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Thoughts about obstinate children of

the Childhood favourably differs from other periods in human life. Unconcernedly, run in the yard, and obey parents - they wish well. This good is fixed by morals, carrots and sticks in different proportions. In the necessary hour education is diluted with semi-truthful stories about the father and mother. The narration, however, has one feature - the facts compromising family members will never enter it. The full picture of life is finished by continuous intervention of parents in an inner world of adolescents. So specific behavior is devoted to one great purpose - to make so that the new generation absorbed from parents only a positive even if also semi-virtual.

we Teach

by techniques, we live on grandmother`s manuals, we hold up as an example classics, ourselves at the worst. We say that if you study well, you will become the astronaut (banker)... Only the ill luck, a good few of gold human reserves was those still madcaps. All know about it, but prefer to keep mum. To take Pushkin - yes, the genius, but in the childhood was lazy to a disgrace. By the way, physicians consider genius as pathology.

We as want

- watch TV less, be engaged more, surely English with French from the first class. And, of course, facultative occupations. As, 21st century. Recently I had honor to study tests for future first graders, and at the same time and with requirements to being admitted to school … If it is short, then the child has to be able all and a little more, and the alphabet should begin to be studied with the child already during pregnancy.

Is present

nothing bad in desire to give to the daughter or the son what was not received or missed. But the desire to embrace immensity and satisfaction of own ambitions sometimes puts to the child a serious moral trauma for the rest of life. One my friend will never give the daughter to do rhythmic gymnastics - because many years went in the bus with a bulky hoop and had problems with a bearing. But wants to give to study in music because wanted, but it did not develop.

A at me it developed p, to me as to Vladimir Vysotsky, teachers home came therefore I will never give the child on worry to sharps. What child did not envy Macaulay Culkin`s career - the main character of the comedy “Home Alone“. Glory, the big fees (today a state in almost in 20 million dollars) … very few people knew about the reverse of the medal. Whether there was a childhood in general? Numerous brothers, sisters and the father - the tyrant in addition.

What to tell, the intervention parents can fatal remake, cross out, and sometimes and to spoil life to the beloved child. But it how to be told, absolutely clinical case. Generally invasions have not so difficult character.

Anton Chekhov the child studied

, sang, worked in grocery store of the father, because remembered the young years almost with horror - “despotism and lie deformed our childhood“. It were unhappy, not carefree and absolutely gloomy years. Dima Iosifov - a star of the Soviet cinema, the played Buratino, still hesitates of the role before sons Andrey and Anton. Is confused that long nose and with shudder remembers how it, 10 - the summer boy, made up every day on an hour.

Is not present

, I do not call for idleness at all. It is clear, that everything is learned in comparison, and not on outsiders to equal. However will not prevent to compare the parental desires with nurseries. A living example - the director Quentin Tarantino. It is quite possible that if he did not throw school (with the permission of mother), he would not become that whom became. Vladimir Mayakovsky, on the contrary, would be glad to study up, but from - for not solvency of a family was deducted from a gymnasium. Too some kind of parental factor.

Other extreme - excessive severity. As a result the ready-made product under the name “personality“ withers to years to twenty. However, there are exceptions. So, the scandalous queen of bottoms - music Madonna, you will not believe, but was brought up in severity. Demanded obligatory visit of church on Sundays from it and diligent occupations at school. The father even forbade to watch TV. What from this left, all saw many times on this TV. Only with the daughter`s birth the show star - business slightly became staid. At simple mortal and there passes all life in search of desired golden mean. Someone was lucky more, to someone the destiny made a disgusting grimace. Anyway, as Horace spoke, the new vessel long smells of with what filled it for the first time. You remember it.