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As our Kitten was born and that preceded it

(Perm, 2004, maternity hospital No. 21)

Here a story about my childbirth. Well and it is a little about pregnancy, as without it!

Still I remember

how on the first “school of mother“ in consultation the doctor told that “each pregnant woman respecting herself is obliged to lie down at least once for pregnancy in a hospital“ (almost literally). I, probably, respected myself not enough since the question of hospitalization did not stand literally till last week. But about it then. In general the pregnant state was pleasant to me, practically there did not pass sense of euphoria from that day when I found two treasured stripes on the test. By the way, few months of “efforts“, our with the husband, went to waste, and only on the third when I already waved on everything a hand, came true! And I so wanted little Kozerozhka! On the future I know now what should be begun in advance...

Notorious toxicosis me not especially annoyed

. It was heavy, perhaps, all day three as there was very hot and stuffy summer. Such state that there was a wish for nothing: to drink, is, rolled (just days off were) on a bed, watched TV and slept. It quickly passed, my high spirits returned, and were supported by the holidays spent at “age“ of 14 - 15 weeks at the sea with friends. The only thing that saddened all picture - we drove the car, did not sleep sense of more than a day. And the part of a way fell on mountain Sochi roads. Who went, knows what murder is, especially for the pregnant woman, stirred up me on each turn. The pleasure when we at last arrived to the place was that more. The sea, the velvet season, I from lyalky luxuriate on waves... Just fairy tale! Exactly there I felt the first kicks of my daughter! The truth what it its movements, I understood much later when I became “more skilled“ in this question.

After return everyday life began

: each three weeks analyses (in the end jars already ended), receptions, new prescriptions of medicines. It was necessary carry out safe therapy, anticonvulsive, to treat FPN with the milkwoman, still something in the same vein. Of course, the doctor made secure, but I am grateful to her that she was not overzealous and did not try to hide me in a bolnichka! And in general, the doctor at me the good, benevolent and pleasant woman. If suddenly it happens that she will read these lines - Kotovsk Elena Yurevna, thank you for everything!

By New year puziko was already such good that no speech about holidays outdoors existed. Besides I catastrophically fell asleep after 10 in the evening! My mouth was not closed from yawning, and eyes on the contrary, already hardly it managed to hold open. We spent a New Year`s Eve at home, in the company of the closest friends, to sleep I was lucky to lay down in the fifth o`clock in the morning. Probably sleepless night affected also a mask since the next several nights she persistently did not sleep itself and did not allow to sleep to me, raspinyvy my interiors in different directions... Oh, as it was heavy to take out her trick!


only the fact that in new year I should not go to work any more Pleased: this sweet word decree!!! I devoted it to collecting a dowry and circulations on courses for pregnant women. Perhaps, I was there only who admitted that he is not afraid of childbirth. But it was valid so! And the important role in it was played by the stories about childbirth published on it and other websites. That is why I for myself set the object sometime to describe also the feelings, in hope that it will help still someone. At least, I had no panic and unaccountable fear, I possessed information - and it already gave to self-confidence. Supported, of course, and above-mentioned courses.

In a week after their termination on the next reception (and as it appeared, on the last, there were 37,5 weeks according to the doctor and the fortieth began by my calculations :) the doctor examined me on a chair and told that the neck is already ready, and I “infect“ soon. But! Right there recommended to go to pathology as lately I put on weight every week too much and fingers on hands swelled a little, the ring hardly fitted a finger. Here I was frightened especially as there was a Friday, days off on a nose moreover and - turned out on March 8 long days off, I as presented that I will spend these days in hospital walls when there is no due leaving (all want to celebrate). Besides sent me at the place of residence, and I wanted to give birth in other area, in the most advanced maternity hospital of our city. And if I began to give birth to pathologies nobody me carried that there, to other end of the city!

