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My experience of childbirth in Kaliningrad

to me put term to give birth on June 25, 2004. I hoped that it will occur earlier. Having read a set of stories about childbirth on the Internet and pokhodiv on courses of preparation for childbirth, I awfully wanted to give rise quicker. I chose maternity hospital and agreed with the doctor who warned me that it leaves on June 26, but I hoped to give rise till this time. In 39,5 weeks I laid down in office of pathology. But the word “laid down“ not absolutely pertinently here: every day after all procedures secretly I left the doctor home which is located absolutely nearby. Neigbours frightened me that childbirth can begin at home, but I already was going to arrive to maternity hospital already with good disclosure and considered what there could not be done earlier (so it did not turn out, unfortunately).

So I “lay“ before childbirth nearly 2 weeks. My doctor was away on vacation. In the end to me already bothered to go from the house to maternity hospital and back. For the weekend released all, but the doctor frightened that the house did not leave, and that, speaks, constantly I meet somebody with the full-term pregnancy or at the sea (it at us in 40 km) or in strawberry ranks in the market. At the sea I last time was in 38 weeks, then did not risk to go. And that my aunt, having seen me there, quickly put me in the car and took away home. But strawberry ranks, it was just about me. Every day, leaving maternity hospital, I went to the market and there bought strawberry and sweet cherry. Generally, the last weeks was to me well, I remember it as very happy time. I indulged myself something tasty, read interesting books, went to buy a dowry for the kid.

But also this life began to bother me. At forums and in my chamber pregnant women even with smaller to terms already gave birth, and I all in any way! The neck of a uterus was unripe and was not going to ripen in any way. At last I was told that any day I can give rise! But passed one or two days, and I all in any way. My pleasure began to disappear. Looked at me on Saturday (41 weeks), and told that on Monday will stimulate. And on Monday, by the way, my doctor will already return. I did not want stimulation. I very much was upset: why I do not give birth to all!

All Saturday day I did shopping, without paying attention to the belly-aches which began after survey. At night at 2 o`clock began. I for some reason also imagined that I will begin to give birth at night. Weak pains began in the beginning, then is more severe. By 5 o`clock - each 2 - 3 minutes for 20 - 30 seconds. I was frightened, and we went to maternity hospital. What my disappointment when it turned out that it is only harbingers was. Anything to what bolyuchy harbingers!

to me was promised that I will give rise in the afternoon, and sleeping pill, anesthetic stuck I did not begin to drink. And as a result of several hours went on chamber, growing old not to wake the sleeping neigbours. There was an awful wish to sleep, but hardly I laid down on a bed as I right there jumped. “Harbingers“ were possible to be transferred only standing. At last I fell asleep sitting, having highly lifted a bed back. Hours at 9 in the morning on Sunday I woke up and ate roddomovsky cream of wheat which rescued me then. Waters began to leak, looked at me, did not find a fetal bubble and enjoin to give birth, the neck all did not open.

Ya dreamed of natural childbirth, but now obediently agreed with all medical manipulations. Delivered me a dropper, it is good that with a flexible catheter (it is possible to bend a hand). In a rodilka I met the girl who gave birth with stimulation 11 hours, it was carried on Caesarian. I was frightened. While it operated, I began fights. I began to cry out loudly on what to me noticed what you cry out, you have fights of all of times in 3 (!) minutes, and it only beginning. Frankly speaking, I did not expect it. I was told that they go with an interval 20 minutes in the beginning, then it is less and less, and with an interval 2 - 3 minutes almost right at the end. But it appears, and so happens.

nurses shouted At me, and I asked Caesarian or epiduralny anesthesia. The anesthesiologist came to shouts, but did not begin to do anything because I ate in the morning this cream of wheat. I ran on chamber with a dropper in hands, on fights tried to find a convenient pose, but is ineffectual. After the delivery I had knees all in bruises, it I tried to accept a pose on a lap, but it did not suit me. The midwife tried to lay me, but from a bed I vsprygivat as scalded. I dropped a dropper which nearly broke. Then the midwife told that she will force me to write the application that she does not bear responsibility neither for me, nor for my child since I behave ugly. But then it left me, and did not come any more.

