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To Kislovodsk by the car

We went to Kislovodsk for May holidays last year. Our little one was 10 months old, the senior 3 years 10 months. Were going to go suddenly.

the Apartment

were Analysed by the prices in sanatorium and solved:“ Well them on figs“. Especially as dithat small, both day regimen and food specific. Decided to look for the apartment. Somewhere in two weeks prior to a trip were puzzled. Looked for through Yandex. I do not remember that we set, but as a result came to a two-three of real estate agencies. Called, asked to reserve. Did not refuse to us, but asked to call before departure directly, promised that we will not be left without housing. And left. Before departure called once again. We were told that wait, called the apartment address, told that called back on an entrance to the city. Near the house we were met by the owner. Helped to unload.

By the way, prices for apartments pleasantly struck. We drove two cars: we with children and the grandmother with the grandfather (support group) and therefore rented three-room apartment. Paid 100 rubles from the person in days. From us 300 (senior was considered too as it occupied a separate bed), and from the grandfather with the grandmother 200. The apartment, of course, very strongly forced to wish the best: a five-storey apartment block with old furniture and dust everywhere. But the local nature eclipsed all “delights“ of life. We fairly decided that to us here, perhaps, not to live all life, and we also can wash a floor, the main thing, fresh linen, and is fine.

Councils on a path

In the car on back sitting we had several pampers (how many to you it is necessary for 2 days), wet towel wipes, toys, couple of small pillows and easy blankets. For small - a poilnik or a small bottle (from what he drinks). Senior I took bottles with a stopper “sport“ (it as in liquids for washing of ware). It is very convenient to drink, and does not spill. Change of clothes just in case: peed the pants, obkakatsya, has a shower bath, threw up and. etc. A pot, packages for garbage. To go to a pot to the child on the way - separate history. If on - big, then there is no place to wash a night vase. We adapted at each stop and landing of the child to a pot to lay inside a garbage bag. All contents remain in a package which is thrown out then. By the way, in advance before departure collect a separate handbag for hotel that during a night stop not to shake up all baggage. There have to be slippers, sanitary products, products for a dinner and a breakfast, replaceable clothes and linen for you and children.

the Road

Left hours in 5 of Tula. Special problems on the way were not, except for load of the route M - 4 (unfortunately, there are no detours). Hours in 9 - 10 stopped at the beginning of the Voronezh region, somewhere around Hlevny, to have breakfast. Changed pampers of small, opened it a jar with children`s canned food, and senior at us omnivorous: sausages, cucumbers, tomatoes, potato round, eggs, tea from a thermos, cookies. Still to the little one I separately a thermos took to part food with clear water. Have a bite, warmed up, took a walk somewhere a half-hour, and to the road. To have dinner stopped hours in 14. 00 - 15. 00. Too all the. I took mashed potatoes potato in a thermos for children, but it quickly turned sour for some reason.

As is shown by practice (and we still went in the summer to the Crimea, and potato turned sour again), it is better not to bother about this thermos. If there is a desire, it is possible to weld on and take soup. With it there will be nothing. My acquaintances in general have on the way dinner in roadside taverns and feed children. Speak, normally. I think next year when we go, too we will also do. By the way, if the child does not eat on the way, then there is nothing terrible. Fruit, juice and cookies, will also be enough for it. One fasting day to nobody damaged yet.

the Lodging for the night

Before a trip on the same Internet (too, kill, I do not remember where) were nadybat by addresses and phones of hotels on the following course, not to stop with the little child of ABBA where. Approximately defined that have to spend the night somewhere in the Rostov region. And left. To hours to 18. 00 began to think about hotel. Began to ring round phones on the following course, to ask the price, ask about existence of places. As a result, stopped in Novocherkassk: slightly away from the route, places were, and the prices accepted more or less: 400 rubles from the person in number with conveniences. When drove up to hotel, it turned out that the grandmother with the grandfather do not divide our concept, and our concepts about low cost very strongly disperse from them. And my mother refused flatly to pay also for a reservation, and also fairly judged that conveniences is possible also on the floor, and we will have a rest when we reach, all the same we only for one night. Decided that they with my husband will go to hotel, as if from the street without armor, and will demand the cheapest places. We remained to wait for them on the street about hotel. In minutes 10 my mother triumphantly appeared. Its five-minute trade with the administrator ended with providing two enough decent numbers to us without conveniences on 200 rubles from a nose. Generally, in hotels be not afraid to bargain and show false modesty, you say that there is no money and you go to relatives. They, as a rule, see at once vacationers, and try to flog them the most expensive numbers, and it is necessary to you?

In hotel was made instant vermicelli: at me is it and the little one ate. Ate up smoked chicken and cucumbers with tomatoes. Washed down with local beer. Moved forward somewhere hours in 6 in the morning. 00, previously having drunk a tea with what god sent and having dragged dozing children in underwear in the car.


It is expensive. Day of the second

The day before was long solved on what road to go: through Stavropol or through Armavir. Local advised us through Armavir, told that through Stavropol the bad road. By the way, the way back was through Stavropol, and is expensive excellent there, and through Armavir of cars it is more also posts too. Characteristic of the second day is lower average speed. But it not at the expense of the speed of the car and bad roads, and at the expense of stops actually on each post. Under different plausible and not really pretexts local law enforcement officers will try to cut down from you the grandma. Do not give in! Though if there is a lot of money, then can and is better give and go, than stand minutes 15, altercate on each post. But we stood not so much from - for money how many from the principle.

