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The main thing about a metabolism and a metabolism of

What it is necessary to make to force the metabolism to work well? And what specifically is behind this concept? In this material we will try to answer the most widespread questions of a metabolism. Some answers can seem to you unexpected.

What it is really necessary to make to force the metabolism to work well? And what the metabolism specifically is behind concept? In this article we will try to answer the most widespread questions concerning fight against excess calories. Perhaps, some answers will seem to you unexpected.

What is calories and as we burn them


of Calorie as a peculiar fuel for our organism as gasoline for the car. By the way, this comparison is not such exaggeration. Calories represent a power source thanks to which you force to fight the heart, breathe, you hug the beloved grandmother and you jump up from a sofa with shout “the Goal!“ when ours hammer a ball into the opponent`s gate. To put it briefly, is what is necessary for our organism for performance of vital physiological signs.

the Supplier of calories is the food. Naturally, the pork chop which is just eaten by you is not in itself a type of such biological fuel yet. Before your organism has to transform a nutritious product to more suitable form - the substance called by glucose. If your body does not feel immediate need for energy, calories are converted into fat and reserved for use in the future - as the saved means in bank (the truth, unlike a current account, we not really seek for their accumulation).

Each 7000 calories which are laid off for the future make kilogram of fat. To get rid of it, it is necessary to cause deficiency of calories in an organism. It is possible to make it in two ways - or to eat calories less, than you spend them in a day, or to burn calories more, than you eat. As soon as you withdraw 7000 calories from the savings account, scales will show that you lost kilogram of weight.

What is a metabolism

the Metabolism - or rather metabolic rate - is defined by the number of the calories spent at present irrespective of whether you watch a weather forecast on the TV, or you twist exercise bike pedals, training the heart. Naturally, the speed of processes of a metabolism is higher when you carry out physical exercises than when you lie on a sofa.

When is told “I have a bad metabolism“ or “These tablets will improve your metabolism“, mean a metabolism at rest, i.e. that number of calories which is necessary for an organism for maintenance of its vital signs. Your brain, heart, kidneys, liver and other bodies work 24 hours a day without days off. Also cells of muscles are constantly updated. All these processes demand energy in the form of calories, just to support in you life. Therefore if you hear that any tablets improve a metabolism, it means that they force your organism to burn more calories without additional efforts of you.

As it to understand

: metabolic rate at rest

Metabolic rate at rest depends first of all on the mass of your body, except for the mass of fat. It is about the mass of your muscles, bones, blood, bodies and skin. Than this value, i.e. the more your muscles is higher and it is heavier than a bone, the more energy is required for their maintenance. Your weight matters too, and it is a genetic factor. Researches show that one children are born with a good metabolism, others with bad.

At men, as a rule, the metabolism occurs quicker, than at women even at rest as by nature they have more well-muscled and large body. Processes of a metabolism tend to be slowed down with age. Nevertheless, not all scientists consider that deterioration in a metabolism is closer to an old age is inevitable, or, at least, do not connect this phenomenon only with aging of an organism. Partly it is explained by reduction of the size of muscles and decrease in physical activity. Consider that if you are not engaged in physical exercises, then from 30 to 70 years you lose about 40 percent of muscle bulk. If you are regularly engaged in power exercises, then with bigger degree of probability will be able successfully to resist to deterioration in a metabolism. So, rather you start trainings, the better as it is easier to support muscles, than to raise.

How many calories you burn in a day

precisely to find out how many calories your organism at rest (and then on the basis of this value - spends and during sports activities), should go to special laboratory. The laboratory assistant will connect you to the special equipment, will insert a plastic tubule into your mouth and then on the basis of the analysis of your breaths and exhalations will define, how effectively you spend the fuel.


If to you does not like idea with a plastic tubule, you can also count an expense of calories at rest, having gathered several numbers on the calculator and having made simple mathematical operations. Such formula is removed on the basis of values of weight, growth, a floor (and in certain cases age). At the same time such factors as body weight without fat and genetic features of an organism, are not taken into consideration. Therefore the assessment of value of a metabolism will be a little conditional.

cannot Calculate value of a metabolism at rest. We will give calculations for the man of 172 cm in height and weighing 82 kg and for the woman of the same growth weighing 60 kg.

