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Asthma and the kid of

“Since the childhood I have bronchial asthma. It was necessary to be treated also by hormonal preparations. Now I am 25 years old, I am married. There is a strong wish for the child, but I am afraid to give birth. How my illness will affect health of future kid and whether my state will worsen during pregnancy? Elena P., Yekaterinburg“.

is Answered by the chief pulmonologist of Moscow, the candidate of medical sciences Andrey Stanislavovich Belevsky.

If you have bronchial asthma and dream of the child`s birth, then it is worth being prepared for pregnancy thoroughly. It is necessary to receive medical treatment so that the illness was under special control of the doctor.

Should think also of estimated childbirth. It is necessary to consider that if someone from parents has an allergy to pollen, then the child`s birth during a season of blossoming of allergenic plants is undesirable. For example, at an allergy to pollen of a birch and other trees blossoming in April and May for childbirth time from June to December will be optimum. Therefore it is better to plan pregnancy.

the Most adverse factor for the developing fruit is oxygen insufficiency. It can arise at a bronchospasm. Single attacks which can be removed within half an hour you should not be frightened. But the long, often repeating attacks have to guard you.

unreasonable cancellation of the patient of the applied drugs can Do harm to future child also. The bulk of preparations for treatment of bronchial asthma is absolutely safe. Inhalers ventolin, salbutamol and berotek, and also eufillin concern to them. But during pregnancy it is impossible to drink hormonal tablets. And if the woman uses such drugs, then for half a year before pregnancy she needs to stop their reception and to pass to inhalation hormones. Because the tableted hormones can cause a softening of bones, that is osteoporosis in a fruit. All these recommendations concern only those women who drink hormonal drugs periodically, changeably. If the woman accepts them for years, then you should not become pregnant and give birth in general. It is impossible to drink hormonal tablets and during feeding.

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at pregnancy preparations of a belladonna and barbiturates which also adversely affect a fruit. It is impossible to accept iodine preparations (potassium iodide, sodium iodide).

of Pregnant women, and not only patients with asthma, the itch often disturbs. Women remove it antihistaminic preparations. It is the best of all to make it suprastiny, a Dimedrol or tavegily. And here new preparations terfenadin (bronat, treksit), klaritin, gismanat, zirtek you should not accept. It is impossible to accept and bromfeniramin. All these drugs are used relatively recently, and their action at pregnancy is a little studied. It is especially attentively necessary to approach the choice of antibiotics. Are contraindicated at pregnancy levomitsetin, tetratsiklin, ftorkhinolona (tsiprobay, tsiprolt also analogs).

the Probability that future child can inherit bronchial asthma from mother exists. But it is possible to reduce manifestation of genetic predisposition. It will depend on environment and on conditions in which the kid will grow. Prevention of asthma at it should be begun till the birth. Therefore in the house where there will live a newborn, it is better not to hold pets.

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. It is better if you have neither carpets, nor oriental carpets. It is desirable to use pillows and mattresses with a synthetic filler - a synthetic winterizer or foam rubber. It is ideally good to have bezallergenny bed covers - linen with special structural processing which interferes with contact with allergens of house dust during a dream. From above the ordinary bed linen is put on this linen.

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