Ya made the firm decision not to be given still at least week. Thanks to my friend who supported me and was taken to the familiar ginekologena, by the manager. consultation of that area in which is chosen as me 21 - y maternity hospital. She drew a conclusion that in urgent hospitalization there is no need, but she will try suit me in office of pathology 21 - y hospitals that if something happens I there also gave rise. Then we went on excursion to maternity hospital. If me girls - residents of Perm read, for them this information will be reasonably useful. Every Thursday in 13. 00 it is possible to arrive and learn what needs to be taken with itself, to see with own eyes that place where you will give birth, to look at chambers and to talk to doctors. There already quite long time joint childbirth and joint stay with the kid practice. Prenatal chamber, it and patrimonial, single, is equipped with the Swedish walls, there are balls and rugs on which it is possible to relax. Table for the car, a bedside table, couple of stools, a bed - all conditions to settle down with comfort. There is one chamber from a bathroom - a jacuzzi, only if there is a wish to use it during fights, it is necessary to warn personnel in advance that managed to fill it. To put it briefly, what was seen once again convinced me that I will not give birth anywhere, except this place!

Approximately in the same time me was visited by a nesting instinct: I washed all diapers and baby`s undershirts, with own hand tried to collect a bed (the husband refused, said what will make it after the birth of the kid, but I could not wait :) and remade a lot more similar nonsense. By itself, collected a handbag though the backpack would be suitable for all things rather... And still there were I such whining and sensitive that now it is a shame. Fuel to the fire was added by my beloved husband who planned business trip just for that time when I at any time could begin to give birth! As I convinced him not to throw me, he was sure that I will not leave the paunch at least till March 17. It is necessary to tell that it for a week “missed the mark“, and I gave rise on March 10.

So, events of this joyful day developed as follows. Led in the morning - the husband to business trip with words that so far he goes, I will already give rise. He once again laughed over me. Well also it decided to be tidied up in the house after the replacement of pipes made the day before. Descended in shop, bought any tastiness since I waited for a call with the invitation to pathology to indulge there itself finally with delicacies. When came home understood that training fights which annoyed me two last months, some others. By the way, they were such and last night, I still specially noted time in hope that it already IT and that the husband should carry me to maternity hospital instead of driving about on business trips... But as soon as I went to bed everything stopped. Here and now I decided to lie down, thinking that again everything will pass. Not here - that was! It became even more unpleasant.

Just in case called the brother that it arrived and brought me to maternity hospital that there already looked and decided what is with me actually. As a result in 16. 00 I were already in maternity hospital, I was looked by the doctor and told that there is no disclosure at all that they will observe me some time. Put the monitor... Fights were just superirregular: in 5 minutes, through 15. Decided to leave me till the morning. There were already about 19. 00. By this time I without any enema of times 6 descended in a toilet, sorry, very on - big. There was an impression that after that I will not want day three at least:. And here once again, when to me was impatient and I got up - on legs blood began to flow. I right there ran to tell about it to the midwife. She brought me into “the procedural room“ to the doctor, hardly - hardly I got on a chair with pokryakhtyvaniye and pookhivaniye for what received a portion of scoldings from the doctor: “What you groan as the grandmother old?“ - “Painfully!“ - “And how you will give birth? See, it is painful to her!“ . Strict, generally, there was a woman, unlike the midwife. I represent, as if she swore if I began to shout then...


Well and so, punctured a bubble, told that already 8 cm and sent disclosure back to dolezhivat. That is the neck revealed almost completely in three hours! After a while to me it became absolutely sad and it is somehow disturbing, there was a wish home. By the way, in delivery room at that time I was absolutely one! Therefore all personnel used calm and left to have supper. And I tried to find though somebody to complain and ask “to deliver me something“ since already began to feel very painful contractions. And there is nobody, only somewhere a sound of the working TV!

So far I rushed about along a corridor (whether further to run to look for, whether once again to reach a toilet), felt what me begins to grieve. Oooo, here it! - I thought. And here as the fairy godmother appeared the midwife, listened to all my requests and burst out laughing: we, speaks, we love when women want “to crap“, means you will give rise soon, and to put “something“ already late. After that she did not move a step from me. I at first honestly tried to prodyshat attempt “doggie“. It turned out hardly... And here at last the moment (there was already about a half of the ninth) when the midwife called “came to try to be extinguished“.

