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Or As I got rid of 18 extra kilos of

once At first I will tell a song about weight loss that I was always a fatty and in the senior classes of school with a height of 159 cm weighed 68 kg. It forced me to have complex strongly concerning the appearance.

When I married, recovered even more since my husband very much loves sweet tea with a large number of sandwiches with oil (well, and I - with it for the company). Well, after the birth of the second child I weighed already 74 kg. And once with horror found out that I continue to recover! It was necessary to take cardinal measures.

Ya began to run. Shy attempts of exercises (on - modern - fitness) were undertaken earlier: yoga, skis, pool Even began to be engaged in karate (business was at the beginning of 80 - x). But it was impossible to grow thin properly, so, for 2 - 3 kg which after the termination of occupations came back to the place. Decided that I will run to blue in the face, i.e. to result. Grew thin. On 3 kg. My weight is farther as if it was frozen - 71 kg. And all! It was necessary to think of a diet. Farewell, favourite rolls with jam, ice cream and cakes!

Ya very much - very much on herself became angry and made the Own Rules of Food. Of course, at first looked at the corresponding literature. Physical Culture and Sport magazine, for example. All this occurred already so long ago that do not live so much - even in 1987. Now on - and - and - it is much more any such literature. But write in it the same, it is good all known. The first - any sweet, even all drinks - without sugar. The second - products from wheat flour--. The third - is more than vegetables and fruit, and to macaroni and potato - no! The fourth - the most important - is not after 18 hours. It is possible only kefir and apples or oranges (in unlimited number). The result was not slow to affect - weight was lost on 500 gr. in a week, i.e. 2 kg a month. In clever books it is told that to grow thin quicker not physiologically. If to lose weight quicker, then it will quickly be gained back.

Having gritted teeth, I followed Own Rules of Food though having sometimes felt hungry to tears (when in the evening someone drank my kefir or regaled on my apples). Ran every day, despite of circumstances and weather. Kept the diary (that there was no opportunity to shirk) where wrote down when and how many ran and what was pulse (ChSS in min.). And at the same time did not suspect about reefs against which hit (forehead) soon.

I subtracted

From the same clever books that with my growth and a constitution I have to weigh 56 kg. Well I also tried very much, without suspecting that I look already as the resident of besieged Leningrad or the victim of a concentration camp. Having looked at itself in a mirror, beheld the sticking-out clavicles which then acted edges once. Relatives of steel it is sympathizing to ask whether I am sick with something, strangers took me for elder sister - the teenager of my own children. It is time, long ago it was time to stop. Conclusions are such: it is possible to grow thin! But...

it is better for p to lose weight in the old antiquated way - the movement and a diet. Any modern tablets can be reflected not in the best way on health - and you need it? In the old way already many passed. Also achieved success.

the Program of weight loss consists of 3 aspects:

Psychological . It is necessary to become angry and force to do very much on itself that there is no wish. For self-checking it is better to keep the diary. If you decided to lose weight, define approximately to what degree you want to grow thin. Do not cross the border! It is important to stop in time.

Physical culture or fitness . If you want to grow thin more, than for 5 kg, then it is better to address experts in some fitness - the center. There will competently advise what groups of muscles you should pump up that bones when you grow thin did not stick out (as it happened to me). It is also very good to resemble massage if means allow. If there is no money or time for it, then study literature, the benefit it in any shop it is full. Then make to yourself the program of trainings independently.

If you have problems with health, and you never played sports, consult with the doctor, than it is possible for you or it is impossible to be engaged. Exist regional vrachebno - sports clinics. There everyone can address, and doctors are more competent of everyones there is sports - medical questions. I somehow addressed there when heart began to hurt me from run. It appeared - an overtraining. It is necessary to run every other day!

Food . Forget about diets where for breakfast recommend to eat a fennel branch, for lunch - small carrot, and for dinner - an apple. You should change STRUCTURE of FOOD. I.e. something is not absolutely (sweet, fat, products from wheat flour etc.), and something is instead (vegetables, fruit, kefir, buckwheat and so forth). You watch details in the same books about a healthy lifestyle.

the Physical culture and food are as two wheels at the bicycle. Agree that on one wheel far not to leave.

I Wish you good luck in hard fight against excess weight!