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In total - on ice!

at the time of my childhood in our yard filled in every winter a skating rink. In factory hockey “box“ from a hose water was poured, she was seized by a frost, the ice which then froze which - as it was ground. It is clear, that it was impossible to receive a plain surface in “field“ conditions, - but its roughnesses and hillocks helped the beginning skaters, skating, to feel more surely. The left half of a box belonged to hockey players, and on right schoolgirls from nearby houses were trained in art of figure skating. Every evening my grandmother imposed to me on the knees broken completely bruises ointment, after school I ran on a skating rink again and again...

Where to ride?

to Today`s school students to become

figure skaters - fans where as it is more difficult. Consigned to the past filled in with boxes ice in house adjoining territories, now in Moscow to sweep on skates, it is necessary to be passed at first by the subway or the bus to one of official capital skating rinks. In Moscow it is not enough of last, the most known and long ago rendered habitable attract a set of the people so beginners should “dissect“ ice in crowd of sufferers - the people at us reach for beautiful sport. And on the Internet, at various forums “cries from the heart“ of future famous figure skaters are multiplied: “Girls, prompt where in Moscow it is possible cheap and with comfort to go skating?“ . Actually, such places can be found in our city, but at first it is necessary to be defined - and that, actually, it is necessary for you from a skating rink?

Skating rinks in Moscow happen covered (they settle down in sports complexes) and opened - their location - various recreation parks. If your purpose - to hang out with friends, to have fun and fool about, then to you a direct road on open ice open spaces. If you like to manufacture various pirouettes on ice and you belong to those who in any conditions most of all need comfort, - welcome on one of the covered Moscow skating rinks.

are obvious to

of Advantage of indoor ice rinks - to you any bad weather is not terrible, you can show to people around the tremendous clothes for figure skating, ice equal there during the whole winter, lighting works trouble-free. Their essential shortcoming - professional athletes and those who go to different sports sections therefore time for mass driving is limited train there: to get on ice, it is necessary to catch a time interval between their trainings. Besides, payment hourly - on average in an hour of use of a skating rink from you will take 70 - 80 rubles. Not everywhere there is a hire of skates. For example, on recently opened skating center in Krylatskoye (by the way, be attentive: mere mortals on local ice will be allowed only since Saturday, December 18) will offer you only hockey skates. Of course, in long-term plans of a complex development of mass ridge sport, but so far for fans will work the tough schedule depending on trainings of professionals.

But on outdoor ice rinks do not have

of such problems. Besides there it is, as a rule, populous and cheerful, cafes where it is possible to support forces with hot drinks and pies nearby work. And if suddenly the small snowball goes in the evening, then on an outdoor ice rink it becomes fantastically beautiful: the turned snowflakes over the turned figure skaters create romantic mood. the m

For the pro and teapots

Especially loved by romantics a garden “Hermitage“. In the winter with ice all around - paths near winter gardens fill in there, avenues with arbors. As tell visited “Hermitage“ when you slide on skates on some avenue of park, begins to seem as though you got to a century before last. Visit to the past will cost you in the humane sum of 80 rubles. For hire of skates you pay 120 rubles an hour, for use of a locker room - 30 rubles. It is possible to find in “Hermitage“ also a simple ice attraction - hills - an entrance on them also paid: the adult - 40 rubles, to children - 20 rubles. And a huge number of the most different cafes and other places where it is possible to sit comfortably, having a rest after sports occupations.

Quite good ice can be found

also in Luzhniki. In the evenings it can even be made out - the platform is lit. Till nine in the evening the big civil locker room works. Skates can be hired rubles for 80. However, as a deposit from you the passport or one and a half thousand rubles will demand. Five hundred rubles less you will leave as a deposit for skates in Gorky Park - on one of the most known of capital skating rinks. Especially it is pleasant to old residents of this skating rink that the skating rink is filled in here every day. Besides in park in the winter ice are avenues and paths. To enter on a skating rink costs 50 rubles. There are a warm locker room and even a left-luggage office where it is possible to leave boots, - the truth, there all the time of turn.

Sometimes can find

both an indoor ice rink, and open in the same place. For example, on Leningradsky Avenue - at stadium of Young pioneers - two skating rinks function. However, in comfortable conditions, under a roof persons interested will be able to drive only on Sundays with 12 to 20. For an entrance inside from you 80 rubles will request. Thirty less you pay for use of an outdoor ice rink - near it you, by the way, will find hire, locker rooms, and small points of a public catering.

Main - that the suit sat

If your purpose - not just to learn to keep on ice and to fall not too often (by the way, good advice: it is necessary to be ready to drop on hands, but not on the fifth point), but you would like to blow the mind of your acquaintances some stunning figured pirouette - that can work with you and personally. It is possible to rent a path at least thousands for two, still services of the trainer will cost several hundreds - certainly, these are quotations for an hour. It is clear, that at first you will need to take care of acquisition of running skates and the corresponding clothes.

it is possible to Get skates - both figured, and skating in any sports shop. In the same place to you will pick up also a necessary garderobchik. The beginning figure skaters upon purchase of skates have to be guided by their price - than it is higher, than skates are more professional. If you only become on ice, you do not need a large supply of durability and a hi-tech stuffing - most likely, you will not be able just to estimate it. During the season, on condition of regular trainings, your level of driving by definition will grow, and then you will need already more advanced boots. Therefore, having come to shop, you remember, the main thing that have to give you your skates, is a comfort.

it is unconditional, skates with the clasped clip-on earrings, but not a lacing are more convenient and is more practical. On the other hand, laces will allow you to regulate more precisely as the boot keeps on a leg. Modern models are equipped also with such pleasant trifle as an insole with electroheating - it is especially valuable when driving on open ice. As for selection of the size - that, as a rule, the sizes of skates are similar to shoe. However, it is worth trying on skates on a thick sock - you will not ride in thin tights or a cotton sock which you usually wear? Absolutely to make sure of correctness of the choice, walk in the laced-up skates on shop: to your leg it has to be absolutely comfortable. It means what should not press or reap anywhere, but also is free it is not necessary to dangle in a boot to a leg. If everything is picked up as it is necessary and you decided on the choice of a skating rink, then driving pleasant to you!