk, - quickly enough leads to an uncontrollable set of weight future mother at whom already body weight increases together with fruit weight. It threatens it with many complications, for example such as gestoz - increase of arterial pressure, hypostases and emergence of protein in urine, and also complications during childbirth.

to avoid such problems, it is necessary to try to keep the caloric content of a daily diet within 2300 kilocalories: to a thicket to refuse heavy, greasy, sweet food, to use more stewed vegetables (better - mix from vegetables), fruit and dried fruits.

By the way, numerous January holidays, so, the days off which by tradition are followed by feasts and not dietary, also threaten with numerous temptations against which at a table it is difficult to fight. Try to prefer to the next feast communication with friends, walk, a trip, a visit of cinema - any action which will distract from absorption of excess quantity of food.

on the other hand, the winter not time for diets, especially it concerns future mothers. All attempts to ignore this rule will affect health, will shake immunity, will worsen mood. Therefore increase amount of protein in spite of the fact that on the products supporting him - meat, milk, cottage cheese, cheese, bread, bean, - many got used to dump problems with weight. It is impossible to limit itself in protein first of all for the sake of immunity in the winter: it “construction material“ without which it is impossible to support a normal state of immune system.

Winter cookery

This question is actual

not only in connection with a winter set of excess weight, but also with restriction of the vitamins arriving fresh.

Fruit and vegetables from among imported, that is improper to us on a season, it is not counted: for a long time it is proved that I pound in December strawberry and January tomatoes a little. A citrus rich with vitamin C - oranges, tangerines, grapefruits - have to be excluded from a diet of the pregnant woman from - for the ability to cause allergic reactions in future kid. Domestic apples, especially winter grades therefore they should be included in a diet keep the useful properties. As well as by what to support an organism, using the most useful in the winter domestic products?

to avoid the listed above winter dangers in respect of an overeating, once you pay attention to such useful winter products, cabbage - fresh and fermented, beet, a green radish, pumpkin, a cranberry, a dogrose. They are useful also not kaloriyna - i.e. conform to the requirements to food described above.

Cabbage is considered as the real storeroom of health as it treats foodstuff with high biological activity. It contains a big set of vitamins. In it about 16 amino acids among which such necessary for an organism as tryptophane, a lysine, methionine, tirozin, a histidine are revealed. Rather recently in fresh cabbage juice the specific antiulcer factor is found. The cabbage contains tartronovy acid which slows down transformation in an organism of carbohydrates into fats. At last, the cabbage is rich with cellulose which favorably affects physical activity zheludochno - an intestinal path and promotes removal from a cholesterol organism.

Preparing for

dishes from cabbage - salads, soups etc., it is necessary to remember that as a result of the content of active agents the cabbage promotes an abdominal distension and a meteorizm what sauerkraut in which vitamin C contains almost as much, how many in a lemon is deprived. Sauerkraut is called “a northern lemon“. The medicinal and dietary value of sauerkraut is caused by the fact that at a cabbage fermentation the part of vitamins (With, B2, PP) and other bioactive connections passes into salt solution. According to many experts, the brine of sauerkraut is even more useful, than cabbage. For example, regular reception of a warm cabbage brine on 0,5 glasses 2 - 3 times a day to food strengthens bile secretion, stimulates work of a pancreas.

So do not forget to include in your menu salads from cabbage, Russian cabbage soup, stewed I skin also sauerkraut as a garnish.

Table beet - an invaluable dietary product. Doctors advise to include it in the menu, especially to children and elderly people, all the year round and especially in the winter, at shortage of other fresh vegetables and fruit especially as storage does not worsen its useful properties in any way. Beet contains a rich set of nutrients and vitamins. Only Sakharov in its root crops more than 12%, and is more than pectinaceous substances, than in carrots and apples. There is in it apple, lemon, etc. acids, salts of magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, iodine, vitamins C, B, B2, P, PP, folic acid. So vinaigrettes and borsches as a winter dish will bring a benefit maximum.

the Radish - the herb known to medicine in the Middle Ages. On the first place a drain its diuretic and zhelchegonny properties. The radish strengthens an intestines vermicular movement, promotes removal from an organism of excess cholesterol. It is necessary to consider that within a winter diet of the pregnant woman it is not about black (she too sharp for the pregnant woman`s diet), and about a green radish with which it is very good to do salads, adding carrots there and filling with juice of a lemon and vegetable oil.

Pumpkin is also especially useful to

late fall and in the winter when the range of fresh vegetables is limited. It is a valuable dietary and medical product. In it rather high content of ascorbic acid, also fruits of pumpkin are rich with carotene. Pumpkin - the champion among vegetables on the content of iron. It contains vitamins I of group B, C, E, D, PR.

Cellulose of pumpkin not of a voloknist, well boils soft and is easily acquired by an organism. Thanks to it dishes from it are recommended for medical and preventive foods. In pumpkin there are a lot of salts of copper, iron, phosphorus which favorably affect blood formation. Therefore pumpkin dishes are recommended for the prevention of an anemia, at atherosclerosis. They are useful and at a disease of a liver, kidneys, to digestion regulation, at warmly - vascular diseases and a hypertension. In pumpkin there is a lot of pectin which promotes cholesterol removal. Pumpkin is good both in porridges, and in pies, and baked, and fried, and sweet, and salty.

From vitamin winter drinks except a brine from sauerkraut pay attention to infusions from such berries as a cranberry and a dogrose.

In dogrose infusion (its fruits are on sale in the market in a dried look) at the correct preparation about 80% of vitamin C remain. There are several ways of preparation of infusion of a dogrose with use of the whole dried or shredded fruits.

Way first . To touch, wash out 20 g of the whole dried fruits of a dogrose cold water and to place in the enameled ware. To fill in them 200 ml of boiled water, to boil 10 min. and, without uncovering, to leave for 8 - 12 hours. To filter ready infusion through the gauze put four times or a dense napkin. Before the use it is possible to add sugar. Infusion of a dogrose should be prepared every day, it is desirable since evening that in the morning drink was suitable for the use.

Way second . It is possible to prepare infusion in a thermos. For this purpose the hips which are washed out by cold water should be poured out in a thermos and to fill in with boiled water (a ratio of quantity of fruits and boiled water same, as at the first way). After that a thermos to close and leave for 6 - 8 hours. Filtered and cooled to 36 - 37 ° About infusion it is ready to the use.

Infusion of hips, irrespective of a way of preparation, is recommended to be used within the next few 10 - 15 hours. At longer storage vitamin C partially collapses. Sugar should be added just before the use.

the Cranberry is rich with ascorbic acid what she also received the name “northern grapes“ for, but unlike it it can be stored, being in the collected late fall, the whole 9 months, without losing useful qualities. It possesses the febrifugal and good adipsous action caused by availability of lemon acid. Fruit drinks from a cranberry are extremely useful, it can be added to tea, having crushed in a cup several berries, or in sauerkraut.

Winter cold and flu “cling“ to the people enduring a stress quicker. Therefore it is before going to bed good to drink tea from herbs - a melissa, camomiles, mother - and - stepmothers. It is possible to use herbal teas from a St. John`s Wort in the afternoon or guelder-rose juice - they calm nerves and strengthen immunity.

So with all precautions perezimuy no problem!