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Birthday of

All night long of boots of PSF slept badly. It dreamed awful dreams. At first his brother, the right boot of Gop, stepped on it all the time. Then the heavy rain went, and the owner wet it to laces. PSF caught a cold, and lies with a temperature absolutely alone on mezzanines. Woke up from horror of PSF. Around it was silent, nearby the brother peacefully snuffled, only in a room corner watched two searchlights of cat`s eyes at it.

It. At night he did not sleep. His hobby was game with slippers. Tishka scratched slippers, liked to gnaw them, and sometimes, oh, horror, did on them a huge pool. Tishka was very clever and cunning cat. Many times he tried to assure the hostess, as if the pool was made at all not by him, and the hostess Wan`s son. But you will not carry out it. In the mornings the day of reckoning came. Adults stuck a cat into a pool with a muzzle and shamed. Tishke it was necessary only to admit deeds and to promise the hostess to make never similar. Unfortunately, he quickly forgot about the promise.

Despite cat`s pranks, none of family members doubted that their favourite not just clever cat, and the cleverest. In four years of life that there was much to cat`s measures, Tishka collected quite large collection of the moustaches. Yes, yes, be not surprised, ordinary long and short moustaches. Unlike wool which faded only two times a year moustaches dropped out much more often. Secretly he put them in a red casket which he closed on the lock and stored at himself under a pillow. Nobody, except it, knew about it. Tishka dreamed to collect more moustaches, and to transfer them in an old age to the children.

of PSF often thought of how it is good that it is not a slipper, namely a boot, differently to it would be not to avoid Tishkiny attacks. Here and now he with pleasure yawned, once again was glad for himself, and decided to walk a little on the apartment.

of PSF was not old boot, Vanechka put on it only several times. The boy equally strongly loved to PSF and Gop. He very carefully treated brothers, bows tied them laces, tried not to come in pools and carefully wiped them with a damp rag.

this autumn night a window was lit by the bright yellow moon. PSF liked to watch it. He could never understand why people call a big piece of a melon the moon. However, sometimes a fruit someone rather ate around or, on the contrary, hung out too big chunk, but all the same it precisely there was a melon. Often before going to bed Chopochka represented how together with Gopoy they sit on a window sill, having lowered on the street of a leg, cut off the moon very narrow stripes, dip in strawberry jam and, savouring, slowly, eat.


Suddenly somewhere nearby distributed unclear rustle. PSF stood and listened. Sh, shch, sh, y. The sound was some strange, not so similar to those that published Tishk. It was also not clear from where it reached.

Along a corridor, limping, there was a shoe Brush. For the for many years works in the house the part of a bristle was lost forever. Wooden sides were rubbed off, and the big crack in the middle was seen. The brush slowly hobbled to a garbage can. It had a very foul mood.

Today to tell more precisely yesterday, the Brush had a Birthday. But nobody remembered it. Everything, everything, including a shoe spoon, forgot it to congratulate. From grief and loneliness from eyes gutalinovy tears dripped. Therefore it is absolutely no wonder that she did not see to PSF. Lately affairs of the Brush already went not really well. After her best friend Tyubik was thrown out, and the owner brought a new set for footwear, absolutely ceased to use it. And multi-colored small bottles offended the Brush all the time. At the Brush only one exit forever remained - to leave.

without having reached a bucket to steam of steps, she heard as someone quietly called to her. “Hey, Brush! You why do not sleep?“ From surprise the Brush jumped up. “I, - hesitated it, - I just like that. To me it is not slept, today it is very stuffy“.

“Dear Brush, - told PSF, - you should not tell me a lie. All know how small bottles nasty treat you, do not greet, do not concede you the convenient place. Your trouble is that you too kind. Allow me to give to you advice: wretches it is necessary to teach a good lesson and finish this disgrace“.


“Meow, long ago it is time - approvingly supported Tishk. - Meow, I hate as they smell. These small bottles occupy the shelf eternally. It is necessary to me, - on it it is so convenient to jump and scratch wall-paper. Meow“.

disapprovingly looked at

of PSF on Tishka. The cat significantly scratched a paw behind an ear.“ It seems, - it quietly zamurlykat, - I know in what business. We forgot to wish the Brush happy birthday “.“ Honestly, - sighed PSF. - Badly it turned out. Well, nothing, we now quickly will correct everything. Let`s celebrate Birthday now. Brush! You agree?“

the Brush modestly was silent.“ Postoyte, I now, I quickly“. PSF woke Gopa and told it about night incident. On tiptoe, that to wake nobody, they went to look for a candle. Gopa saw more than once how he got everyones from a dark closet of Wan unclear, but, probably, very necessary things. He was glad to help the brother and to make a kind act.

Search came to the end with success. Held the real candle in Gop`s hand. We will put it in cake. What cake without festive candle? We have neither cake, nor a gift, the cat sadly noticed. There is no Birthday without gift.

Having made

remarks, Tishka somewhere quickly escaped. In a moment it, having been out of breath, bore some parcels in a paw. Here, now the holiday will take place. Having developed the first parcel, Tishka got a piece of pie of week and inserted into it a candle. “I ask all to a holiday table!“

So far all admired

pie, Tishka began to open the second parcel. By sight it was much less the first. Friends saw how among papers something red flashed. It was Tishkina a shkatulochka. A brush, we wish you happy birthday! Allow to hand to you, a gift from all of us. The brush opened a shkatulochka and began to cry. But this time tears began to flow at it for pleasure. She understood that Tishka presented it the most expensive that he had - moustaches. Now the Brush could become dense, as in youth!

All company amicably clapped the hands. Pie was unusually tasty. Soon from it there is no left no crumb. Night was the happiest in Brush life. She rejoiced also to a gift, and the fact that she got new friends this night.