Should tell

that in 21 - ohm maternity hospital practice carrying out the first attempts on cards that the baby as it is possible closer to an exit moved at the expense of the weight. Here I vegetated at a stenochka on cards of minutes 15 - 20, fights on my feelings thrashed each 2 - 3 minutes. Then I was dragged on a bed, and I understood that business approaches an outcome. Around already the heap to the people gathered: nurses, nurse, doctor in person, neonatolog and children`s nurse. I so wanted to finish rather this business that I ignored offers a little to have a rest and not to make an effort on each fight. Not carcasses, I said, it already bothered me! And when made an effort, I did not feel pain, here that was for me big opening! But, unfortunately, there was not enough my enthusiasm. I was enough only for one qualitative attempt, the second was already weaker, and the third at all any. There was not enough breath as I already understood then. So my council - train to hold the breath, it will be very useful! To put it briefly, the daughter somewhere there slightly got stuck, and the doctor disposed to make a cut. From the beginning of the following attempt it seemed to me that someone pinched me very strongly there, and right there I was slipped out by my native and long-awaited being...

my Katerina... She began to squeak at once, and to me it became so good and joyful, more than ever in life! Having right there forgotten about everything on light, I tried to make out it weepingly. At me it turned out only after it was measured: 9 / 9 across Apgar, 50 cm, 2920 grams, on my exclamation “What small!“ neonatolog answered that I still small - that also did not see:. Also put to me on a breast. My God, here one more unforgettable feeling! Small, still mokrenky, in greasing, lukewarm and such gentle! It is already similar to the folder! Seldom happens at once clear to whom the child is similar. More often there is something from one parent, something from another, and something and from other relatives. At us everything was clear and clear: papkina daughter!

Ya it was so happy that absolutely forgot about a placenta. The midwife tried to remind that I have to pull the socks up a little more. But after my idiotic question “And how?“ probably understood that I already am not capable of anything, and pulled out it. Then delivered me oxytocin prick, sewed up a cut and left for hour or so to lie down alone from lyalky, to have a rest. And to accustom with thought that we any more not a single whole as was for 9 months, and is already whole little man. And that I need to get used to the new address “mother“ now...

Here so on March 10, 2004 in 21. 20 my daughter, my Kitten was born. The husband that he is already a father learned only next day when I could phone to it. I still to it remember that he then did not obey me and left from us, did not believe my intuition.

Now, remembering that day, it seems to me that everything passed as on one breath. So promptly and as though in fog, except for some moments. Frankly speaking, I thought, what will be more sick. All the time, while I gave birth, I waited when it becomes absolutely sick, intolerably. It did not occur. The husband does not believe that I never screamed, he knows that I have a low pain threshold earlier always scoffed over me as I will give birth if it is ready to cry with the slightest cut. Well, but now its jeers are groundless!

P. S. Some more words for residents of Perm about postnatal office. As I asked for separate chamber, at me nothing left: everything was occupied, i.e. it was necessary to take advantage of the opportunity in advance... Therefore placed us in four-seater, however, there were we there only three together. So I also did not understand still, to the best it was or not. Sometimes so there was a wish to be alone with the child that nobody distracted. But on the other hand it was more cheerful and to leave where - or it was possible more quietly. In each chamber a separate toilet and a shower. Here the bed linen leaves much to be desired, but at desire it is possible and to bring with itself. Very much local nightgowns amused me, very erotic copies with a section from a throat came across and to... hmm, almost to a knee:.

I several words concerning food. There with it the situation is is very deplorable. For example, for lunch soup pearl-barley and porridge pearl-barley, hi - hi! And sometimes will give something from what at all lyalek tummies will ache with time (it if mother nurses, of course). So at once it is necessary to agree with the family and friends that brought human food, the benefit that visits with 17 are allowed. 00 to 19. 00, and passes can be made at any time. Also there is an opportunity to warm food. But, despite these household inconveniences, solemnly I declare that when we decide on the second child, I will go to give birth again only there!