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Who in the answer for the child?

In our country preparation for childbirth are quite often limited to search of “good maternity hospital“ - where there are familiar doctors, and well feed. The woman at the same time hopes that on childbirth by her “something will stick“, and everything will pass well. However childbirth can begin suddenly anywhere, and such popular approach as a responsibility rearrangement on doctors, will not help here.

Recently hospitals and doctors are engaged in the fact that they do pregnancy and childbirth safe why then at 98% of hospital childbirth and 94% of medical assistance we have so sad statistics? Women remain dissatisfied with how medical care and psychological support was given them. It is obvious that hospitals, doctors and medical equipment in itself do not guarantee the safest exit. Nevertheless, we believe that guarantee. Many people are almost not able to be released from this system of representations so to look at this question objectively.

In focus of modern clinical obstetrics - to avoid aberrations at any cost. The clinical obstetrics considers pregnancy and childbirth as the state extreme, potentially hazardous to health of mother and the child demanding supervision of physicians and obligatory existence of service of emergency medical service close. Indicators of frequency of technological interventions and Cesarean sections soar up up, some doctors support 100% Cesarean section for prevention. As a result other aspects of the birth are ignored or admit only in words.

approach, Popular in our country, to childbirth - a rearrangement of responsibility for the child on foreign people - let and doctors. When you go to give birth, and doors of maternity hospital whether it seems to you that you shift responsibility for the life and life of the child to other people are closed behind you. Let them be professionals, physicians, but at the same time they are foreign people who work with a stream... patients. Isn`t that so, there is a wish to tell “with a flow of patients“? Though it is about absolutely normal, physiological state of an organism - pregnancy.


So there begins the address to future fathers the head of the medical center obstetrician Tamara Sadovaya. In her opinion, the woman at pregnancy blossoms, and its task not “to worry, and “normally to live“ this state. And the midwife, she considers, have to not only deliver, but also communicate with the woman from the very beginning of pregnancy.

For the Soviet period in our country the relation to pregnancy and childbirth strongly changed. The modern man considers as the main task to send the wife to the “best“ maternity hospital - where there are familiar doctors and where feed better. The woman thinks that to her “something will stick“, and everything will pass perfectly.

suffer from

of the Woman so that at very responsible moment of the life which childbirth is appear alone with strangers. Now, of course, in the delivery room can let the husband. But in most cases he becomes only the static observer, and is not capable to help the woman in labor.

Tamara Sadovaya urges future parents to pay attention to traditional obstetrics. In which the midwife is not only health worker, but also the teacher and just good friend. Its work should not be limited to reception of childbirth. From the very beginning of pregnancy the midwife has to answer all questions arising at future mother, learns how to behave to, in time and after the delivery.

The fact that such information is necessary for women - is confirmed by statistics of many websites devoted to female health. One of the most popular pages - “The first signs of pregnancy“. Women are interested in what they can eat, drink whether it is necessary to limit physical activity how to correct a day regimen.

it is most often inconvenient to p to See doctors with similar questions to pregnant women. For many of them visit of a maternity welfare unit or private clinic is limited standard sets of analyses, researches (for example, ultrasonography), and purpose of some medicamentous therapy. It only aggravates the relation to pregnancy as to an illness, but not normal physiological process. And many at first sight insignificant, but in practice very important questions are left without answer.

at the same time the midwife has to solve the majority of problems of pregnant women. And in practice, recommendations about healthy nutrition and a day regimen can make not less, than other drugs. For example, these means it is possible to relieve the pregnant woman of hypostases or even a gestoz.

what we call traditional obstetrics - normal practice in Western Europe. There the midwife - the main person on childbirth. If there are no medical contraindications, she often delivers one.

By and large, it is not volume where to give birth. Business is in that as well as with whom to give birth. On childbirth presence, not only the loved one, but also the person who is well knowing physiology of childbirth is very important. In this role the midwife who during communication with the pregnant woman it becomes valid it another also acts. If childbirth arises “suddenly“, then both the husband, and the woman in labor, thanks to recommendations of the midwife understand what to do.


Now few medical centers in our country - while it is normal practice in the West - offer courses of pregnant women. It classes which are given by midwifes. Of course, it is desirable to begin them on the earliest terms of pregnancy, but also later they will bring benefit.

Communication with the midwife the woman fills with

vacuum which, unfortunately, always is between it and the doctor. It is statistically proved that the physiological obstetrics is safer (has smaller percent of complications and operational interventions) and brings bigger satisfaction to a family.

of the Midwife of the traditional direction are carried out by medical supervision and maintaining physiological pregnancy and childbirth. Work in group or individually, forming the positive, realistic relation to the pregnancy and childbirth at women. Childbirth - it is optional torments, it is natural painless process. The obstetrician`s task only to help to remember everything that was put by the Nature and that the civilization so carefully forced to forget.

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in life of each woman. Look at it differently. Assume that it can be pleasant and easy, dare to feel pleasure, delight and amazement from everything that happens to you. In your forces to make so that it passed in full harmony with the world and Laws of the Nature. Therefore it is necessary to resolve the main issue from the very beginning: Who will help a minute of doubt? With whom to you it will be sure and quiet? The Cheerful, Healthy child is not the happy lottery ticket, but natural result of the correct preparation for childbirth.

About everything that the pregnant woman and young mother has to know and be able, everything that can be necessary for it (Complex medical supervision throughout the entire period of pregnancy with design of the hospital card, issue of the sick-list) will be told by highly skilled, attentive and careful obstetricians of the Moscow`s First Medical Center of Traditional Obstetrics of “Sadovoy Center“.

They use the professional knowledge, not only for rendering highly skilled medical care, but also ensure the maximum safety and psychological comfort, during pregnancy and in labor. In addition to the standard methods of the help in the Center of traditional obstetrics actively use such soft ecologically harmless methods: dietotherapy, homeopathy, manual therapy (osteopathy). Painless and successful childbirth is result of such actions.

Before making a choice to what medical center you will entrust supervision of the pregnancy and childbirth, communicate to the Midwife of the Traditional direction.