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The vicious circle of the eternal student

of People constantly thinks of where to it to move further. Need to choose: to continue to learn or to go to work - again appears at the next stage of life. Sooner or later everyone appears at doors of one of numerous smithies of knowledge again.


having Even chosen work, you can not doubt that with commitment and will power you still will have a chance to return to study, whether it be second higher education or the MVA programs. But it only provided that you are sure: in 25 - 30 years you will have enough courage again to sit down at textbooks, to spend about a year for preliminary training and delivery of specialized examination of GMAT, to throw everything and for two years to plunge into the exhausting study, having paid for it quite big money. First of all it concerns those whose activity is connected with management though the road to the diploma of MVA is opened for representatives of any specialties, from the teacher to the analyst of financial operations in bank. The master of business administration - the program of the general management created for young skilled professionals. Usual requirements to arriving: the finished higher education in any area, experience at least three years and good point of GMAT. The MBA programs, as a rule, consist of basic courses and elective courses; their duration varies from 9 to 24 months. Without the minimum experience the road on the program can be complicated, and moreover, not each applicant will want to be reconciled with the fact that within a year he should remember bases of management, finance, accounts departments and to plunge only then into sacraments of the chosen specialization.

Worldwide, and in particular in Russia, alma mater of young people which a lot of ended go to postgraduate study. And then the question of time becomes the main thing: why to the young specialist to spend three years of life for writing of the thesis? Whether it is better to go to work and in practice to gain necessary experience - but also, to earn money? In 25 - 30 years people have families, children are born, career gains steam.

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of the Reasons for receipt in postgraduate study much: enthusiasm for science, continuation of family traditions or even an opportunity to receive a draft deferment. Some do not want to break the way which developed within five years of training in higher education institution. Interestingly, as the motivation of the young people arriving on master (analog of our postgraduate study) and doctor`s programs in the West is almost same. Unless the draft deferment is not so demanded there.

If you are not ready to make a powerful contribution to the Russian science yet, and there is a wish to study, then it is worth thinking of continuation of education on master programs (Master of Science, Master of Arts) the western universities. But you remember, as then you should see clearly prospects of self-development and to understand how receiving degree will help with achievement of a goal. If you doubt yourself - postpone receipt in a magistracy better and be engaged in career planning. Otherwise only in vain you will spend time and money.

In the West the MA course is entered usually right after receiving degree of the bachelor. However among students of master programs (not MVA) western business - schools is a lot of young people with experience though its existence is also not the obligatory requirement. From - for differences in systems of the higher education our students often get abroad, already having the diploma of the expert. Usually programs differ on specialties, but on some teach also the general management that can be very useful for those who have no degree in business and/or in economy. In general the MSc/MA programs, unlike MBA, are considered as academic and come to the end with writing of the thesis which in the future can form a basis for doctor`s work.

to the Foreign student should confirm to

knowledge of language of that country where it plans to be trained, and also to get support of two - three referees. Training term - two years. There are such programs much less MVA programs.

already to you to decide

After the end of training what to do farther. Chances to find work in the western company at you considerably increase. The majority of researches show that in the West those who ended a magistracy earn more, than owners of degree of the bachelor. According to statistical management of the USA (U. S. Census Bureau), the average salary of the bachelor makes $40 478 a year whereas the owner of Masters Degree annually receives on average $51 183, and PhD - $77 445.

the Academic academic degrees (MSc, MA) often are a necessary condition for receiving doctor`s degree in any area of knowledge. If you decided to clear the maximum bar of the academic education, begin to prepare for receiving degree of the doctor of philosophy (Doctor of Philosophy). This degree, the highest of possible, can be academic and professional. Professional, for example Doctor of Medicine (MD), means practical application of the gained knowledge. Academic, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), is focused on scientific researches in this or that area. Receiving doctor`s degree can borrow from three to six years. Despite the name, degree it is awarded to both historians, and economists, and philologists, and representatives of other sciences.

the Thesis of the applicant for PhD has to have accurate structure. On the basis of the theory, the new scientific direction, original practical research by results of which become again - theoretical conclusions is carried out. It reminds our system of protection of the master`s or doctoral dissertation, except for separate bureaucratic procedures.

At revenues to the PhD programs to the foreign student should sustain a serious competition: usually it is not enough places. At revenues to doctor`s programs it is necessary to pass tests for knowledge of language. Training long - four - - also includes six years not only visit of occupations, but also practical activities depending on specialization. A main objective - defense of a thesis. Each student has a chance to get a grant on training and carrying out researches so be ready to prove importance and uniqueness of the work. At a successful outcome already by the beginning of training you will have money, and the budget will begin to be replenished during all course.

What`s next? Graduates of the PhD programs are desired workers in many leading European higher education institutions. Moreover, these people are demanded by the western companies on a position of consultants.

the owner of the diploma of MVA has an opportunity to receive doctor`s degree (DBA) which allows the businessman or the manager of years to rise in thirty five in the professional sphere very highly. On the DBA programs the people having the diploma of MVA and impressive experience arrive. Often it is owners of the large companies or top managers. Programs - very much and very expensive, and it is not necessary to count on any financial aid.

the Result of training at the DBA program is writing of the thesis (as well as on the PhD programs), but the theory is built on the basis of practical experience of the applicant. After protection this person is a welcome guest in any business - school, its income from business can be added with earnings from lectures, and people around will begin to add the word “doctor“ to all its regalia.

So if your scientific thought after the termination of university only began to gain height, then tighten knowledge of foreign languages and file documents on master and doctor`s programs to the western universities. But before attentively study history of university, reputation of the program, a professional way of her graduates. Also be not afraid of an image of “the eternal student“: eventually, it is your choice. Will not pass also 23 years as you students from all corners of the world will begin to address for council for this or that question. Also your turn, mister master or the doctor will come, to open secrets of this world.


of Elena Kruchinina, the chief uchebno - methodical department of faculty innovatively - technological business of ANH at the Government of the Russian Federation :
“We have both a master program, and MVA. On the last the general administrative disciplines prevail, and the magistracy gives profound specialization. Therefore, except for the young people seeking to work in foreign firms where appreciate master degrees, undergraduates in general are more senior, than listeners of the MVA program, are those people who need profound specialized knowledge in concrete area: analysts, experts, consultants. At last, formally the magistracy is a higher education, and the MVA programs - additional to the highest. Respectively also the issued documents differ“.