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How to show round to little Muscovites the city and vicinities of

We very much love the children! We many efforts direct to them. We try to watch their behavior, health, study. Thinking of what future expects our children, we are proud of their progress, we are upset at failures. Whenever possible, we write down children in different circles and sections. And they go there, someone with big, someone with smaller pleasure. So there is, day after day, usual everyday life. Not necessarily “gray“, but similar at each other, as like as two peas.

Why don`t we expand a habitual framework and not to bring high high points in life of our children? If it will be connected with informative process and will help to acquire easier material of the school program for literature or history, biology or geography? We live in the huge city with bright history. Also let`s use those great opportunities which are given us by the megalopolis.

to us would like to share

information about offside events for school students with not indifferent teachers who are not tired of communication with wards at lessons, and with active parents who want to broaden horizons of the children.

Starting planning of excursions, it is necessary to know answers to some vital issues. We set before ourselves the purpose - to help teachers and parents to orient with the sea of offers, to choose the most convenient route that excursion turned out the most informative and fascinating.

we Pay your attention that minimum prices as of December, 2004 are provided below.

What excursions happen?

  1. Survey city

Most likely, to you will offer excursion under the name “Moscow - the Capital“. This excursion acquaints with Moscow as the capital of Russia, the political, economic, cultural center of the state. As a rule, the main milestones of history of the city and country which found reflection in architectural and sculptural monuments are given. Excursion covers highways, streets, the areas, the historian - architectural monuments, also the cities, significant for business, cultural and political life, are the most more popular. As well as any author`s excursion, “Moscow - the capital“ will represent the narration in style of the specific guide. He will show those places which are important at his own look, will mention events according to the idea of importance in the history of Moscow and entertaining for children. But there are four monuments which will be for certain studied in detail. It is Red Square, Vorobyovy Gory with the Observation deck, Bagration Bridge and the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. On all four points an exit from the bus and detailed survey with lecture is provided.

Price :

  1. Thematic city

“Dmitry Donskoy`s Roads“, “Moscow in a soldier`s overcoat“, “Moscow in eight centuries“, “The Moscow monasteries“, “Versailles Situated near Moscow - Kuskovo“, “Fires of Moscow“, “Noble Moscow“, “Merchant Moscow“, “Temples - monuments of military glory“, “Sports Moscow“, “Defensive works of Moscow“, “Destinies of the Moscow collectors and patrons“, “The Moscow palaces, chambers, towers“, “Inoslavny temples of Moscow“, “Romanov in Moscow“, “The island in Moscow“, “Life and customs of old Moscow“, “Ancient Moscow“, “Moscow - the city of masters“.

These excursions differ from survey in narrower thematic orientation. They are calculated not on the first acquaintance to Moscow, and on more detailed studying of some historical moments by school students of middle and advanced age.

Price :

  1. Thematic country

Zvenigorod - Nativity Cathedral of Savvino - the Storozhevsky monastery, an exposition “Ancient Zvenigorod“, the “Icon of Imperial Isocounts of the 17th Century.“ exhibition Queen`s chambers.

Serpukhov - Trinity Cathedral, Church of the Intercession, the Culture of Old Belief exhibition, the History of Moscow Area exhibition.

Istra New Jerusalem - Voskresensky Novo`s Ensemble - the Jerusalem monastery, underground church of the Voskrensky cathedral, Refectory chambers, the museum “Old Russian Art“.


- B. Vyazema - the Estate of relatives Pushkin, princes Golitsyn, in Big Vyazemakh. Dvortsovo - park XVI-XVIII ensemble of centuries, church of Transformation, a belfry of XVI in Zakharovo.

Mozhaisk - Borodino - Peredelkino, Odintsovo, Vyazema, Zvenigorod, Dorokhovo, Borodino Field, Spaso - the Borodino monastery, Bagration`s grave.

Tula - the Museum of the weapon, the museum of samovars, the museum of gingerbreads, the museum of a harmonica.

Price :

Sergiyev Posad - the Monument to S. Radonezhsky in Radonezhe; The Hotkovsky monastery where S. Radonezhsky`s parents are based; the historian - the art memorial estate.

of Alexandrov the Settlement - the Aleksandrovsky Kremlin, a historical exhibition “the Aleksandrovsky settlement in the XVI-XVIII centuries“.

Vladimir - Dmitriyevsky and Uspensky cathedrals, the museum of crystal, Golden Gate, Bogolyubovo.

Suzdal - the Suzdal monastery, Spaso - the Evfimiyevsky monastery, “The gold storeroom“, It is sacred - the Pokrovsk monastery.

Rostov Veliky - the Rostov Kremlin, the museum of church antiquities (White chamber), the “Church Vestments and Cult Objects of Russian Orthodox Church of the XVI-XIX Centuries.“ exhibition Spaso - the Yakovlevsky monastery.

Yaroslavl - Historic center of the city, Volga r. Embankment, the museum “Music and Time“.

Price :

Gzhel porcelain, the Zhostovsky list, the Russian batic - Sofrino, the Fedoskinsky miniature, Verbilki, the Goose Crystal.

