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As Manuel turned into Tigran or Istoriya several happy days in my life of

of 2004 on March 24. Wednesday

me called March 24

On Wednesday my doctor and ordered to come to survey. What I also made. Having looked at me, told that till Friday I will give rise (!) . And term at me on March 30. After it I decided to walk in the Novodevichy Convent. There was an excellent warm and sunny weather. Then went home. All evening a stomach was as a stone. But I felt well. For dinner prepared very tasty fish. We with the husband drank on a glass of red wine. Then I went to read the magazine. At night I woke up from stomach tension all the time. Hours in 6 rose in a toilet, and at me the stopper departed. At first I was frightened, thought, it has to be transparent, but it was brown. In minutes 30 I felt stirs of the baby and calmed down. I will wait that further. I do not want to call the doctor, suddenly will force to arrive, and there they will puncture to me a bubble! They love it, in maternity hospital at and. and. of Sechenov on Elansky....

I Will wait for fights.

on March 25. Thursday

So nothing I waited for

. Went to the French cafe in the evening. It was very pleasant. Discussed what needs to be bought for small. Were going to go on Friday on shops.

on March 26. Friday

at me waters began to leak at Night. Fights were not. Made the decision since morning to go to maternity hospital. Called the doctor, that said “Come urgently - we will give birth!“ . Collected a package, drank yogurt and to the road. Weather was very good and warm!

In a reception me was examined, made all necessary, dressed in a foolish disposable night dress and enjoin to give birth - before that I waved with the handle to the husband, and he left.

Delivered to

a dropper for stimulation of fights. Attached the sensor for listening of heart of the child. Slowly everything began. At first I even read the book. But especially did not understand sense. Threw. Fights became painful. The doctor calmed and said that in 2 hours anesthetic will enter. I with firmness waited and hoped. In 2 hours entered - anesthetic. But in feelings nothing exchanged - it was also sick. In an hour it became insufferably sick. I did not believe that nothing can be made to appease though slightly pain. But I want to tell, I did not shout and did not groan, only slightly - slightly “prick“ sometimes for a change. On courses I any was not and I consider them optional. Everything was natural very much.

attempts Suddenly began

, the head (as the doctor reported) with black volosika seemed. Brought me to the maternity room. Gathered the person 6. I lay on a chair as the British Queen. All tried to help me. Who massed a leg (began to reduce), who on a hand gently ironed, who encouraged, and who just stared (probationers, likely - them there, in Sechenov, is stout).

so was afraid of

Ya that I will be cut (either a stomach, or a crotch) that through 2 - 3 attempts there was a head and then and all little body. I even felt how legs slip out. The child cried. I began to cry. Likely from an overstrain. Became incredibly well. All body shivered...

Doctors said that the boy of temnenkiya, big and with huge man`s advantage. It is similar to Antonio Banderas. It is amusing. When to me tried to put the child on a breast, I was frightened and began to refuse. Said that I am afraid. But doctors all the same put. It was really temnenky with the closed eyes, a rasplusnuty nose. From it very well smelled. Skin was super - gentle. Very gentle. Put to a breast - but, probably, early - he did not begin to suck. Then it was carried away, and I was carried to sew up. Small internal gaps. Made an anesthesia. Then I was brought to a corridor and there I called by telephone to the husband and the girlfriend, indifferently (I lay junked full and my doctor reported that my mobile at me on a breast). Then still itself Lenochka (just like that - to ask, how are you) called, and I told her that I just gave rise. Here it was struck!

Everything took with

about 4 hours. At 12 in the afternoon I arrived, fights and in 17 began at 13 o`clock. 10 I already gave birth to the kid. And in 18 h I was in the chamber. Very quickly. I am very happy as everything was organized and as everything passed. It was valid, sick only on the last hour of fights, especially when checked disclosure of a neck.

Now I in chamber. Drank tea and ate the whole pack of toffees. There is a wish to eat. The doctor called (as soon as the child left) to my husband Lev and told that he came to watch the child. What he also made at once.

Ya I feel well. It is a little heavy to go. The back, strange feelings in a stomach hurts. It is difficult to hold such impression when you go that there are no muscles on a back and a stomach at all and the case directly. It is strange to feel without stomach. I will go now to look at the baby. If I reach:-) (we have a separate stay).

there will arrive the husband to me Tomorrow.

