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Rules of a survival of inexperienced mummy or how not to go crazy in hospital

Ya understood that doctors are the most cynical people on light. That for me there was a grief, for them - usual work.

the First time we with the daughter appeared

in hospital right after maternity hospital - a skin infection. My daughter was taken away in children`s hospital without my permission when I left on physioprocedures (I will specify: we were on joint stay, in family the VIP - chamber, in commercial office). Just I come back - a children`s cradle empty. I rush to the nurse, she quietly explains that the child was taken away on the ambulance, now and I will be taken away, gather mummy. I did not find our pediatrician anywhere. Pokidav the and rebenkina of a thing in a package in a minute, I waited two more hours when I am taken away. We with the husband sat having embraced and looked at an empty cradle, it was so heavy that even got down was not. I did not sustain and ran to interrogate the nurse. “And what you do not go to children`s hospital? What you wait for?“ I had no forces it to kill on the spot.

In children`s hospital. It meant that the security guard locked a door and let nobody. I swept away a door and the security guard in seconds and it appeared, at last, in this devil`s hospital. Where to go? Where to look for my daughter? An hour and a half at me left to run all over the seven-story building, both wings, rushing on each person in a white dressing gown with a cry “where my daughter?“.

In the state close to insanity, I found office for premature. They had a daughter, but they did not let me: “You brought a pure dressing gown? Kerchief? You have a fluorography?“ . The fact that I came running to them from maternity hospital what the child nekormleny nearly five hours, did not touch them. Observance of rules, filling of all pieces of paper and receipts for them was above all. Most of all I was struck by the obligatory receipt that I agree to blood transfusion and operation - all without my permission though I was going and to be in hospital on joint stay. Without this receipt I to the child was not let.

So, rule number one: if any negotiations with nurses are not productive, ask, demand to call the manager. Better find it.

Ya rushed to the manager, not too distinctly told who I am and asked to show me my daughter. Probably nevertheless it is more convincing, than the senior nurse. In a minute I saw the daughter. She was as if the angel, in a white state diaper and a cap, and slept... But I it was not given:“ At first pay for separate chamber“. About my contract (where all this had to enter) they did not want to listen.

Rule second: all issues under the contract are resolved by insurance company, nurses do not trust your words, it is better to connect them with the insurance agent at once.

I only in half an hour, having issued everything - everything, I appeared at last with the daughter in separate chamber and could feed her. In passing the senior nurse (disapprovingly askancing that I feed not according to the schedule) ran and demanded to prokvartsevat chamber in a minute and to wipe all surfaces with chlorine (“as it you have no rag???“).

Rule number three: for absolutely small payment (20 - 50 rubles) the personnel of hospital are ready to find for you both a rag, and pure diapers, and even bed linen. Quietly give this tip, otherwise without the human kind relation it will be difficult to survive in hospital.

It. Our attending physician was angry when I to her several times ran in the afternoon with questions. Six days when antibiotics + were graduated one day, later the doctor refused to write out us (“lie down a little more where you hurry?“) without the reasons, medical on that. But I felt that to us already it is time to go home, in normal conditions and that the daughter is healthy.

Rule fourth: try to call your doctor on friendly conversation, perhaps, drink tea / coffee together to know better secret rules of this hospital.

After the phrase of the doctor:“ I on your place would leave on receipt home today, you have nothing to do in hospital and to follow these rules, your child is absolutely healthy,“ - I went to write this receipt, to call the husband and to pack things. When I was summoned by the manager, I, frankly speaking, expected that I am waited by conversation about consequences of my leaving for health of the child. What my surprise when she asked not to say a slander their office was and not to write anything to the newspaper (when I was not let to the child, I promised to write to the local newspaper about them), and only!

the Second time we were hospitalized in 22 rebenkiny days with concussion. When the doctor of the ambulance told “be going to hospital“, I already knew that the main thing not to forget a kerchief, slippers and a dressing gown.

Rule fifth: what to take with itself you have to know, doctors of the ambulance will not tell it to you. Standard set: diaper for survey, all children`s things with cosmetics, pampers, your dressing gown, a kerchief and replaceable slippers. Yes, nearly forgot! Food in hospitals not for the feeding mothers, take with yourself at least a thermos with tea, you will starve the first day differently until the husband brings food.

Us was delivered in a reception and... left one.

Rule sixth: presence of the doctor is necessary for you therefore look for it. Forget about the emotions and tears and act, delay can be dangerous!

the Husband sat with the child, I ran to look for the doctor and an office of a X-ray. The merrily doctor “that it at us so awkward mother came, dropped the child?“ . After my tigerish roar “so it turned out“, he nevertheless examined the daughter. The nurse on a X-ray with astonishment watched how I spread at first a pure diaper and then I put the naked child on a table.

the Daughter was put in the double box, and I was sent “to take a walk“. I found our attending physician, it was the manager of office of surgery of newborns (it is lucky me on managers).

“What to you a difference, than we will treat her? You that, doctor? And in general, how you could drop the child, you have a conscience? When we write out? When it is necessary! If you a brick on the head burst, you month provalyalis, and here the newborn! Also remember, now it is our child, now we are responsible for him!“ . Trying not to lose self-controls, I listened to the manager and on wadded legs crept out in a corridor. What do I do now? To call the husband? To take away the child and to go to other hospital?

Rule seventh and most important: the attending physician needs to pay money surely! Otherwise you for them only the ordinary case which is not requiring special attention.

Next day I gave to

in an envelope one and a half thousand rubles (the second half of the sum at an extract):“ We very need your councils“. The manager to me became tender and attentive to the daughter, came several times in the course of the day.

during our stay in hospital, I acquired some more rules.

Obligatory separate stay (all mothers were expelled from hospital from 18 to 9 in the morning the next day, at night children were nurses in charge) is very heavy
  1. for mothers, but it was necessary to get used to abandon every evening my baby and to rush every morning to it.
  2. Other mix for feeding (to them really all the same that to hospital your child ate other mix), it was also necessary to get used, they did not take our mix.
  3. at the Night of children did not feed with
  4. . The last feeding was at 24 o`clock, the following at 6 in the morning. The mother`s milk of the nurse was not taken, fed in 21, 24, at 6 o`clock with mix. At additional expense all of them took a milk on 21 hours
  5. the Obligatory set: soap, laundry detergent, Q-tips, cotton wool, the powder cleaning - give bleach, rubber gloves to the matron. It will concern you more kindly if all of you buy the most expensive and in duplicate, differently even the pure dressing gown will not give.
  6. If you want
  7. that to your child not only changed pampers, but also smeared buttocks with cream, did not give to drink water between feedings (that did not shout), held a column after food, swaddled in your diapers, and in general were more attentive - 100 - 200 rubles - and your problems are solved.

Rule eighth: do not carry coals to Newcastle. Do not spend nerves, arguing with rules (often just inhuman) this hospital. Be adjusted on recovery of your child, and perceive all rules as necessary for time and only at present! You appear at home soon, and everything will go still. This core personally to me also helped to endure two children`s hospitals and to remain the cheerful person.

All described events took place in September, 2004 in one of the best hospitals of Moscow and Moscow area.

I Wish all of you to be hospitalized never and grow healthy!