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Floor - Europe in 12 days of

As it began

- Children, the summer came. Where we will go to have a rest? - the father asked.
- I want at the sea and that there were ships, - the first the son responded, - but not to the Crimea, there we already were.
- It is possible to go to Italy, I all life dreamed of it. However, in the summer there has to be very hot, I will not sustain more than three days, - mother told.
- In one place is boring. I want to look most, but to spend the night in beautiful hotels with all conveniences, - it was the daughter`s wish.
- Think, think, and to me would only be where beer tasty to drink. And in - the second, it is necessary to keep within here this sum... - it is clear who.
- At - at - at - at... - all this the others.

Pluses and minuses of the bus

All problems were solved by

when the father brought programs of bus tours. All read and were delighted. So, we decided to go by bus to Italy through Scandinavia. Someone can think that it “the right hand the left ear“. But it appeared as a result fine! We derived so much pleasure that decided to share the pleasure and the gained experience with those who for any reasons of distant trips by buses are afraid.

to Whom it is clear to go

Even in the absence of any experience that you should not take kids in such trips. With them it is easier by plane or to get by the car to the civilized place, to acclimatize and have a rest with inflatable toys and sovochka on the beach. In the bus it will be interesting to school students. They can sit some time in the closed space, for half an hour will manage to descend in a toilet and to have dinner in roadside cafe. They will sustain a three-hour sightseeing tour at fast speed and will even apprehend and will remember some part of information.

Night moving

it is frequent the program of bus tours included night moving. Personally I most of all was afraid of it. But, tired with impressions, we fell asleep in the cast-away chairs at once. Children did not even use pillows and plaids which we with ourselves took. And I very much liked a special inflatable pillow for a dream in a chair. A little inconveniently it is necessary those who have problems with veins standing. Then it is possible to ask in agency places for little tables in advance and to stack legs higher. By the way, the less child, the is more at him than opportunities to take place comfortably for the night in a chair.

Now all agencies try to provide a comfort maximum to tourists therefore such spending the night in the bus everything is much less, than good rest in hotels.

And conveniences?

In the bus the toilet is though drivers always ask to limit use of the Stop there are everyone three - four hours, and during each filling there is a cafe, little shop, a toilet. At stops it is possible to pour from the titan of boiled water in bank with dry soup or in a cup with tea leaves and to have a bite. During the movement it is better not to drink hot tea, it is possible to burn.


But here you decided to travel by bus. Now it is necessary to choose a route. Here options such: we go to one country and in detail we study it or “very quickly“ we meet many that then it is sure to tell: here we want also for a long time, and there it is more a leg, boringly. On the example of programs of rounds on Italy we were convinced that in different agencies these rounds are almost identical, the same set of the cities and excursions (Venice, Florence, Rome) with rare exception (Pisa will be replaced with Pompeii). And prices approximately identical.

to Whom to trust in


Intuitively we chose by

solid agency and were right. In this case the firm has buses, drivers, firm arrangements with guides in all countries, slips and changes in the program are rare. And if suddenly the bus breaks, then the head of a trip will have enough money for urgent repair (it happened to us highly in mountains in Italy) or there is an opportunity to quickly change the bus. One our acquaintance of this moment did not consider, and its bus hardly moved as drivers could not buy a new wheel.


In the bus all passengers very quickly get acquainted and begin to communicate, even the most timid and unsociable. You will be aware of where your neighbor behind had a rest last summer or that is loved for breakfast by the girl who sits on the right. Surely it will turn out that someone already was there where you go, and everything knows. Thanks to experience of one lady we managed to visit in addition the interesting museum in Berlin and to save the decent sum in the museums of Stockholm, having shown the ticket for the ferry. In travel agency we found out in advance that in group there will be still children of suitable age so ours was with whom to communicate.

it is interesting by

to all

Than we liked our round? Those that all of us received that all of us wanted and have even more. We were lucky that instead of the dullish road from Moscow to Brest offered us departure from St. Petersburg to Finland, a crossing on the ferry to Sweden, excursion across Stockholm and besides - the sea to Germany. It was necessary to reach St. Petersburg, but it is not a big problem, but a trip on the ferry - it is amusing.

you come to the port, see crowd to the people, the whole area is filled with trailers, buses, cars, motorcycles. Suddenly over you something huge hangs, blocking the half-sky, - it the ferry approached. It opens a belly, and all these cars in it drive one after another, the crowd enters and is settled on cabins which are already cleaned though just left arrived, from restaurants smells already delicious, and all this for half an hour. From a main deck it is possible to observe departure, a decline, it is only necessary to put on himself everything that is, - even in the summer in the sea strong wind and it is cool.

of Impression

Stockholm - very beautiful city. If you get with the boy of any age here, then it is necessary to go to one museum. The huge medieval ship Vaasa sank and lay at the bottom of the gulf 333 years. In 1961 it was lifted on a surface, preserved and constructed around it the museum.

In many cities of Europe can hire the bicycle, to drive and leave in other place. Costs not much, the guide will explain how it is possible to pay. In general in Europe very much love the bicycle, in Stockholm special paths for cyclists almost everywhere, and they almost same width as the carriageway, and it is obvious more widely than pedestrian.

In Germany fans of beer unburden the heart, it is clear. As well as fans of fried sausages. In general food in Germany and Austria it was pleasant to us, it is somehow closer to ours, more habitually. In Italy, of course, pizza and spaghetti, but in the summer from - for heats does not getting hungry. Italy it is difficult for p to tell

of Missile defense in detail, it is too much impressions. Where you will look where a leg you will step - everywhere an ancient monument or a sculpture. The head right there begins to be turned, the neck hurts. This mountain was seen in Leonardo`s picture, by these hills - at Raphael. And Venice all - as though the recovered pictures of ancient masters, only people in gondolas are dressed in a different way. It is the unique city - any car, any bicycle, there are even no rollers. And a carnival as though every day because dazzles in eyes from bright masks and color Venetian glass. When we go by villages and vineyards, apparently, in hot air Celentano`s songs sound.

It seems to

that here you will live year, and small part you will not see that. Rome: St. Peter`s Cathedral, Vatican, Colosseum. Roman forum. Each word - the name of volume of the encyclopedia. I sat the whole month in advance, having buried in guides, and here was all the same lost. The abundance of antiquities stuns. You stand on steps of the house to which two thousand years, are wrapped then, and on the square the green traffic light lit up, and the flock of mopeds is scattered on the neighboring small streets. “Eternal Rome“ does not want to grow old. In ears all the time sounds Italian music, there is a wish to repeat these unusually beautiful and melodious words: “buon dzhorno“, “rivederch“, “pyatsets kampo Fiori`s de“, “Santa Maria Maggiore“.

In the fountain of Trevi all throw coins to return to Rome again. In my bag there is no left.