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Advice to the beginning snowboarder of

in recent years visitors of the Moscow subway already got used to see the young people hurrying somewhere who hold under the arm enormous boards with the boots attached to them. The snowboard which in our country was earlier exotic from the Olympic Games of 1998 in Nagano gains the increasing popularity every year and becomes alternative to such traditional types of descent from mountains as mountain skiing and the sledge. Now the person interested to master a snowboard has no problems with search of equipment or the place where it is possible to be trained. However you should not forget that the snowboard is very travomoopasny sport and to derive pleasure from driving and to avoid injuries, it is necessary to follow the following rules.

In - the first, the board, or “board“ as professional athletes and inveterate fans of driving prefer to call it, has to be picked correctly up under the beginning athlete. The choice of a Bordeaux depends both on your physical data, and on the chosen style of driving. The main physical parameter is weight. Producers of boards, as a rule, specify weight range for each model. Than your weight is more, especially the long board is required to you. On too short board it is possible to get stuck in snow while too long board possesses big inertness, and it will be difficult for you to cope with it on turns.

a factor, the Second for importance, at the choice of a Bordeaux is growth. Skilled athletes recommend to choose a snowboard so that its length equaled to distance from a floor to your chin or a tip of a nose (in dependence as it was already told, from weight). At the choice of a Bordeaux it is also necessary to consider the leg size - board width depends on it. Edges of boots should not support Bordeaux limits more than on 1 - 2 cm and should not be wider, than the size of your foot.

In general boards for a snowboard is a separate subject about which the skilled athlete can speak for hours. Boards are divided into two categories - rigid and soft. Rigid boards have the chopped-off tail, ride them in “rigid“ boots from plastic, they are used for slalom. Such boards go only to one party.

Soft boards are intended to

for freestyle and freeride, they are good for driving on a virgin soil, in “halfpipe“ (a special artificial track with the potholes reminding bends of waves), ski jumping and other tricks, say, for everything, except slalom.

division of soft boards into boards for freeride and freestyle Exists. Is more flexible than Borda for freestyle, than for freeride. Boards for freeride are longer, have the expressed unidirectional form, that is they have a nose and a tail of a different form. Such board provides big stability at high speeds and facilitates driving on a virgin soil.

In general now there was a set of types of the boards intended for the most different directions of a snowboard and also the universal boards uniting many of the characteristics stated above. It is more preferable to beginners universal boards of the categories allmountain or freestilefreeride which it is convenient to ride both in mountains, and in park. It is necessary to give preference to boards more softly as on a soft board it is simpler to learn to carry out turns.

are divided

Depending on a shape of a nose and a tail of a board into directional and twin tip. Boards of directional have the spoon-shaped form of a nose that is convenient when driving on deep snow. Fastenings on such boards are located closer to a tail. Boards of twin tip have the identical form of a nose and tail. There are also borda of the category twin tip - directional with symmetric in a form, but the ends, different in rigidity. The soft nose allows such board not to fail during soft snow, and the rigid tail well springs on springboards.

What to do if there is a wish to buy a good board, but your financial opportunities are limited? Skilled athletes advise not to refuse in that case purchase of a second-hand board. Good expensive “rolled“ board as a saddle for a horse, is much better, than new low-quality. Choosing a second-hand board, it is necessary to examine it regarding existence of cracks, stratifications, an agnail at the edges and scratches. The special attention should be paid to the sliding surface: in the presence of noticeable damages, especially around edgings, during driving will bring you.


In - the second, for driving to you needs the special clothes sewed from water-repellent membrane fabric and having the glued seams. On trousers the special valve located from below and preventing snow hit inside is desirable. When driving in mountains where there is a fast change of weather, very useful will be ventilating lightnings on seams of trousers. At a jacket existence of the “skirt“ preventing hit of snow dust inside and the undone air vents under mice or on a back is obligatory. Gloves or mittens have to be long that they could be pulled on sleeves. Unfortunately, not all fans of a snowboard are able to afford the clothes satisfying to all these rules from the dearest producers. In that case it is possible to use the winter sportswear intended not directly for a snowboard, and, for example, for skis, it is only important that it was warm, waterproof and that the possibility of hit of snow was inside minimized.