Price :

  1. Literary

“Literary Moscow“, “A.S. Pushkin in Moscow“, “M. Yu. Lermontov in Moscow“, “L. N. Tolstoy in Moscow“, “A. N. Ostrovsky in Moscow“, “A.S. Griboyedov in Moscow“, “I. S. Turgenev in Moscow“, “A. Blok in Moscow“, “Poets of a silver age in Moscow“, “N. V. Gogol in Moscow “, “ A. P. Chekhov and Moscow “, “ in the wake of heroes of “War and peace““ “, the Silver age of the Russian poetry“, “M. I. Tsvetaeva in Moscow“, “S. A. Yesenin in Moscow“, “F. M. Dostoyevsky in Moscow“, “In the wake of heroes “Mastera and Margarita““.

Price :

  1. Multi-day, with visit of other cities

Novgorod - Great, Pskov, Nizhny Novgorod, St. Petersburg.

  1. Visit of estates situated near Moscow and house museums

Abramtzevo (S. T. Aksakov, S. I. Mamontov), Ostafyevo (princes Vyazma), Shakhmatovo - Tarakanovo (A. A. Blok), Melikhovo (A. P. Chekhov), Klin (P. I. Tchaikovsky), Muranovo (F. I. Tyutchev), Yasnaya Polyana (L. N. Tolstoy), Polenovo (V. D. Polenov), Spasskoye - Lutovinovo (And. S. Turgenev), Konstantinovo (S. A. Yesenin).

Price :

  1. Visit of the museum

we will not stop on it in detail as coordinates of the Moscow museums can be found in any reference media.

Price :

  1. production Visit

Bakery, milk plant, confectionery, plant of Christmas tree decorations, plant of a plastic toy “Outlook“, “Soyuzmultfilm“, “Mosfilm“.

This excursion provides not only supervision over production fabrication stages directly in shops, but also lecture listening, visit of the museum by production, tasting of finished products (at food factories), visit of shop.

If you order this trip in tourist bureau, then think whether services of their guide who will accompany you on the way there are necessary to you and to tell something on the road. Its services are not free, and information repeats that that you receive on the place.

Price :

  1. Ecological

the Ostrich`s farm, a zubrovnik, film logical nursery (seeing eye dogs or dogs for military works), a zoo in Moscow area, a forest farm on cultivation of deer.

Price :

Age categories

All types of excursions which are listed above can be divided on age categories - for initial, middle or senior classes. It is obvious that literary, country or multi-day excursions are ideally suited for the senior school students, and ecological will be interesting to pupils of initial classes more likely. At the same time visit of the museums is possible at all grade levels, it is necessary to pick up a lecture subject only correctly.

Planning on seasons and terms of the order of excursions

Planning of excursions for new academic year begins

in July. This very convenient time for booking of excursions on even warm September - October or on the routes remote in time, but enjoying the greatest popularity.

It is reasonable to go in an early autumn to estates situated near Moscow, or to make a foot walk across the Kremlin or the Moscow streets.

What excursions are reserved by

for two - three months?

  • As it was already told, those which drop out for early fall - late spring: visit of estates situated near Moscow and house museums, ecological, survey.
  • the Most known and popular: confectioneries, plant of Christmas tree decorations, large bread-baking complexes (such as “Cheryomushki“), milk plants, Museum of History of Moscow with branches, the Darvinian museum, Planetarium, the Kremlin, etc.
Other excursions you can order

for two - three weeks before date of visit. Also you will have no problems if you want to go to the country not to a season, and in the winter.

Anyway, about details of booking it is necessary to specify in excursion department of the object chosen by you.

an application Order

When you decided by

on the place of excursion before calling in the necessary organization, you have to know:

  • , how many people at you in group (including how many adults, and how many children);
  • what date of action is more preferable than
  • to you; whether
  • you have an opportunity to order free transport.

Here questions which you have to set at the first conversation:

  • What number of group (if your too big whether then it is possible to break it into two subgroups which will go one by one, or it is necessary to issue two different excursions to different time)? whether
  • Can be carried out by
  • with group of two people free of charge?
  • If you order a trip by bus, then ask whether the sum from as far as your bus will be filled will change?

If you go to production, you will be asked to bring the letter from administration of your educational institution with a request to accept your group. To this rule adhere, for example, in the Planetarium located at Suvorovskaya Square. Specify a content of the letter.

Most often, the advance payment of excursions practices. In that case, do not forget to issue the permit!

How to order transport?

the Bus can be ordered in travel companies. The price of rent of “Ikarus“ for 6 hours makes, at least, 2600 rubles. Do not forget to take an interest whether they have a license for transportation of children!

Can use

buses which are provided by Department of Education. It for you will be free. But in that case, you will have to submit the application of the established sample with 1 - go on 15 - ty number of the current month the next month. As it becomes, the secretary of your educational institution has to know.

Where to look for information?


First of all, it is good to collect responses of skilled travelers. They not only will tell whether excursion was pleasant to them, but also will help you a practical advice on its organization.

Reviews of carrying out leisure with children are often published by

in the Internet on the family and tourist websites. Some magazines writing about carrying out leisure also publish articles about various museums, exhibitions and just interesting places. There you can estimate usefulness of visit of this place and your children. Most often the flow of the published information increases with approach of school vacation. As it was already told by

to p above, you can find phones and addresses in a reference media across Moscow.

we Wish you pleasant travel!