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Childbirth in the 4th maternity hospital of Kursk

All hello! I want to tell about the birth 2. 12. 2004 sons of Savvatiya in maternity hospital No. 4 of the city of Kursk.

We with the husband doctors therefore we made at once the decision to give birth together, then the question of the doctor rose. I long hesitated which of colleagues to address, especially the child the first, years to me 28, short-sightedness - 5,5. After numerous stories and comparisons we decided to treat the husband to. m of N to the associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology of KGMU Lebedev Alexander Sergeyevich as about this person responses the most fantastic, it is also necessary to recognize - our expectations more than came true. To give birth at this person it was at our captious medical look just pleasure. And now about everything one after another.


observed me at Alexander Sergeyevich from 36th week, there were a strong wish to give rise quicker, but on the 39th week as I expected, nothing occurred, we met 1. 12. 04, and Alexander Sergeyevich told, having examined me: “A fetal bubble at you flat, from the head I otsloit it, maybe, therefore you do not give birth. You will not give rise till Monday - we will go to hospital, at 7 in the morning on December 7 we will puncture a bubble, and you will give birth“. And it turned out here is how. The last 3 weeks the heartburn and all very much tormented me the eaten food appeared, generally in a toilet bowl. Also I went in the evening on December 1 to a toilet that once again there to send everything, and I feel - something follows from me, at first I thought that I upisatsya from tension, but when it repeated 3 times, I understood that waters leak. Fights were weak and painless, and I went to bed.

woke up in the Morning - all too, all also. I call the girlfriend, and at her already the girl 3 years, she is a doctor too. We stir, I tell it, she as will shout: “Quickly call Lebedev, and that you will be left without waters, at me too so was“. Well, I call at 13 o`clock the husband on work - he is a forensic scientist, and I speak:“ Come, probably began“. I call Alexander Sergeyevich, he: “Come“. Also we went with bags and bags on the very brink of the city, t. to we live in the center, and the 4th city hospital and maternity hospital are almost on departure and not really enjoy popularity in our city - and it is that representation I want to disprove the story too.

Arrived, we sit in reception, Alexander Sergeyevich came. And at me - you believe? - any fear, only huge research medical interest in this business, type: “And as I will have it“. Well of course, I trusted the doctor on all hundred. He took away me on a chair to look, and speaks: “Yes, waters leak, we will puncture a bubble“. Punctures with such huge hook, it is not sick, but is cool when from you such hot water flows. Asks: “You feel, the head went?“ And I anything. Went in reception back, the husband changed clothes, I changed clothes, I was issued. An enema I made houses, too the depilator depilated, and here in such readiness, with bags and bags, all in a process anticipation, all of us rose in prenatal the 1st obstetric office by the second floor.

B prenatal we were one, purity there ideal, there are 4 beds. Here I feel that fights considerably amplified - it is even impossible to call it pain, feeling that from within something tears you. The midwife measured to me pressure, took blood from a vein, gave to me an injection but - shpa. More to me no drugs were entered, itself specially asked Alexander Sergeyevich, did not want that it was reflected in a cub. At first fights were for 50 seconds in 1,5 minutes, I went, we with the husband prodykhivat each fight, and he pressed to me the stimulating and anesthetizing points, breathed and I puffed as the engine - approximately half painful effects were taken off, it is possible to live. It proceeded about an hour one and a half, Alexander Sergeyevich and the midwife came all the time, looked as we.

Then the most interesting began

. Fights became frequent and went almost continuously, I could not go any more, became on a bed in a knee - an elbow pose, on me - it is very convenient, the part of pain is killed. At this stage breath and points helped already less. From this point Alexander Sergeyevich did not depart from me.

the most surprising Began

. Alexander Sergeyevich at every moment said to me what to do. Never thought. that the doctor - men can have such absolutely supernatural chuvstvovaniye of childbirth and what happens to me. It it is simple, figuratively speaking took me on hands and gently carried by through childbirth. I felt as in any stream, I cannot even describe words feeling of presence of this person - fantastic immersion together with it in childbirth. Of course, and the husband very much helped me - breathed together with me, did me massage, encouraged, prompted. The doctor stretched to me crotch muscles in prenatal manually since Kegel`s exercises I very decently pumped up them, and the child itself would not pass, taught me it being necessary to make an effort, breathe, effort.

Here me began to grieve, fights were continuous, and I began to shout when you shout - easier. I used foul language - forgive me Alexander Sergeyevich! But at the same time tried to monitor process from outside. Also we went in rodzat. Alexander Sergeyevich delivered itself, entered to me into a crotch novocaine since muscles should be pulled strongly. In the beginning at me it was impossible to make an effort though I played sports, and a press at me nothing. To me did not gasp, and I could not make in any way the last effort and a cub to push out, and it was not strongly convenient to lie. The husband stood near my head, helped me to make an effort and pull on himself legs, watched that I did not make an effort in a face, encouraged. And here in 20 minutes after arrival in rodzat, in 18 h 20 min., Savvaty was born. The feeling is such that from you with cotton the stopper took off. The son was red, blinked eyes, coughed, sneezed, and he had terribly dissatisfied mordakha. It was put right there to me on a stomach, but he did not take a breast - was only bent and spat. It was processed and given on hands to the husband.

Alexander Sergeyevich was engaged in me since I refused an epiziotomiya, I had a small gap which it sewed up under novocaine - pains any. On a wheelchair I was taken out to a corridor where we were with the son and the husband 2 hours. The doctor too came all the time, looked how we? Then we were transported in chamber, the husband spread out my things and they with Alexander Sergeyevich left. Any drugs after the delivery to me did not appoint, only aspirin.

Chamber on 5 people. Very purely, damp cleaning two times a day. Two toilets and two showers - are enough for office. The food good - tried once. Joint stay is, but our chamber did not use it. Children 6 times a day, on average, on an hour and a half, for children bring leaving fine. Personnel to all polite, absolutely midwifes, nurses and doctors treat all very kindly. Seams process regularly, other appointments too in time. Alexander Sergeyevich well looked after me, came to me 3 - 4 times a day.

Wrote out us for the 5th days. I was written out in a good shape, seams began to live, the stomach left, the child was given pure, without intertrigo and problems.

Thank you, Alexander Sergeyevich Lebedev is my wonderful, unsurpassed colleague! Thanks to the pediatrician, neonatolog, all doctors, midwifes and nurses of 1 obstetric office. Huge to all of you gratitude! And also to the chief physician of city hospital No. 4 in whose maintaining there is a maternity hospital - to Lashin Alexander Dmitriyevich. I advise all to give birth there. Thanks for attention.