B - the third, it is necessary to pick up boots and fastenings correctly. Fastenings happen two types: usual and “step - in“, more expensive and demanding rigid boots. These fastenings are convenient in use: came and went, but the beginner more will suit both usual fastenings and soft boots. By the way, it is more convenient to walk in soft boots. Experts do not advise fastening with a metal platform as they will not amortize pushes on potholes at all. Certainly, the footwear has to approach by the size. It is not terrible if you for any reasons bought boots of slightly smaller size, they are quickly carried. Remember that the sole is thinner, the it will be easier for you to control a board, but not to the detriment of footwear durability. By the way, the leather footwear preferred by many is not so convenient in use: quickly becoming wet, it makes heavier legs and over time is deformed. The most important in footwear for a snowboard - the set foot corner to a top on which depends prilegany feet to fastening. Special boots for a snowboard have to have internal “valenok“, it is desirable thermoformed that it took the form of your leg and more densely adjoined to a boot.

However should not buy the footwear which was in the use at all except for cases when in such footwear the former owner rode absolutely short time. The old footwear can become for you not only a discomfort source, but also the reason of injuries.

Certainly, the beginner has to pay special attention to protection. Protection first of all includes a protective vest or the jacket protecting a back, shoulders and elbows from damages. Such jacket is put on under outerwear. It is also possible to use a protective vest with the built-in protection of cervical vertebras. Several plates changing situation and, on the one hand, keeping the function, and with another - not preventing to carry out even the most difficult tricks are built in jackets and vests on a back. Protective plates are also inserted into gloves. At last, points - a mask are necessary for you, it is better in double glasses what prevents fogging. Some snowboarders prefer sunglasses.

appears more and more publications devoted to snowboards for women Recently. Producers of snowboards noted interest of women in this sport long ago and began production of the sports equipment intended especially for them. Of course, women and girls can successfully ride any boards, but the sports equipment developed especially for them facilitates driving and does it more pleasant. Boards for women shorter, more flexibly and already that especially actually for ladies with a small size of a leg. Such boards usually have more expressed sidecut for the purpose of simplification of performance of turns.

according to athletes, the board for a snowboard has to not only to be convenient, but also to be pleasing to the eye. In general coloring of boards are executed in unisex style, but borda for great ladies are more often painted in gentle colors.

That the sports equipment served longer, it is necessary to observe simple, but useful rules of its storage.

a board should be wiped with

After driving that the edging did not rust and the water which got to microcracks did not freeze, causing its cracking. To transport a board, especially on long distances, it is the best of all in a cover which can be sewed independently from dense fabric and for convenience of carrying to supply with straps. A board it is desirable to dry houses, having wiped a dry rag and having put in a bathtub that the water remains flew down. For its long storage it is necessary to fix well as its falling, especially on the small child, can lead to serious injuries. Previously it is necessary to remove fastenings as the tightened screws lead to damages of the board over time. From drying rub a board surface with shoe-polish or wax.

Before long storage boots needs to be washed up, and to wash internal “valenok“.

Having dealt with equipment, it is possible to begin to learn to ride. Going to the nearest park, choose not too abrupt hillside with perhaps smaller number of potholes. For a start define in what rack it is better for you to ride. If you ever rode a board, for certain before you such question is already not necessary, otherwise ask to push you in a back and note what leg you will step forward - so to you and it is necessary to ride. Having clasped fastenings, accept the correct rack: legs are slightly bent in knees, hands slightly in the parties. Pay attention, as hands, and the case during descent never remain in once and for all the recorded situation, they play a role of the balance weight and adopt that provision which is necessary.

about eight Years ago when the snowboard in our country was little-known, in one of Moscow region boarding houses to me the strange and terrifying show happened to see

. Business was on a mountain slope, on a high cascade ladder. The young man became on hunkers on a plywood board with the elastic band tense across instead of fastening, and the board was forty centimeters wide, and in such situation, skillfully catching hands balance, flew down a ladder, flying up over each platform on height about a meter. All its descents which I had to witness came to the end quite safely. I still with horror remember its flights and I do not urge the reader to repeat them at all, but this example serves as evident confirmation that successful descent depends on ability to catch and keep balance. Therefore, if you want to ride dexterously a snowboard, do not neglect the various exercises directed to training of sense of equilibrium.

