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Salty dough, sweet games

That such reading aloud, all parents know. Someone monotonously reads stated in the book, someone tries to amuse the child with reading in persons and on roles. How the adult read, the child perceives heard figuratively, draws appearance of characters in imagination, allocates them with characters. Imaginations of the kid add to his personal experience, develop figurativeness of thinking. whether

A many of you, dear mummies, diversify reading fairy tales with a visual row - a plot instsenirovaniye, and in other words, puppet theater? Of course, creation of a house performance - business not of one day, but it is possible to determine terms (for example, birthday) and, having worked, “to show to the world“ a unique gift - you the created performance.

Preparation for a performance we can safely regard

as the creative developing occupations. It is a lot of new and interesting will gather from them your child, and to it will be about what to think.

I offer

as an example the experience of a performance of the Russian fairy tale “Geese Are Swans“. All ideas are checked in practice with children of younger preschool age and are available to family creativity.

For statement implementation let at you near at hand it will be p: flour, salt, molds for sand, gouache paints and big sheets of paper of A3 for drawing.

Participation in a performance is continuation of daily game for the child. So, we begin.

the Fairy tale “Geese Are Swans“ is interesting to


Game first “Mixer“:

Salty dough will become the main material for production of characters. It is very simple to knead stiff dough. While your kid with delight mixes a glass of flour with a glass of salt, you add a half-glass of warm water and a spoon of vegetable oil and properly knead. Not to all kids to taste work of “kneading machine“, non-uniform weight sticks to fingers and gives unpleasant feelings. However the turned-out dough very soft, pliable. It is unusually pleasant to knead it in hands. And there is no comparison with clay and plasticine.

the Made dough wrap

in cellophane that did not dry. Unused dough is well stored in the refrigerator. On the occasion of end of the first stage of preparation of a performance allow the kid to arrange small, absolutely small “salute“. It is only enough to clap in palms, and clubs of flour will shoot up under a ceiling. Do not worry that purity and an order in kitchen will be broken. I assure you that by that moment when in a flat dish there is a golden lump of the test, a floor, the table, a nose of the child and your hair will be covered with an even layer of flour.

Game second “Expansion and pressing“:

  • we learn to work with strong with a rolling pin and to cut out flat figures from the test.

we Roll with a rolling pin on a table test no more than one centimeter thick layer. We impose a mold for a sandbox on “pancake“ and strongly we press. From - under the press there is the real figure. Technology of “cutting according to the test“ we make apples, a yablonka, geese - swans. In the crude, not dried figures do on one opening. The hole has to be quite big as when drying a figure it will surely decrease.

Game third:“ We stuck together them“:

  • we learn to mold volume figures.

We will mold pies. Ask the kid to roll “sausage“ from the test. Show how from it big and a forefinger to tear off small pieces. Give the form to pies any in the way, convenient for you: having pressed a palm a test lump to a table and having taken for a drive, or fingers forming pie. If the child absolutely small, let rolls remain shapeless, such as is. To children is more senior than two years allow “to chop“ not sharp knife “sausage“ on equal small parts. Pies “will quickly harden“, without their drying in an oven.

all are familiar to

With a molding. I want to remind only that we need to make the girl, the brother, the Baba-yaga and an oven. Little men should be created from an integral piece - you will not manage to connect separate parts together. I ask to take into account that, drying, figures will settle and will a little decrease in a size. If there are enough forces and inspiration, stick together the house and a hut on chicken legs.


It is spread ready figures - characters on a baking sheet and... in the furnace. In an oven, at a low temperature, dough will harden in 5 - 10 minutes.

Game fourth “Color dough“:

  • we learn to paint ready forms with gouache and to select colors.
Flat and volume figures we paint

at a personal discretion. Pay attention of the kid that - the girl and the brother - it is better to paint heroes in the bright, cheerful flowers - red, yellow, orange, blue. For villains - the Baba-yaga and geese - swans - do not regret dark paint - black, brown and gray. Do not offer two-year-old artists a big palette of paints. Let better today will work as blue gouache, and tomorrow - green.

Paint is quickly enough absorbed by

in dough and dries. Give “chic and gloss“ to dolls, having covered them with hairspray. Have a talk with the child, twist in hands of the ready hero of the fairy tale “Geese Are Swans“, discuss a dress of the character. Ask the kid to remind you a fragment of the fairy tale “Geese Are Swans“ where it is mentioned this hero.

Game fifth “Bows - small knots“:

  • we learn to pass a ribbon throughout an opening, to tie small knots and bows.

pass color satin ribbons Throughout openings of the ready painted figures and fix by a small knot. If to raise a figure of a bird for a ribbon, then the impression of flight will be made:“ Geese flew, picked up the brother and carried away on wings“.

shorter tape bind a bulk apple on an apple-tree. Decorate small knots with bows. During a performance while the yablonka asks to try it wild fruits, your kid, helping the fantastic girl, will untie a bow and it is easy “will remove from a branch“ apple. It is clear, that “very responsible“ decorative work on threading of ribbons in holes, you charge to carry out to the kid, and you will be limited to insignificant hints. Except those which “fly“ podstavochka from plasticine are necessary for flat figures. You just immerse a figure bottom in a plasticine lump and give stability.

Game sixth:“ Huge book“:

  • we learn to draw landscapes on big sheets of paper.

For any performance besides production of characters needs to prepare a scene and “back“. The table laid by a beautiful cloth will be a stage, and drawings of children will become “back“. On each episode of the fairy tale - new prompt - “back“.

Prompt the first - a glade with flowers.

Prompt the second - twisting ways - paths.

Prompt the third - the dairy small river, a land of milk and honey.

Prompt the fourth - the apple orchard.

Prompt the fifth - dark of the Baba-yaga.

All prompts draw

on big sheets of paper of A3. Insert drawings into the dense folder for files. Action of the fairy tale will take place against drawings. During a performance you will turn pages of the “huge“ book in process of movement of characters of the fairy tale on a plot.

Game seventh:“ Repetition - mother of the doctrine“:

  • we learn to repeat strong patiently same.
carry out by

Some days before the appointed date of a premiere rehearsals. Heroes of the fairy tale - the dolls who were made of dough and painted, the drawn pictures were also created to show a beautiful fantastic doll performance.

Think over

which of you with the kid will be a story-teller, and who the puppeteer. Arrange several “runs“ of a doll performance, i.e. show a performance of the fairy tale “Geese Are Swans“ from beginning to end without pauses and stops.

Game eighth: “Bravo, encore!“

we Learn to address as

as strong public and to derive pleasure.

Of course, swans“ to the audience - grandmothers and grandfathers, the father and friends are the culmination of creativity. Oh, as it is pleasant, festively and joyfully for all family!

in the Evening when the audience goes home, and your kid will with pleasure fall asleep in a bed, reflect as the simple Russian fairy tale could change life of members of household for the whole month how many new you created, and the most important was enriched with impressions, experience of needlework of the kid. And what if to consolidate tradition of house statements and regularly to please relatives with theatrical masterpieces?