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Our eight months of

In 3 days to the daughter of 8 months. So, today our typical day.

5. 05. “Ma - ma - mother“. In the dark I catch the child, I give a breast. The crib costs in dense to ours, the sidewall is removed. Sucks minutes 3, turns away, “oh - oh - oh“. Creeps away in a bed corner, something mutters. Forces to catch the child is not present, does not shout and it is fine. The father turns. We woke him. Badly, to it in 6 to rise today. I catch the child again, I give a breast. Sucks, turns away, would pull “-“, thrashing a palm on lips. Creeps away on the bed. I catch again. This time it is possible to lull.

5. 40. I cannot fall asleep, knowing that in 6 the alarm clock will ring out.

6. 00. Alarm clock. Rises, the husband gathers for work. I fall asleep at last.

8. 20.“ On - on - on“. Relying on me, Sanka tries to get up. Sprosonok turns out not at once. I push a breast. Does not keep within. It is necessary to rise. We wash, we change pampers, more precisely diapers - shorts. Though they to us are slightly rather big so far, but the pampers on the child cannot simply be dressed. I pull on turning over and creeping away as a worm, the child a romper suit. For a minute I distract - oops, already pokakat. We wash, change clothes again.

9. 00. We go to pick. Suddenly the child did not gorge on at night? I put in a chair, I crush in the blender banana with cream. And - and - and, a bib! She just hates them and in every possible way breaks. Which - as still suffers chikkovsky disposable which I sometimes indulge her. Eats, it is pleasant. I give cookies, I get into a konfa :). Throws out the cookies remains, begins to shout. Gorged on.

we Go to play

. For handles we take several steps. We creep away from mother, we investigate surrounding furniture. Very much we like the handle at a dresser. For a long time we hang nearby. The N - yes, is time to think of latches. Oh, kozyul. Let`s pull out? Aha, shchaz. Shouts as a cut pig. All right, I dig in Akwa Maris. We climb to wires, but mother for some reason ottaskivt us. We creep on scales, cheerfully after it we knock. Oh, mother left. We creep behind it on kitchen. “Ku - ku! Who it creeps for mother?!“ Hides, laughing loudly, the head behind a jamb. Favourite game.

Here and 11. Bainka time. I bring a cradle from a carriage on a balcony. We put on a cap. Wild shouting. I include the giggling begemotik. Giggling is interwoven into a shouting. With cries it is dressed warm kombez. We go on a balcony. I rock to sleep on hands, I perkladyvat in a carriage. Sleeps. Now there are 20 minutes precisely to wash and have breakfast, and further as will carry.

11. 20. Cries out. It is possible to rock to sleep again. Uf, it was lucky. I climb in a konfa:-).

12. 00. Woke up in good mood. We play.

12. 35. The grandmother comes. Sanka meets her by loud squeal and joyful giggling. I hand over the child under supervision to the grandmother, I go to part to the child porridge.

13. 00 we for some reason only Eat velling Semper. I do not know in what a trick, but soluble porridges (and what we only did not try!) we eat couple of spoons and we begin to shout. Welling of the same consistence we eat 60 ml - better, than to steam of spoons. Business goes easier if to give a spoon of fruit puree, a porridge spoon. Now we kukuruzno - oat Welling eat. At the same time, if to mix mashed potatoes with porridge, is we will not be:-). We wash down. In total. I hand over the child to the grandmother, I wash a stool for feeding, I do household chores. Washing, cleaning, cooking, shops. The grandmother with Sanka walk, the child sleeps in a carriage.

17. 00. I give cottage cheese. She adores it, eats very accurately, widely opens a mouth, at all by. Vegetable marrow. It is worse. In it it is possible to climb hands, to smear on itself and a stool. Even it is possible to reach a wall! Mother is bent, but tells nothing, he - he. We eat 30 g. Does not want any more. We wash down. And, the grandmother with mother are going to drink tea. It cannot be allowed. Shouts. I give toys. Methodically dumps them on a floor. Entirely I clean apple. Pulls handles, joyfully muttering something, sticks into it the gums toothless so far. There are 10 minutes of a respite, then entertain the child again.