Traffic police workers of Stavropol Krai - in general the separate song. As it is the region, boundary with Chechnya, stop on each post and bring the car and the driver in some database. On each post the exclusive base. Why it is impossible to make the general computer base for all posts, for us remained a riddle, the truth our grandfather explained then to us that then many GAI officers will be left without piece of bread. And that truth. Hours in 10. 00 stopped last time to have breakfast the remains of vegetables and local smoked sausage with local bread which bought in the nearest shop of Novocherkassk. Washed down with tomato juice. Decided to have dinner already on the place.

of Hours in 14. 00 about Mineralnye Vody called once again the hostess of the apartment, reported that we approach. We were told the address and in an hour we were already on the place. By the way, very much we are helped on the way by topographic maps 2 - x - the kilometers which are collected by my husband. On them it is possible to choose also ways of a detour, both to look at a land relief, and names of geographical objects, mountains, for example, and plans of the cities are there, and it is a lot more useful information.

On the place

of Hours in 15. 00 we were already on the place. In 16. 00 had already dinner the borsch cooked from banks and mashed potatoes potato with sausages. By the way, took with themselves to any food fully, like macaroni, stewed meat, canned food of everyones, grain, cookies. Only potato which at us the from grandmother`s giving was useful. All the rest in Kislovodsk is a lot of and the prices are much cheaper than at us though with yourself take.


the Nature in Kislovodsk the miracle is simple

. We stayed 6 days there and every day did not cease to admire clean air, picturesque mountains, transparent falls. Each our day was painted on minutes. In the morning in 9. 00th breakfast: porridge, egg, tea, sandwich. Before food on an empty stomach a glass of the water which is laid up since evening or carefully brought by the grandmother with the grandfather from morning physical exercise of hours in 8. 00 (we were not enough for such feats). After a breakfast the cultural program. A lunch where will find us time, a house dinner. And liters of mineral water before a breakfast, a lunch, a dinner, or instead of it. In 6 days we visited: Kislovodsk park which is considered the most beautiful in Russia, by the way, there it was possible and to go all 6 days and not to bypass all, Lermontovsky falls which are described in “The hero of our time“ (“Princess Mary“) the Ring and Honey falls went to Karachaevo - Circassia, to the Yessentuki dolphinarium on the mountain, in museum of local lore were, the truth it so-so, nothing especially interesting.


of the Price of everything about - about - very accepted. In any snack bar under the open sky it is possible to obkushatsya and obpitsya four together (means two adults and two children) wine for 500 - 600 rubles. On a market in general all for nothing: some sausage good and sausage on 60 rubles, meat on 80, wine I do not remember how much, but it is very cheap. Vegetables and fruit, however, within our prices, but are not more expensive. The nature is tremendous. Sights sea. In a week we did not manage even to look at the tenth part of everything.

In Yessentuki except a dolphinarium could not be looked. Dirty the small town, park overgrown and water opposite moreover and on carrying out are not allowed to take, only for money in bottles poured. Only pleasure: from senior drove on a horse in the carriage. Took a huge detour on park for only 20 rubles. Driving by any there cars and engines in general on 10 rubles from a nose. Well, freebie.


It is regretted that were not in Pyatigorsk, there a lot of things is to see also the city more decently, than Yessentuki. By the way, we were told that in Kislovodsk unique climate, the softest among all cities of Pyatigorya. It is explained by the fact that the city is in an environment of mountains, both rains all and winds remain outside tops. We felt it on ourselves. Around behind mountains of a cloud and hmar, and in Kislovodsk the sun. By the way, prepare that if you come out for city boundaries - to the mountain the Ring, to Pyatigorsk or still somewhere you will be stopped, asked every day documents and to enter in the database both on entrance, and on departure.

the Way back

Wanted to leave in 5. 00, left in 6. 00. Were long loaded. Decided to go through Stavropol, to see the road. Somewhere in front of Stavropol stopped the grandfather`s car. And well about - about - very much grandmas for alcohol specifically tried to beat out. It looked more than impudently, considering that our grandfather does not drink at all. Altercated minutes 20. After my husband very quietly suggested to write the protocol and to pass to Stavropol in a narcoclinic, law enforcement officers at last understood that from us you will shear nothing. Generally wasted time, but got a heap of the drive.

have less than

of Posts on this road of time to two, than through Armavir, also stopped all time 2 - 3, against 10 when there went. Generally, without special adventures, to hours to 19. 00 reached Millerovo where decided to spend the night. Hotel at them all without conveniences, but the relation such even house. Had a quadruple room on 100 rubles from the person. Beds are wide, convenient. Chistenko so. Conveniences on the floor, but a bathroom with European-quality repair and everything is pure and accurate. The shower, however, on other floor is also taken by 10 or 20 rubles from the person, but our grandmother contrived to pay for one, told that others will not wash, only she. All were as a result washed, even the little one. A shower too very pure, accurate with European-quality repair. Reached without special adventures back. Hours in 16. 00 were at home.

P. S. My husband read and introduced the remark that I, on a female habit to embellish everything, a little invented quantity of stops on posts along the line. When went there, we were stopped not 10, and only by 5 times, and only for verification of documents. From there are only two times. One of which on departure from Kislovodsk, as usual, the second about Stavropol when wanted the grandma to cut down. But, to it - to God, me for some reason it seems that there stops was more than 5.