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Kitty view of her owners of

They say that the most important animal in the house - the dog, but more often is a cat:-).

Most important is I, our cat would tell and it would be right. It is written down from her reflections by me when, having been tired of childish pranks, listened to its purr.

Since the birth I remember a warm and gentle touch and the mother`s licking. Except me at it also the brother with the sister were born. Mother still very young kitty, thoroughbred, black, though short-haired. According to mummy I know that my father, warm and fuzzy, was gone at once after endowed her with attention and care. People who lived in the mamochkiny territory, told that his owners took away it back. Well and it is fine. The main thing that we beautiful and healthy left. And all - as on selection. All three black with white specks, but all different.

Was to

not really - that badly, but if not a human kitten, in sense the child, then it would be possible and to live. And that it liked me very much. And as I can not be pleasant. I went not only to mummy - the beauty, but also from the fluffy daddy breed was transferred to me. Yes you will know, thoroughbred kitties have symmetric coloring. And I have it almost symmetric. But it, mummy says that the grandmother pumped up. Look, I have all pads white, uniform, small pillows black. And moustaches - moustaches - at me white and antennas - short moustaches on eyes too white. A tummy, a breast white, but beauty and breed - my white stains on a face, directly a smile - a charm and only.

not one person was lost in contemplation Of me. I even am called - the Princess. Yes it is visible, my beauty also pumped up. This kitten, in sense the child, was moved to pull me my short moustaches. So on the right side also vydergat all, and me poor, still to study cat`s knowledge. But, running beforehand, I will tell that it is more, than in six months, my short moustaches all - grew.

When to me, some people took away me to themselves. Without mother, of course, it is bad, but nothing, these people fed me with lukewarm and tasty skins which called for some reason “ice cream“. Then still gave a yum-yum - a liver and something similar to milk in lumps, fermented baked milk they called it. And then the nightmare began. In my three months I was given a gift. Me, a krokhotulka, brought for 400 km to some maiden and the guy. And so, it turned out that this maiden - the daughter-in-law of my already second wet nurse - women.

the Room for accommodation turned out

small, and they for some reason called the house the hostel. All right there would be in this hostel as their mother yes washing, always houses, always nearby. I small still, miss, the attention and games are necessary to me. And so, ran away somewhere, said that they for work, came to have a sleep. It is good that though fed, even accustomed a small fish to boil to me yes a vkusnyatinka to give. Only began to grow roots, to get used to them, to economy. Brought all mice in the block, I am a krysolovka. Even neighbors praised me, “leased“, only, for some reason, refused to feed, it was necessary to catch mice again. It is good though the milk was allowed to drink. Generally, I began to grow roots, to establish authority, to accustom to an order of all. And they here somewhere began to move.

Carried me, a little kitty, almost thoroughbred moreover and a krysolovka, the young young woman somewhere to other city. And there the cat - the hostess was, began to hiss and in general, at once it was visible that cats were there always, and for me the place was not, no, and will not be. In a week again in a korobeyka went on something terrible, called by train. It is good though the young lady did not release from hands. And here we arrived to the wonderful dwelling. Again, of course, began to grow roots. Only now my residents, the guy and the girl, called this housing the one-room apartment.

Here only I, small 6 - the monthly kitty, all ran on the apartment, looked out for everything whether my residents left. To me - that without them is boring. Still I do not love the closed doors. However, they know about it now, though try sometimes me behind a door to leave, but nothing is impossible to them, I will open any. If not dexterity, then game on nerves, in sense a scratching and miaow of a war-call of the offended cat.

But on their guests I recoup if they concern me with disrespect. I bit one for something soft, apparently, a loin is called. And why he laid down on my favourite place? Well and that that there were few places? I to it did not grant such right. For claws on hinder legs bit others. And why they sprawled on this how it, to a folding bed and legs exposed from - under rags? All right just would lie, and still and paws move that. And I am a predator.

that - in the morning on me was indignant with joint stock company with

One, told that he nearly seized any Kondratiya from - by me. And I to myself called you? Besides I should tasty have brought or at least behind an ear to scratch. And that, “hello“, “please, hostess, mintaychik to you“. Well who to me with good, I and on a breast at them purred, to them sang sweet dreams. Those also did not complain of me. And that, it I at home, but not at them on a visit.

