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Childbirth the 38th week Went eyes of the cheerful person

, and I even more often had a desire to buy laxative and to descend properly in a toilet! And when became and on - small to go bolnovato, I reflected... Began to remember that magazines, articles from the Internet write. Night lasted.

in the Morning I began to note time, all the time there were a wish to grab a back of a bed and to make an effort. I called the acquaintance maternity hospital and which - as, having taken courage, I speak, a pier and so, I do not know what is with me, but is painful to me. And at 9 in the morning was already in prenatal chamber. The terrible place appears, naked beds with mattresses which at desire you will not wet nothing! And this enema? What it only cost!!!

With me in prenatal chamber one more girl lay, it had 41 Week, and to it through a dropper entered some medicine. Between fights I tried to talk to it, we got acquainted. Together more simply! I read in articles, during fights to distract from pain it is possible to consider. Amazing means - fights accrued, at first considered to 45, then to 60... Olya, the new acquaintance began to consider too. We the friend the friend told the supporting words.

Then it became more terrible and more terrible than

, doctors call it prenatal panic - I gave birth the first time, and to me was terrible before uncertainty. I was led in a viewing office to puncture a bubble. Between fights the doctor managed to make it, and from me water poured out hot (to me so it seemed).

I here again I in prenatal chamber. My paunch was felt, by sight told “3300, at most 3600“, laugh over me, and I cannot calm down a shiver in myself! Terribly, knees shake! With me except my doctor of the acquaintance there was a manager. office. It is simply healthy, it began to mass to me a back around a waist, pain in itself became more imperceptible, told me a couple of jokes.

Then something to it was not pleasant to

, and to me entered anesthetic - and I as the addict fell asleep. I remember, opened eyes, to me measured pressure and pricked something in a vein, and the manager. office looked at me. Further dream. Woke up in two hours. And all over again, knees hoduny, terribly, I hold a bed and I make an effort. To make an effort fell more conveniently into a sitting position, and at words of the doctor:“ Everything, the head is visible“ we went to the delivery room.

I tell

At once, do not believe when write that childbirth lasts of 2 o`clock and more!!! Normal childbirth - 15 - 20 minutes, and here all that time that you saw off in prenatal chamber - it can be from the receipt moment to one days.

Me was started on a chair, put on rag boots on legs, shown where to put legs, and then to rest them, gave iron hand-rail in hands... and I looked at the second table at once, there was Olya who already gave rise! It so encouraged me that the first fights on a chair began vigorously, but something began not to be got on, I make an effort - I make an effort, and-... My doctor escaped for the help, and the man - the children`s pediatrician entered, he examined me and speaks: “Cut!“ . Cut to me a crotch, such feeling as if paper. I did not even pochuvstovat, and then fight again, but already the doctor began to press me from the beginning of a paunch at edges! Time pressed, and I have such indignation, and from a half-turn to it: “It is sick if vchyo!“ (me this phrase zadraznit then).

A my doctor: “Look, already the head seemed!“ takes my finger and carries out on... oh, My God!!! Between my legs the blue head, the person it is lowered down, and over the top run my finger. and this head also twirls in different directions by the person!!! What fights, the pediatrician told me that it is incentive, and I quickly wanted to get rid of it “sticking out of me“, and fights - not fights, for couple of attempts to me on a stomach all put together with this blue head, handles, a little body and legs. I ran over the head a hand again, I gave birth to the son!!!

it at once was carried away Then on a table, there still lay two - two boys, on the person put on some mask, probably, airways worked, then weighed! 3920 g, 51 cm - and everything amicably even supposedly did not expect a zakudakhtala...

Ya itself weighed before pregnancy of 48 kg, and here it... Olin the boy (and it is larger than me) turned out 3100, and here the last boy - 2500, and as told in the same place, giving birth refused him! It is horror...

to me were imposed by 5 seams, and in a corridor on a stretcher to lie down, from me a stream in a pan blood flew.

it is not terrible to p to Give birth nevertheless, just the first time all are afraid and the second too.

we called by

A the little son Kirill, and we in chamber had a father in 2 hours after the delivery, held the little son on hands.