  1. the Weight of the woman needs to be increased by coefficient 0,9, it is necessary to leave the weight of the man without changes.

the Woman 60x0,9 = 54 kg
the Man of 82 kg

  1. Provided in the item of 1 value it is necessary to increase on 24. As a result you receive a metabolism expense at rest.

the Woman of 54x24 =1296
the Man 82x24 = 1968

So, you received number of the calories necessary for your body in case you lie absolutely not movably 24 hours a day. As such happy days drop out not often, for more objective assessment of a daily expense of calories it is required to add some number. To calculate this value for one more light day in your life when in you are a condition of relative rest, for example you sunbathe on the beach, add another 20 percent to initial figure. For the man the result will make 2362 calories. For days when you play sports, it is necessary to add 30 - 50 percent, depending on intensity and duration of training.

Influence of physical exercises on a metabolism

Regardless of the fact that you will read in the literature popularizing fitness, the issue of influence of physical activity on a metabolism unambiguously is not resolved yet. The answer in many respects depends on what type of exercise you carry out. Researches say that aerobic exercises (run or ascension on steps) do not increase the speed of processes of a metabolism.

Power exercises look in this regard more “promising“. As we already know, restoration of muscles demands more energy, than maintenance of fatty deposits, in other words, for maintenance of one kilogram of muscles is spent calories more, than for maintenance of kilogram of fat. It is known to us and that anaerobic exercises develop muscle bulk. From here it is quite logical to conclude that strengthening of muscles by means of power exercises promotes increase of speed of reactions of a metabolism. whether

tablets Can improve a metabolism

Yes. And all - we do not advise you them to accept. Anfetamina (stimulyanta) and preparations for appetite suppression really improve a metabolism, however the human body quickly adapts to them and therefore the effect of their reception is as a result short. Besides, similar preparations have adverse collateral effect, in particular raise load of heart and a blood pressure.

Similar effect also the tablets stimulating activity of a thyroid gland possess, however their reception is fraught with problems, including with heart too.

the Anabolic steroids (promoting increase in muscle bulk) also intensify processes of a metabolism and also cause side effects, including hormonal property. At the women feeding themselves with this fuel the voice sits down and indumentum of the person At men increases the volume of a breast and body which is unambiguously pointing to their sex increases. Besides, at representatives and that, and other floor aggression increases and the risk of a disease of cancer increases and violations of activity it is warm - vascular system. When people cease to accept steroids, their metabolism is slowed down approximately twice.

I at last, you can leave without regret the food additives which are allegedly also burning fats. As showed researches, hromium pikolinat and its derivatives on the basis of which these additives are made do not promote improvement of a metabolism. whether

frequent reception Improves a metabolism, food in the small portions

you for certain heard

about the theory which essence is reduced to what it is more useful to eat less, but more often, than is more rare, but more. This conclusion on the basis of the fact that reactions of a metabolism become more active after each meal is drawn. However the objective data confirming justice of this hypothesis no. Nevertheless, at such way of food you will eat for certain less as you practically will never hunger acute. People at whom the break between food makes for 6 hours and more, as a rule, sit down to a table and with big appetite eat usually everything that they see.

And how about a low-calorie diet?

Should not hope that thus you improve the metabolism. As soon as your organism feels that for it there came hard times, it right there will pass into the mode of the lowered energy consumption. The women suppressing the appetite by effort of will or by means of special preparations spend for 40% of calories less, than the women eating normally. For the present the measure of deficiency of calories which leads to activization of processes of a metabolism is definitely not defined. However experts claim that consumption of calories in smaller volume, than is required for maintenance of physiological functions of an organism, is fraught with consequences. If you want to lose the weight, follow the following rule: consume calories more, than it is required for their expense at rest, but it is less than a total of calories which you burn in a day. For example, if the first value makes 1500 calories and 450 more you spend, being engaged in the daily affairs and carrying out exercises on the exercise bike, so your day diet has to be in limits between 1500 and 1950 calories. whether

the metabolism Can improve red pepper?

Is not present

. When you eat such spicy food that tears gather in the eyes and the body becomes covered by goosebumps, blood vessels really a little bit extend and processes of an exchange accelerate for some time. However you should not believe that such jump will lead to loss at least of several grams of weight, not to mention kilograms. There are no products possessing some special magic fat-burning action. The same treats grapefruit juice and cocktails from amino acids which body builders absorb in liters.