17. 50. It is time to sleep, on a balcony again. I rock to sleep on hands. Somewhere began to drill. Well, of course, it was impossible a bit earlier / later. Fills up. The grandmother gathers home.

18. 20. Shouts. I swing. Without results. Wakes up not in the spirit of. Is capricious, wants on handles. All right. We have on the refrigerator many magnetic figures of vegetables and fruit. It is pleasant to it. I bring - it is tenacious is enough in each pad on a figure. Was engaged in studying.

18. 40. The nurse V. N. comes to do massage. We already know it and we are not afraid. In general we are suspicious of strangers. Especially to ugly. If the young girl pays attention to Sanka, she will just treat it watchfully and will look how mother reacts. And here if the old woman (we did not meet beautiful old women) we shout at once without hesitation. Esthete.


Some time it is patiently transferred all mockeries, having grabbed in each hand on a rubber frog and it is methodical them sucking round. “How? I on a back am pervorachivat? I want on a stomach! On a stomach! And - and - and!“ I give other toy. Calms down. Shouts again. We watch the teeth which are cut, but not got out yet:-). More loudly. I calm. Even more loudly. New toy. Does not help. I pour in a water cup, I give. Rinses handles, gnaws a cup. Is silent. Century of N. laughs: “Well, business!“ . Mutters. Allows to finish massage. I brag of V. N. that during week-end we learned to do pat-a-cake. Having heard Sank`s “pat-a-cake“ at once claps. We are praised, say that we clever, very well stand, probably we will go soon. It is necessary to tell, I just am thrilled when praise my child, even when I understand that it is just stock phrases:-).

19. 30. We see off V. N. Idem to roll on a floor. Sanka creeps on a musical toy. That joins. Sanka being shaken, pulls “and - and - and“. Sings:-).

20. 00. I put the child in a car seat, I fasten. She is indignant, but becomes silent, fingering a small krokodilchik. Before going to bed I prepare for it a bottle with sour-milk Nana`s mix to which I add couple of spoons of Welling. Can full longer will have a sleep??? Eh, hope - silly feeling. My bathtub. Sanka knows that she will be bathed now, in impatience fidgets in a car seat, something sentences. I include water, I pour in starch there - a good thing, and that something the thin skin at us became dryish. I go to undress the child. She squeals, laughs, jumps up all over. Well, at last. I lower in water, I throw toys there. Minutes 15 - 20 we bathe. Sanka at first is engaged in toys, then oblapyvat all bathtub, tries to pull out a cap and to dump on itself a shower, having pulled for a cord. But mother does not give for some reason. Grabs a side, trying to rise. These attempts are stopped too. Well everything, will be enough. We are wrapped in a towel, we take a bottle, we go on a pelenalnik. Small we and still are located on it, though hardly. But it is so for some reason more convenient to mother, than to catch vigorously creeping away child on all double sofa. At first we eat, then we are wiped. At the full, bought child the mood reads off scale for the mark “excellent“. She laughs loudly, rises, grabbing rods or mother lying nearby, creeps on beds. Sticks to mother: grabs with two hands mother ears and attracts a nose or a chin to a dribbling mouth. Tries to touch mother`s teeth - a first-class thing! Mother suffers:-). Lying on a back, from all force strikes with legs a bed - that shakes. Sanke is pleasant, she thrashes again and again.

21. 15. In a mouth falls asleep with a breast. Quietly I leave on kitchen. There are 20 minutes to sit on the Internet:-).

21. 35. The husband comes, brings beer.

21. 40. Plak! Again I give a breast. Fills up. I leave on kitchen, we stir with the husband, I drink at him couple of drinks of beer. I go to wash.

22. 20. Plak! Quietly I swing a bed. Fills up.

23. 00. I go to bed. I remember what forgot to make in a day. Both forgot that, and it:-)...

23. 10 I Hear some grunting - I turn. The child, overcoming a barrier in the form of a blanket, vigorously creeps to mother:-). We fall asleep together.