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Speculative theories of fitness

This information will help you to fight back attempts to spend you by means of tricks and tricks from an arsenal of army of adventurers and rascals, “taking care of yours health“. Many producers rely on lack of information of consumers and indulge in wishful thinking.

“low-calorie products“ which actually contain enough fats, or some exclusive miracle devices which are absolutely useless can offer you

. Many producers too often indulge in wishful thinking, relying on naivety and lack of information of consumers. We hope, information of this article will help you to overcome the ignorance and to give worthy repulse to attempts to spend you by means of cheap tricks and tricks.

Elastic belts and shorts for weight loss

the Most widespread myth in all history of fitness is the statement that by means of special elastic belts it is possible to get rid of flabbiness of skin and extra kilos of weight. For this purpose it is only necessary to carry allegedly or them, or to carry out in them exercises. One company sold 15 million such thick neoprene belts which as it is told in its catalog, “melt undesirable fatty deposits“. (In assortment also shorts from such material and the fitting body stockings to a knee). The neoprene squeezing your body at best will evaporate from your organism water which volume, by the way, will be filled at once as soon as you drink water, juice, tea or any other liquid.

the Pseudo science “Is scientifically proved“ to


- if it is about fitness, this phrase should be treated as follows: “It so because it is told by us!“ .

When in conversation with the representative of the company - producer of the rubber belts described above we called in question a solvency of assurances of efficiency of this production, he very emotionally answered: “We have results of the medical researches confirming this fact“. At our request he allowed us to be convinced personally available similar proofs which essence was reduced only to one conclusion:“ Results of impact of a product on area of a waist or hips are almost identical“. Women who within this research, took a steam bath in shorts from a neoprene for 10 hours a day within 4 months really lost some number of kilograms, however the author of scientific experiment does not connect this fact directly with the specified products and for achievement of effective results recommends to adhere, besides carrying short, a strict diet and to be engaged in physical exercises.

In certain cases the word “Is proved“ to

does not mean at all that someone really tried to prove something. The whole list of footnotes about scientific researches in this area is attached to a page with advertizing of the protein cocktail providing fantastic results in respect of loss of weight and development of muscle bulk. When we went to library for the purpose of more detailed acquaintance to these treatises, it became clear that magazines stopped publications on this subject several years ago or these publications were so little-known and rare that in all city public library of New - York them could not be found.

Final authorities

“I support by

products which are not worth a penny“ - the athlete of a world class frankly admitted to us. It advertized bicycle shorts of such poor quality that they hardly maintained several short trips.“ I put on them races of times a month, for trainings I prefer any other clothes“. Similarly many famous cyclists advertize models of bicycles which never use. On an undershirt of participants of competitions the name of one brand flaunts, and they twist bicycle pedals absolutely of other producer.

We do not want

at all that you had an impression as if it is impossible to trust at all to anybody - just support of this or that product very authoritative, in the general opinion, the person is not truly quality guarantee yet. Despite the respectable look, celebrities which are engaged in advertizing too sometimes need money and therefore allow to speculate with the name on packings of low-standard goods.

If you address common sense, then will understand that all these people receive money, and not small - some fees make millions of dollars. And if to consider that career of athletes and stars of show - business lasts, as a rule, not for long, it is easy to explain their illegibility and unscrupulousness. So far they at the zenith of fame, their names bring quite good dividends.“ There is a mass of ways to earn from the name - one of athletes shared with us. - And I am only a small small screw in huge and well debugged mechanism. I will not begin to deny that I earn to myself a living. If people are rather silly to buy this junk, it is not my problem“.

False idols

the Industry of health is notorious for a large number of swindlers and swindlers. Therefore do not trust blindly the people calling themselves “world-wide recognized experts“ and do not hesitate to ask to show the certificate or the diploma issued by the relevant organization. Some “experts“ can show you some unique badge with the inscription “Personal Trainer of the Country“ or “Trainer of Stars“. In that case you can take from them the autograph, but do not take in head to conclude any contracts.

At all on lips

to Producers quite often manages to be manipulated successfully consumers by means of a slang. Sometimes they abuse words which are actually deprived of any sense. Sometimes terms with a certain value are used out of a context. Do not allow to deceive yourself ordinary phrases and terms which examples are given in the following sections.


Hundreds of producers are ready to rescue us from this misfortune - the wrinkled fat on buttocks, hips and sides of many women and some men. At your service the various srubs, creams, diets, sets of exercises, powders, compresses, belts dissolving these hated meduzoobrazny flows. These products “are used by the European beauty shops within several centuries“ - and any of them does not bring desirable results. If to approach from the scientific point of view, cellulitis and does not exist. This marketing definition of a simple inveterate grease layer in various places of your body. The effect of ripples is caused by a network of the thinnest fibers of tissues of the muscles connecting muscles to skin and dividing fat into small rombik therefore your skin looks like a quilt. Thus it is necessary to fight against this unpleasant phenomenon in the same way what you fight against fat - by means of a healthy diet and physical exercises. By the way, it is not excluded that you will never get rid of these ripples as its origin can speak a genetic factor.

Combustion of fats

Value of this term is filled all with new and new contents. To take at least the video tape “Set of Exercises for Combustion of Fat“. Actually it is about power exercises. At the same time you are assured that you will thaw just in the eyes. Naturally, you lose a quantity of calories when you lift weight, however it is no more, than at any other exercises. The name of the program means aerobic exercises as they, but not a power complex, more promote loss of weight. One serious lady - the marketing specialist explained tendency to broader treatment of this term as follows: “The business purpose (and in particular it is sold) - to turn any existing direction of fitness into the capital“.

