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About the husband, the son and first smile...

- Hi, the son! - for the first time in 5 weeks on the initiative the husband approached a crib. - How are you doing? How are you getting on? As tummy? - hardly looking for phrases for communication and, hiding not dexterity, the father asks.

A the son, having widely opened eyes, with curiosity considers the father. The kid does a serious diligent look, extending the top sponge and with concentration waves handles.

- When you will help us with the grandfather the house to build? - rhetorically the father asked. - What you still small, horror! Neuzheli and Katerina such was? - addressing me, Alexey asks.

- Was - was. Only 2,5 years ago.


Ya with what expression of absolute happiness the newly made father accepted from hands of the midwife a big paper bag with Katerina. And here the father in maternity hospital accepted desperately shouting envelope with such earlier desired blue bow somehow frostily.


with what genuine interest and diligence our young father undertook to master science of care of the newborn. Having brought ability to bathe, swaddle, change clothes of the first child, to the second to perfection, for some reason, did not approach at all.

“I with all the pluses and the fulfilled skills, unfortunately, will never be able to replace with

to the kid the feeding mother“ - reasoned blessed.

I having compared quite independent, interesting daughter in communication and absolutely helpless and needing only mother and her milk, the son, the father became gloomy at all.

Ya did not expect such turn of events. Before the father very much wanted the SON, but the birth of the boy pulled together the father with the DAUGHTER.“ Adult“ Katerinka became much more interesting to the father. Say that fathers always wait for sons, but love daughters more...

- Oh, smiled, - the husband unexpectedly softly said. - Oh, as we smile! The mother look rather. - Yes, Aga! And - gu! - with wet eyes by the trembled voice the husband speaks. - The mother more likely - being afraid that I will pass this marvelous moment, the husband persistently calls.

A Alexander as if specially finally to melt cold heart of the father again and again widely opens a toothless mouth in the disarming smile.

Then, for an instant having given to an attractive face serious expression - begins to shchurit eyes, smiles and again broadly opens a mouth.

Oh, first children`s smile!
, in it put huge force!!!
Is the first gratitude to parents for care and leaving.
is a remuneration for sleepless nights, alarms and nerves.
is a balm - for mitigation of parental hearts.