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About a variety of functions of the microwave oven

“For what you are going to use an oven?“ - the first question which I ask the buyer. “To warm soup, hot to make sandwiches, to defreeze meat, to cook sausages since morning, to warm pizza“. Generally, all. Never I managed to hear:“ I will make brochette, a chicken - I will regularly begin to bake a grill, to cook potato“. Unless grandmothers like to cook on microwaves chicken ham - say, so more usefully. But grandmothers are in general separate category of buyers, we do not speak about them today.

Thus, existence of the multipurpose furnace is called into question. Though if at your place there is no plate, then the similar microwave quite will replace it. In it it is possible to cook baked puddings with success, to cook - both potato, and porridge, and soup, and compote, and to bake pie (in the furnace with convection), to cook fried eggs, well, and to bake a chicken on a grilchik. Only - the power of a grill makes 1500 watts, think of your accounts for electricity. One more subtlety: the term of life of the magnetron is limited. That is, the less often you use microwaves, the longer it to you will serve.

we Will begin

with the very first question - what type of management better. It (management) happens mechanical and touch. Well, in - the first, in expensive and multipurpose furnaces the mechanical control is absent - will not hang up too many functions on handles. And in - the second, in our digital century to twist zapadlo handles! And if it is serious, then repair of mechanics to you will cost several times cheaper.

the Mobile grill is a grill which tilt angle can be changed. It is always tenovy. It is convenient to wash the furnace, and it is actual for chicken fans - a grill.

Convection - having blown in

hot air. In the furnace with similar function, on an assurance of the producer, it is possible to bake pies. However furnaces with convection cost from 300 dollars, they are bulky and heavy - 24 kg (well, present, in the same place on a back wall the big fan sticks out).

the Important thing - a biocovering. Or the ceramic covering, is called at different producers differently. It is strong, it is not scratched that prevents reproduction of microbes in the furnace, that is if to wash regularly laziness, let an oven will take care of himself (joke). Unlike enamel - will not descend from dampness. Cheaper - the furnace with a corrosion-proof covering. However at fancy models and a covering expensive.


- this function can be called so, and can - “the Russian cook“, it is a find and pride of LG. What is it? This programmed preparation of some dishes. For example, porridge: you set the initial weight of a product and you choose the aforesaid word on a panelka. Time and power are already set in memory. Conveniently for idlers and sclerotics.

Defrosting - well, here everything is simple. Power is minimum, the product is defrozen. However for what 4 powers of a defrosting are necessary, it is difficult to tell. Probably, depends on a product?

of Intellowave - system of uniform warming up. Well for big pieces of a product.

In Russian: in the camera of the furnace there are small hollows, from them, on assurances of the producer, microwaves are reflected and under different corners come back to a product.

“Defrosting of products or heating of food in the ordinary microwave oven takes with

a lot of time since usually the surface heats up, and inside the food remains cold that results in need of an additional warming up. The infrared GOLDEN EYE sensor monitors exact observance of temperature, automatically determining temperature of a surface of the preparing food, and regulates power level of the furnace so that the established temperature did not change. The GOLDEN EYE sensor saves up to 40% of energy at a defrosting and provides identical quality of cooking from products with initially different temperature“ - it is borrowed from the website selena. Mind it is difficult to understand. But function is, so is or demand is formed.

the Main I told

about functions. In different models they are combined differently, add various design here and you will understand from where in our shops such set of microwave ovens!