Today “burn fat“ not only exercise machines and sets of exercises, but also various powders, tablets and other so-called products of healthy food. “The pure burner of fat - revolutionary break in sports dietology!“ - the label on one of small bottles of dietary pills says. It is necessary to understand so: the more you swallow of them, the become thinner. The same miracle action, on belief of many, both grapefruits, and hot red pepper possess.

Only (...) minutes a day!

When you hear these, certainly, inspiring words, ask yourself two questions: “Minutes of what?“ and “How many minutes?“ One advertisement concerned the exercise machine for equestrians at which there was also this phrase, however nobody specified what benefit can be derived in these minutes. Under the same slogan it was advertized certain “5 - the minute shaper of a body“. This adaptation has to provide symmetry of your waist. And it is valid, with its help it is possible to carry out the corresponding exercises for an abdominal tension, only in the instruction to this device it was reported that for effective results, it needs to be used for 20 minutes a day.

When in 1984 the Federal commission on trade of the USA (Federal Trade Commission) entered a limit on total of time of broadcast of commercial programs, it released that of gin from a bottle. Advertizing began to take the latent forms. If it is about fitness products, then, besides the whole block during 30 - minute air of commercial broadcasting, it masks also under various current - show. The contents and the scenario of such programs are standard - enthusiastic exclamations, shameless lie, responses of authoritative overseas experts and other nonsense finished notorious “Is scientifically confirmed“. The purpose of such actions is banal - to force you to fork up.

Before you will throw out money for the next revolutionary exercise machine, a jar of tablets, powder or the program, we want that you understood several moments. The people invited in television station - nothing in appearance inconspicuous, but for some reason coming to violent delight at one mention any of the listed above objects, are just stool pigeons, i.e. pay them. Often, when they give the most flatter characteristics to this or that product, they have no about it idea or hold the first time in hand. One woman greedily praised highly the video program with exercises which she did not even see.“ I just wanted to get on television“ - she honestly admitted. In response to our indignation of the similar facts the anchorman, the advertizing device for strengthening of muscles of a stomach, declared: “But people who sit in the hall, real!“

We do not consider criminal similar enthusiasm and promoting of products of fitness - eventually, it is not about sale of nonexistent islands. However, unfortunately, the set from the advertized things will not bring you any benefit. And too much frank lie is frequent in such programs. If to you suggest to hurry with purchase of any goods as it is on sale only about a certain day, know that the situation with its sale is not very well. If the goods are snatched away as hot pies, it will not disappear for any reason, believe.

False labels and packings

Still administrative bodies in whose maintaining there are a food and medical supplies, makes responsible and fines one dishonest producers and producers of advertizing, the great number of consumers, other, not less inventive as regards a cheating, appears around. So, official documents allow a divergence in number of calories, specified on packing of products, and their actual contents, in 25 percent. As a result this rule is interpreted by advertizing as official permission to exaggerate advantages of the products exactly for 25%. The New York magazine exposed in conscious understating of calorie content of producers of fancy bread and other products for sweet teeth. The most part from the products subjected to testing contained calories exactly 25% more, than it was specified on their packings. And the amount of fats and calories of some products exceeded the figures appearing on packing by 4 times.

Imaginary consultants of the centers of dietology

several reasons to avoid various products and food additives for weight loss, including high cost, unauthenticity of information on packing and the fact that 90 percent of people achieve the treasured objectives to dump 10 - 15 kg only by the end 3 - go years of reception of these preparations Exist. The main reason is that the people far from dietology or medicine are engaged in distribution of similar production, as a rule. Equally well you could put on a white dressing gown and suggest them to remove, for example, appendicitis.

of the Practician of the similar nutritional centers it is full of drama examples as tragic character (excessive loss of weight without medical control can lead in some cases to death), and comic. One of comical stories was described by Laura Fraser (Laura Fraser) in the book Loosing It (Dutton, 1997). Having noticed what for the last year constantly puts on weight, concerned Laura went to one of strenuously the advertized and popular commercial centers which were allegedly successfully coping with similar problems. During the first consultation its weight (in a winter jacket, boots on a thick sole, with a player, the book, a wallet and keys) made 82,5 kg. The consultant entered at it some figures into the computer and told Laura that her ideal weight has to be in limits between 60 and 66,5 kg. When the girl tried to notice that her purpose is much more modest (72 kg) as she at one time had serious problems with a gastrointestinal tract, the consultant categorically declared that it is unhealthy weight, without penetrating in any details.

Having eaten contents of some bag for 92,98 dollars, in a week Laura was on “control weighing“. This time it already asked to take off shoes and a sweater before becoming on scales. Scales showed 75,5 kg. “You lost... 7 kilograms! - the consultant congratulated her and joyfully added - It is a new record of our center“. Having come home, Laura put on the winter jacket, boots and took all those things with which it came to the first consultation. Scales showed 5,5 kg more, than during consultation... She called the familiar doctor specializing in problems of obesity who told her that it is possible to lose 7 kg in a week only in case of very serious illness or... amputations.


If to you need the qualified councils on the subject of how to get rid of excess weight, address the real nutritionists who will help you to make a reasonable real diet taking into account your way of life and flavoring preferences. Such diet will bring much more effective results, than all that is offered in advertizing.

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