your First exercises will be simple descent from the flat mountain and descent “snake“. At the beginning surely learn to brake, having developed for this purpose a board across a slope. It is the best of all if at your first occupations there is any of your friends, able to ride and capable to give the necessary advice and to help with a difficult situation. Presence of the satellite during driving in the country in the poorly populated district is just necessary. However I hope that beginners will prefer driving under supervision of the qualified instructor in specialized park.

the Favourite place of the Moscow snowboarders Krylatskoye where competitions and youth parties are often held is considered. At present there are several lit routes, is as hilly slopes for fans of aggressive driving, and soft, for quieter and safe driving. In Krylatskoye it is also possible to hire equipment and to employ the instructor.

In Moscow area snowboarders chose Stepanovo park (The Dmitrovsky district, the village of Stepanovo, is open with 12. 00 to 24. 00, during week-end with 11. 00) with a unique height difference of 110 m and a kilometer slope. The main advantage of this park - the small number of skiers and a separate educational slope. In “Stepanovo“ skilled snowboarders for whom fill up two more slopes with springboards will derive pleasure also. The park is equipped with the parnokreselny elevator which one lack - too long rise.

One of popular places for fans of winter sports - the park “Is free“ (The Dmitrovsky district, the city of Yakhroma, is open Monday through Thursday and on Sunday - with 10. 00 to 24. 00, on Friday and Saturday - with 10. 00 to 2. 00). Literally the other day, on January 31, 2004, opening new a snowboard - park for fans of freestyle took place there. When planning park all last styles in this sport were considered. Lines of figures differ on complexity level: more simply are also less intended for beginners, is larger and more aggressive - for skilled athletes. Except descents for fans of a snowboard, in “Volena“ there is a skating rink, the route for a toboggan and ski slopes.


the Closest neighbor of “Volen“ - the Yakhroma park also provides several specially equipped routes for snowboarders.

Moscow region park of “Sorochana“ (The Dmitrovsky district, Ilyinsky rural district, the village of Kurovo, is open with 10. 00 to 24. 00) besides conditions for occupations by snowboarding offers flights by light double planes and balloons, and also training for those who will be carried away by aeronautics.

For certain many of readers will ask

a question: how about snowboarding for children? The American academy of pediatricians does not recommend driving on a snowboard to children till five years, and children aged till ten years surely have to ride under supervision of adults. It is dictated not only higher arrangement of the center of gravity at the child, than at the adult, but also features of children`s psychology. The assessment by small children of the force and skills, and also dangers of a surrounding situation, is not quite adequate therefore the child cannot protect himself from injuries. It is recommended to create special nurseries a snowboard - parks, but, unfortunately, business did not reach their creation not only in Russia yet, but also in the West. Insistently I advise to ride with children only in specialized parks, but in any way not spontaneously organized routes. Remember that even if your child is not a fan of extreme sport and is careful, the greatest danger to it is constituted by other snowboarders, both beginners, and professionals.

Finally I will tell

a little about the main directions of snowboarding. One of the most available directions is the slalom almost different from alpine skiing slalom. Freeride (from the words “free“ and “ride“ - literally “free driving“) is a driving in mountains on a virgin soil, that is, to untouched snow, including, besides simple sliding down, jumps from snow eaves and turns with a radius up to 100 m during which the snowboarder can touch snow by a hand. Freeride of Back Country - driving in places where the leg of the person, as a rule, followed by disembarkation from the helicopter to avalanche slopes did not go. It is necessary to tell that it is the most dangerous type of snowboarding, and, unfortunately, sometimes it is necessary to hear about the next group of young athletes which was gone in mountains, and therefore insistently I advise fans of extreme sports to pay the attention to other directions of this fascinating sport.

Freestyle, as well as slalom, is similar to similar ski discipline, are engaged in it in parks on the slopes covered with the stamped snow. Freestyle very beautiful direction of snowboarding including tumbling stunts and rotations.

By the way, in the world two Federations of snowboarding - professional and amateur exist. Unfortunately, our athletes meanwhile do not enter it, but we will hope that the present hobby for this sport will allow our athletes to compete as equals with snowboarders of Canada and the USA already soon.

So forward, dear professionals and fans!