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We work and raise children or How to earn money, without leaving the house

Time now it that the phrase “the woman - the keeper of the center“ lost the relevance. Modern men shifted to brittle female shoulders all “freight of universal problems“. Now the woman not only cleans, erases, irons, prepares, raises children, but also earns, operates, solves affairs of the state importance.

But here situation: in a family the small child (or two, three etc. children). The nurse does not want to be employed (the child mother has to bring up), and money is necessary.

I want to tell

Ya about how it is possible to earn money, without leaving the house.

Outwork for the woman having child(children) has the following pluses:

does not have the Shortcoming, in my opinion, the fact that not everyone can organize working hours at home can be considered as li as

. For this purpose the big desire to earn money is necessary, at least.

Yulya bakes houses tasty cakes and cakes. Her niece carries production on nearby shops and the market where with pleasure buy tasty pastries. Familiar to Julie cakes order from her by holidays and recommend to the acquaintances. So the client base is acquired. In its assortment more than 50 names of pastries for every taste and the purse size. It minimizes expenses simply: agrees with the villagers coming to the market and takes at them in the lump milk, sour cream and eggs. Sugar and flour the husband of times to two - three months bring it from wholesale base. In each its “work of art“ the highlight. For example, it soaks cakes with special syrup which impacts to a biscuit unique relish. I can tell from myself personally that its cakes are the biggest temptation in my life. Coming to the Spinning top on a visit, we, her girlfriends, consider a duty to bring it some intricate recipe read on the Internet or the new magazine. Whether it is necessary to say that for regular customers at Yulya discounts are provided.

Ya always thought that at such abundance of goods for children of both domestic, and import production to knit to order or it became necessary to sew just to nobody. But when decided to connect to the kid “something such“ and it turned out that to me just laziness, called by phone in the newspaper. The woman, stays at home with two children, to the senior 2,5, younger 1,5 years, knits to order a kidswear of any styles, reasonable prices, quality excellent (what I was convinced samolichno of). Speaks, at it there is a lot of orders, in day about two children`s jackets knit, with orders it is more difficult, like a fashion knitted dress, it is necessary to tinker longer. On average, in day from 300 to 600 rub turn out. At it it is possible both to choose model according to the catalog, and to think up a style, it will execute any order.

One more my acquaintance sews a fashionable kidswear at home. And everything began so: having remained almost without means of support with 3 - x the monthly child on hands, she began to look for work. Turned up as speak, a case. Her girlfriend, the woman well-founded and influential, asked to sew a New Year`s suit of the princess for the daughter. The suit was pleasant, work of the fashion designer of a kidswear also began with it. For this purpose the two-three of magazines on sewing, the book “I Sew“ and the sewing machine was required. Now it has a staff, she carries out seasonal fashion shows and thinks of the second child.

U me two children. To the senior Seryozha - 2,5 years, and Andryushe - 6 months. I earn to “boys on panties“ by the fact that I write course, diplomas and papers in any humanitarian disciplines. I have a technical education and experience of humanitarian work came that is called with the number of the done work. Life forced to understand exchange rates, inflation and partnership in crimes. From me were required: the personal home computer, the subscription in library and announcements in several higher education institutions. Now I have a solid database, a large amount of the scanned material.“ Behind shoulders“ 12 theses, about 100 course, it is difficult even to count papers. When I work? In - the first, the eldest son goes to a garden, and younger three times a day sleep. If day off, and I sit one with two children, then to work it turns out when, besides, younger sleeps, and the senior plays. Option when both children do not sleep - I do not work, and I take care of children. I will not tell that it is easy, but believe that time is enough both for work, and for children, and for the husband. My personal “ego“ does not allow to rise on a step below the man. And I spend the personal earnings for small female pleasures and fashionable clothes for my boys.

Can find

one million ways as staying at home with children to earn money. It is possible to sew, embroider, knit, mold from the salty test of a figure, to teach private lessons, to compose verses to anniversaries and holidays, to draw drawings and to write papers, the main thing - desire to earn money, remaining at the same time “the keeper of the center“.