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Seven years ago, when I was

yet the Father reads me fairy tales, and says that to read fairy tales is a mother`s business. At us in a family at everyone the business. Mother prepares and erases, the father vacuums and repairs, and I help the father. Mother also says that my main business - it is good to eat and grow big and strong, same as father.

Still mother reads me fairy tales before going to bed, the truth says that I already big and that when I learn to read, I will read myself fairy tales.“ But to read to itself it is uninteresting“, - I told mother. And she answered that I can read fairy tales to it and that she with udovolstvuy will listen to them.

At school at lessons we draw sticks and we learn letters. At the first lesson we learned letters A and M, and I wrote MOTHER, and still we learned a letter B and I wrote the WOMAN, the truth a small letter of B looked in the wrong party, but the teacher told that I am a good fellow, and told that I showed what wrote to mother. And mother kissed me, and too told that I am a clear head.

At mother warm lips and me it is pleasant to p when she kisses me on a cheek. The father seldom kisses me and says that it is necessary to grow at the real man. But mother often kisses the father therefore I think that mother can kiss also me. The father big and strong, and I will grow up big and strong too - strong as my father.

Today I told

to mother that though I am not able to read yet, but I can tell it the fairy tale. Mother asked about what, and I answered that I about her and about the father, and began to tell.

In some kingdom, in some state once upon a time there was a king. And the father was a citizen of this king and the very best best shooter from onions. Once the king and the father went to hunting, and the king wounded a little squirrel. The little squirrel was very beautiful, fluffy, and the father asked whether it is possible to take her to itself. The king told what is possible, and the father brought a little squirrel home and every day gave to drink to her a milk. And the little squirrel all was ill and did not want to recover. Then the father was told that the little squirrel needs apple which grows on an apple-tree far away, and in that kingdom there lives Zmey Gorynych.

the Father went behind apple, and Zmey Gorynych was a greedy person and told that he will not give to the father apple. Then the father took out onions, shot and got into a tail of Zmey Gorynych, and told that it has magic arrows and that where it would not shoot, it all the same will hit the mark. Zmey Gorynych was frightened and gave to the father apple. And the father went to the kingdom. And the little squirrel already almost died and very much grieved. The father gave it apple, it recovered and turned into you, mother. The father asked you whether you will be his wife, and you answered: “I will“ be. And then you had me. I was not yet when you just got acquainted? Truth?

Mother told

:“ The good fairy tale“ and that it is already time to sleep, and left. I did not want to sleep, but did not notice how I fell asleep and woke up in the morning.

Mother and the father did not sleep any more, and were whispered. I pretended that I sleep and listened what they speak about.

- you Know, - mother told the father, - the Ear ring told me the fairy tale yesterday.
- Is awfully interesting, - the father told, and asked: about what?

- I at first did not ponder - and then understood that it told about how we got acquainted with you. You did not speak to it? there is no
- Yes.

- you Remember, I was brought to your office with a head injury. By the way the one who brought down me was not caught. I already began to recover, and suddenly got sick. Than, by the way?
- is unimportant.

- it is valid, unimportant

. I needed some special medicine, you went to Moscow and brought it.
- Oh was also heavy to get to me it if you know. I used all the communications.

- If you would not bring it I died?
- is possible.

- But you brought it, I recovered and in a year became your wife. So?
- Well...

- And so, you represent the Ear ring told me this story. Well, of course with dragons and wizards different there, you, by the way, were a marksman of the king.
- I?

- And why don`t you be a shooter? But you understand...
- At what you drive?

- You do not love when I dream.
- it is interesting to me.

- it seems to me, only do not laugh that our child always was with us. Even when he was not born yet, even when we with you were not born yet - our child already was with us.

Ya thought how it - I was not born yet, and already was with mother and the father and decided to ask the grandmother.

A the grandmother told that I talk not sense and that when god wanted, then I also was born.

A mother told that me could not but just be. I asked:“ And if god did not want?“. And she answered that would like surely.

Ridiculous they, these adults, think out much, and say that I am a visionary. Still the father says that I weigh in mother - the same inventor. And I am glad that I in mother, and I believe mother that I was always - both yesterday, and the day before yesterday, and seven years ago when was not born yet. It is exciting to know that you were always!