Went to children`s office. Asked the nurse where my child? “You what the mummy, you cannot recognize the child?“ - good-natured she answered. No, I cannot - all of them cyanotic lie, all as like as two peas, all in identical blankets. One was only pleasant to me peach color. But it turned out that it had an alfalfa butterfly. Not, not mine. The nurse took pity and showed on mine...

on March 27. Saturday

was Brought on feeding of the kid. There is no milk, of course, yet. It ochtym temnenkiya. Volosatik. With an accurate contour of lips. Eyes are closed. Tries to open. Poses dissatisfied mugs, puts out tongue. Frowns. It is similar to the old man. Skin very gentle and smells delicious. All the time makes strange sounds, groans. It is very terrible if begins to cough or hiccup. It seems what chokes. Skin color is cyanotic. From it it becomes even more terrible. On the third time when brought, began to suck a breast. Stuck very strong. Even it was a little sick. You will not tell that in such tiny little body there is so much force. By the way, weight it at the birth 4170, height has 54 cm. Big boy. So far I get used to it. It is not believed that it is my child, it is also not believed that from blue he will become normal color. There is already a wish to look at its handles, legs and buttocks. Interestingly, what it. So far the boy is rolled up in a blanket.

the Husband came two times yesterday. Brought a beautiful bouquet of white tulips.

I do not represent

that we with the child will do houses.

on March 29. Monday

U me milk came. And I even did not notice. I thought the child just like that sucked. It is very happy. Though the nipple is torn a little already apart. My doctor told that the kid my real man, already meat with blood give him! (That is why he received other name subsequently...)

the Husband bought the whole mountain of features for the child. I call him all the time and I speak “It is necessary, it is necessary“. I do not represent how many money for all this is necessary.

on March 30. Tuesday

Me is written out. I pack things. It is very happy. Slightly - it is slightly frightening.

there Arrived the husband. Very elegant. In a white shirt. With very beautiful bouquet. It was one of the most gentle and interesting bouquets which it gave me ever.

Arrived with the baby home. There was a sunny day. When I came into a nursery, I had an indescribable delight. Very light, the ceiling and a floor is covered with multi-colored spheres. A bed in bows. Was very solemnly. I cannot describe words the emotions, to such an extent I was struck by a view of the room and as the husband made everything (when I went to give birth, the room was a study). I even burst into tears. We put the child in a bed and then I saw on the dresser which is filled up with spheres, the box which is tied up by a ribbon. Inside there was a huge and magnificent ring (which, by the way, very much suited me by the size:-). Generally I was in the 7th sky with happiness. As in the fairy tale.

Then we were engaged in the kid. In the evening the consultant for breastfeeding came (whom we called). Showed how to put the child to a breast that there were no cracks on nipples. Told about advantage of GV. Some data were useful, and some looked like the sektansky sermon. At last it got me and then left. Well, all the same thanks to it.

Night passed

more - less quietly.

on March 31. Wednesday

Came the girlfriend, congratulated, presented gifts. Joyfully embraced our Boy Lvovich (the children`s doctor who came from local policlinic in the morning so called him) - we did not decide on a name yet. When it was in a stomach, a small lump, I named him Manuelchik. Though I like Tigran* now. Man`s name such! Our child is somehow similar to the little man at once, but not to the sweetie.

Lev Came from work. I prepared rizzotto. Drank for the Boy Lvovich on a glass of red wine.

in the Evening we tried to bath with Lev the child the first time. But he very much shouted. And we, having quickly rinsed, wrapped it back in clothes. By the way, it is very pleasant to change clothes of it. Such it amusing in different clothes. Not the doll, of course, but seems so:-).

About the kid: he funny sneezes. Frowns when eats. Gives smacking kiss sponges. Very much likes to groan. When it is fed also all at it as it should be, opens eyes and looks around very attentively. Still it can already slightly - hold a head slightly. A little body at it very gentle. Fingers are long. Skin very soft and pleasant. Generally, angel.

* Tigran II Veliky (95 - 55 BC. ), tsar of Armenia Great. United the Armenian lands, a long time fought against Rome.

Well all. Is already other history further....

I Want to note

only that I am very happy with childbirth and result. Thanks to all doctors, nurses and all the rest. If following - that only there.

the Child on breastfeeding at me still (to it now 10 almost), thanks to the expert from “Rozhana“. And thanks a lot to my dear husband who very much cares for me and the child and very much understands how it is sometimes hard for woman to become and be mother.