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Pleasant time - a miss of

Walking with the kid in park, I communicate with many young mummies.

- As bothered to stay at home, it is rather to come to work, - my neigbour says, swinging a carriage.
- Precisely, - other mother agrees, - Life jammed. Drudgery. It is not important any more where if only to escape from the house.
- is strange, - I think, - in one and a half years that I am at home, I had no desire to run away for work.

I Remember

, my mother said to me that the first year of my life seemed it eternity. The mother-in-law too with shudder remembers the infantile period of my husband. But we - were lucky that much more. We live in a century of computers, pampers and washing machines - automatically. Thanks to arisen a time - to a miss I am able to afford to be engaged in what earlier there was really not enough time for. As that:

the Full-fledged dream

I is not irony. The healthy kid sleeps for 16 - 20 hours a day about three months, till 15 hours about nine months and for 13 - 14 hours by a year. And it means that my lawful 10 hours of a dream quite keep within a day regimen of the child. Being an owl, I fought against the nature all the school, institute and is production - labor life. At last I am able to afford to sleep together with the kid till 10 in the morning.

Long walks in the fresh air

the Last memories of walks till the present moment fall on romantic school days. Then, inspired with the first love, we could stick out for hours on the street, admire a pink decline and huge, similar to pancake, the moon. In students we were not seduced any more by the natural horizons, we preferred to spend time in clubs and cafe. Whether it is worth saying that lying on a sofa in front of the TV began to reckon with the beginning of labor life as the best leisure. Only now, thanks to the child, we with the husband take one more step on the way to a healthy lifestyle.


At last I decided to study English. Computer technologies allow to refuse stupid cramming of foreign lexicon according to the self-instruction manual. Having loaded CD, you get on a lesson to the best teachers, plunge on language Wednesday, get acquainted with country history according to movies. The Internet gives great opportunities for interactive communication. Italian, accounting and many other things also appears in my further plans. Now we, modern women, do not lose a rhythm of business life, and simply we change possible experience for additional knowledge.


Shtudirovany special literatures can postpone and read for a while that it is really interesting to you. There came time of women`s magazines, children`s rhymes and modern serious writers. Besides, looking at the growing-up kid, I decided to go in for age and children`s psychology. Now together with the baby we storm storages of regional library.


In all its manifestations. Since literary and finishing with applied arts. The sonny likes verses and fairy tales with him in a leading role - please, mother will think up. The baby loves puppet theater - mother will write the play, will sew the actors who are putting on hands, will create scenery, will act as the director and one will play all representation. The chest with fairy tales is necessary - forward, the pencil already draws sketches. Yes you never know still what can be thought up, there would be a desire. At last the thrown spokes found application also: children`s things only you will begin to knit extremely pleasantly, and already the new thing is ready.

Participation in various competitions

This point smoothly follows from previous. It is just that case when participation is more important than a victory. Of course, it would be very pleasant to win the first prize, but the moment of expression of as creative person is not less pleasant.


Comparing the old and new photos, you are forced to note with grief that your silhouette after pregnancy and childbirth underwent some changes, and what was given you by nature earlier, will demand efforts from your party now. Well, all in our hands. The subscription to the pool was my first step. The husband as the person interested kindly agreed to sit with the kid. Swimming has practically no contraindications, it is already possible to be engaged in this sport six weeks later after the delivery. Water very well relaxes muscles of legs and a back of which the main loading is the share as during pregnancy, and later, especially if the baby prefers the most part of time to carry out at mother on hands. Exercises on a big gymnastic ball also promote a relaxation. And usual metal hulakhup will help to return the lost waist.

Creation of homeliness

Spending considerable part of time of the house, you are tired of monotony and want to change scenery. And what if just to change an interior in the apartment? Capital repairs and purchase of new furniture demand considerable monetary investments. And here to rearrange furniture, to update curtains, to sew new kitchen towels, aprons, tacks, to deliver flowers in a vase - quite within our powers. There is no opportunity to visit restaurant, but there is an opportunity to visit kitchen, means we go to create a new culinary masterpiece which anywhere … not at any price … Usually I prefer to prepare simple dishes not to turn myself into the regular cook, but sometimes there is a wish to stay also the chief - the cook of the highest class. And all this different things.

were not in salon Long ago? Quite really to carry out SPA - therapy in own bathroom. The child to put to bed, to leave the husband behind a door, in a bathtub to fill multi-colored sea salt, to light the flavored candles, to turn off light … At desire nevertheless the husband can be called.


Most of mummies who are torn to work just pine on banal communication. They are bothered by continuous talk on pampers and baby food, they want to discuss more considerable questions and to make more important decisions, than “for lunch at us soup or macaroni?“ . But we have the right to choose a circle of contacts and subjects for conversation. It is not obligatory to gossip for days on end in the yard with neigbours at all, and it is possible to meet friends, to remember about old institute friends or to bring new acquaintances.

that we do not need to go every day to work it is a lot of obvious pluses: the chief for the report which is not handed over in time will not shout at us, we are not forced to smile in response to obscene jokes of the client, we are not obliged to be the whole day in an office with the envious colleague, we should not squeeze into the crowded car of the subway in rush hour, at last.

A can realize itself on any place. And the most important, we will remember for what, in general, to us the maternity leave is put - to pay sufficient attention to our children.