To tell the truth, once some date comes, to me my residents make “gift“. For a year pashtetik darling prepared for me, besides a small fish yes of a milk. To admit, - ice cream I do not recognize a milk after tasty skins. And still I love ice cream though now they do not eat it warm, more cold and firm, and in vain, so less tasty.

generally, after that I relaxed, and, probably, it was my last rest of half a year. I already adult kitty was. So you know how thanked me for my housekeeping my residents? Exactly for my one and a half years they got to themselves a little kitten, in sense of the child. No, they brought it, of course, a bit later. But you can imagine IT? No, that to congratulate me, properly, so they brought the peeping kitten. Also Lev named, well have you ever seen anything like it. Though … mr - r - river. In total - if to understand, cat`s this name. And on arrival my ward the young lady at once gave a lump to me on survey. I sniffed at it, examined, estimated. Well, small, approximately from me, I even at the diminutiveness more it weighed. Some krasnenkiya, golenkiya, slightly - as soon as black wool on the head and all. Smells of a milk.

I only I began to get used to thought that it ours as it, for some reason, began to grow. Though what else I could expect? I gave to this child of time exactly half a year for mind typesetting - reason. And here in two years, and its 6 months, began to train in everything that the adult cat should know. And if earlier he and for a fur coat, ears, a tail felt me and nearly went by me, then now understood what is teeth of a cat which are obliged to tear and throw. Generally, I accustomed him to an order, people - that bad teachers not that we are cats.

So you think? They in a year after that, me on the third anniversary, one more kitten brought, in sense a kitty - the human girl. Irinka named. Again to me it was thrust under nose. To me - that one that two. Yes I also will cope with dozen. But, I took offense at them. Though the girl was pleasant to me. When began to creep, began to be respectful to me. Then we with it even made friends. The young lion - that is rather afraid of me, but with him we play tsarapk more. And this crumb likes to stroke me more, about my fur coat to be rubbed, respects. Well, tell how to become angry about it?

Is not present

, after all in vain I did not bite the owners after appearance of this their kitty - the daughter. It was necessary, it was necessary. Kind I all-. It also year was not as again we moved. Now it was already the much bigger apartment. For some reason they very much rejoiced, to especially magic word. That is how it is the? It mine first of all, and they in it live with my permission.

So not only that we moved again, so for a year already of this Irinka they you know who was brought to it as a gift? MOUSE! It in housing, where already 4 - x - the summer hostess, I - a cat - a krysolovka! I already only looked at them: “Or still someone drag all?“ . It seems, my young lady understood it, only - that will not put snack already anywhere. It is called - a hamster Syrian, nicknamed Mashka. I wanted, was, to show it who here main and where some there goat of a leg yes horns and had something with this rat not so. Then I donyukhatsya. This trifle big-bellied expected posterity - no, well I will not eat this silly fellow?

generally, this homka brought even 13 homyachat. Then my young lady hardly distributed kids, only did not manage to give the boy, itself is guilty. Still a couple of posterities Mashka managed to give and again not less than dozen everyone. Now, at last we already without this trifle. Even it became boring. I just for fun recalculated them every day. Even tasted a couple when they, silly fellows - slepysh crept out of a cage. But, the, here and not that, does not go to a throat. The main thing that I am tasty fed, and that again instincts would wake up. Though they at me sometimes pinch an underfur, but it is very pleasant to lie near a cage and to hear how they potter about. And laziness to me sometimes from them to rise. And the fact that sometimes Mashka and her daughter Dashka from a cage are let out, so same not the reason to jump, here those also use it, climb the head. Massage to me is done, the fur coat is cleaned. Nothing, it is even possible to live with them.

generally, me soon, in May, five will be. Very much even decent age for a kitty, especially such Princess, as I. The house I constructed. Already all know that I here main. Here only this young lady everything will not calm down. About some pig said, that that from the sea. And told if these hamsters the Princess, that is I, eat, then she a sea pig will buy that I did not cope. Now and I will cope with an elephant. The truth I did not see an elephant, but them is that I constructed, so and I will be quit with an elephant, for certain it is some fish. Now all under my laws live. So, if that, address. How to cope with people, their children and other living creatures, including hamsters, I know. I will share experience. For a small fish.