me looked at

Through a couple of hours and told that process went. Suddenly my behavior changed, I stuck to shout, found a convenient pose (standing with support on a bed and shaking hips), began to breathe deeply. The come doctor was surprised to “professionalism“ of my behavior. I attribute this change also to the fact that relatives, all morning which was doing shopping mudflows under windows of maternity hospital also began to pray for me. Strange, but now it seems to me that at the very end of childbirth it was much less sick, than at the beginning.

Time passed

for me quickly. On attempts I already settled on a bed. The child was large, attempts went long. At the end to me squeezed out the child. Seryozha was born in 17. 45. The weight 4060, height is 54 cm. Till the Ear ring birth I also could not present how important will be the first hour after the delivery. I chose maternity hospital (? 1), chamber, but I did not attach to this moment any significance (we in Kaliningrad and special have no choice). Spoke to me on courses to go to other maternity hospital, but I refused. Childbirth is medicamentous. After the delivery the child on a stomach was not spread, allowed to look only, put to a breast in 5 hours. I did not feel remuneration for a hard work of childbirth!

Did to

manual inspection (incomplete office of a placenta from - for not coordinated patrimonial activity), I finally recovered in 1,5 days after the general anesthesia. Then, however, chamber “mother and child“. When I arrived home, I already had a terrible depression. And I could not understand its reason. In maternity hospital the nurse even asked me (silly woman) whether I wanted the child?! I so loved this child until he was born! At the beginning I very much worried about safety of pregnancy, and I prayed that it is safe to me to take out and give rise. But he was born, and (as it it turned out?) I had no tender feelings to it.

I Remember arrival from maternity hospital home. Awfully seams after an epiziotomiya hurt, and here my boy still shouts. And I feel sorry for myself, but not it. After the delivery, as soon as could go outside, I first of all ran away from the sonny on shops, left for a couple of hours. Though knew that he will ask to eat. It is very a shame with these feelings, but here not only my fault rather is my trouble. Now it was more and more or less adjusted, but I do not know whether I will be able to become the real good mother. I badly feel the child. I want to give birth to one more child, but in a different way. Only question where.

my conclusions about childbirth

Should attend courses of preparation for childbirth, there give very valuable information. I was very much helped by the correct breath and a pose. But, as it seems to me, in labor everything is the person who would direct you is necessary. I, for example, could not breathe correctly on attempts, it was too heavy. Doctors seldom are engaged in it, the spiritual midwife is necessary.

needs to choose by

style of conducting childbirth, but not maternity hospital. That is, if you do not accept only living conditions, then, maybe, it is worth suffering them 3 - 4 days. Consequences of badly carried out childbirth in the form of a postnatal depression and the uneasy child will remain with you for a long time. As a last resort, it is possible to leave maternity hospital for the second day, in most cases there is nothing to do there. People and houses give birth!

Krom of the doctor should be chosen as

also the midwife who will directly deliver. Such, it will not be easier for them to make an epiziotomiya and which will keep a crotch. It is very important!

the Husband on childbirth can be useful to

for control over a situation. I personally thought nothing. Not only that agreed with all medical interventions, so still itself asked Caesarian and an epiduralka though knew about their consequences!

Still I want to add

here that. I, being frightened by doctors, throughout pregnancy used many drugs, including and hormonal (progesterone) from a uterus tone. As I understand now, for purpose of gomon special analyses are necessary, to me did not carry out them. The tone abroad is not treated at all! The main medicine - rest. And so, it seems to me, it became one of the reasons that the neck of a uterus was not ready to childbirth at all, all my troubles from here: stimulation, incomplete office of an afterbirth and so forth

If arose some questions, write.