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At pregnancy of

Now when there came pregnancy, it is time for feature of food to take care of healthy nutrition seriously. During pregnancy the eaten food exerts impact both on the pregnant woman, and on her child. However, at the same time there is no need “is for two“. In this regard it is necessary to remember one very important rule that quality is not caused by quantity.

Should remember

that the period pregnancy is not time for weight reduction by use of special diets!!


At a right choice of products among four groups given below to you and your child guaranteed the various and balanced diet.

Dairy products - contain the proteins necessary for growth of the child and completion of needs of a maternal organism, and also minerals (calcium) necessary for strengthening of bones and teeth. In this regard it is expedient to p to use

to 0,5 l of milk a day both in an integral look, and in the form of dairy products (kefir, curdled milk, milk desserts, yogurts), and also cottage cheese. It is useful to include firm grades of cheese in a food allowance as, for example, Cheddar, processed cheeses, the pasteurized cheese.

Meat products - contain the proteins, iron and vitamins of group “B“ also necessary both for completion of needs of a maternal organism, and for development of the child.

this group includes products from beef, pork, mutton, fowl, fish. It is expedient to use products from this group twice a day. It is more expedient to give preference to fowl and fish. Try to use only fast meat, deleting the sites containing fat in the course of preparation.

of Special attention are deserved by eggs which should be cooked hard-boiled, and in food to use only protein.

Grain products, grain, potatoes - contain carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and cellulose.

carry bread To products of this group, it is desirable with whole grains or from coarse flour, potatoes dishes, macaroni, rice, porridges from different types of grain, muesli or flakes. Dishes from products of this group should be included in a diet at each meal.

Fruit and vegetables - contain various vitamins and minerals necessary for maintenance of various functions of an organism, and cellulose for improvement of processes of digestion.

a Number of cultures, such as peas, beans, haricot, lentil, cabbage, and also dried fruits are rich with iron. However digestion of iron from these products at their use comes less actively, than from meat products. For improvement of this process it is necessary to use at the same time products rich with vitamin “C“.

Vegetables and fruit should include

in a food allowance not less than four times a day. Try to use vegetables and fruit with a peel where it is possible.

Important is the correct distribution of products to each meal. So meat, fish, grain have to be a part of dishes of a breakfast and lunch as products rich with protein raise a metabolism and a long time are late in a stomach. In the second half of day, it is necessary to give preference dairy in the late afternoon - vegetable food. Plentiful meal exerts negative impact on the pregnant woman`s organism in the evening, promotes violation of normal rest and a dream.

during the day it is desirable for p to eat Food in 5 - 7 receptions.

the following approximate menu per day can be offered to

as an example:

of Breakfast Fruit or fruit juice.
Porridge or flakes from bran with milk.
Bread from coarse flour, toasts with low-fat oil.
Tea or coffee.
of Second breakfast Tea, coffee or milk.
Fruit or cookies.
of Lunch Soup.
the Sandwich with lettuce leaves, with cheese, with fish, with cold boiled meat.
Fresh fruit or yogurt.
Tea, coffee or fruit juice.
of the Afternoon snack Tea or coffee with cookies.
of the Early dinner Meat, fish, cheese, eggs or dishes from bean cultures.
Potatoes, rice or macaroni.
Vegetables or salad.
Dairy pudding, either fruit, or biscuits.
of the Supper Milk with bread from coarse flour or with cookies.

the Total of the consumed liquid has to make 1,2 - 1,5 l a day, including water, tea, coffee, juice, soups.

Reception of table salt is limited in the second half of pregnancy to 8 g a day as its bigger quantity promotes a water delay in an organism and to development of hypostases.

the Admissible increase of body weight for pregnancy

is a question which concerns all. During all pregnancy, in 40 weeks the general increase of body weight has to be on average ranging from 9,5 to 12,5 kg. At the same time in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy the increase of body weight has to be about 2,5 kg from calculation on 500 gr. in a month. And in the second half of pregnancy, for the next 20 weeks the increase of body weight can make 10 kg of calculation for 500 g a week.

can use

For more exact assessment of an admissible increase of body weight for pregnancy the following data.

For a start needs to calculate the body weight index (BWI) on the following formula: to divide the initial weight (kg) into a square of growth (m). According to the received result if IMT less than 19,8, then body weight is considered lowered. If IMT ranging from 19,8 to 26 - body weight normal. If IMT more than 26 - body weight superfluous. Further it is possible to define a necessary increase of body weight by the table for a certain term of pregnancy.

of Week of pregnancy of IMT less than 19,8 of IMT 19,8 - 26 of IMT more than 26
2 0,5 0,5 0,5
4 0,9 0,7 0,5
6 1,4 1,0 0,6
8 1,6 1,2 0,7
10 1,8 1,3 0,8
12 2,0 1,5 0,9
14 2,7 1,9 1,0
16 3,2 2,3 1,4
18 4,5 3,6 2,3
20 5,4 4,8 2,9
22 6,8 5,7 3,4
24 7,7 6,4 3,9
26 8,6 7,7 5,0
28 9,8 8,2 5,4
30 10,2 9,1 5,9
32 11,3 10,0 6,4
34 12,5 10,9 7,3
36 13,6 11,8 7,9
38 14,5 12,7 8,6
40 15,2 13,6 9,1

At the normal course of pregnancy increase in body weight of the pregnant woman, first of all, occurs due to development of a fruit, increase in the sizes of a uterus and amount of amniotic waters, mammary glands, increase of volume of liquid and blood in an organism, and in the last turn - due to fat accumulation (1,5 - 1,7 kg).

If you suddenly noticed that you note an excessive increase of body weight or rates of an increase of body weight have excessive character, then pay attention whether there were incidentally in your diet no such products which are very expedient for excluding from a diet for the period of pregnancy, namely: jam, jam, fruit jelly, chocolate, chocolate biscuits, cakes, cakes, pies, cream, creamy ice cream, fruit in sugar, and also chips, the crackling potatoes, sausages, sausages, fat meat, mayonnaise.

Reception of alcoholic beverages, including beer, is absolutely inadmissible even in small quantities.

Possible companion problems and ways of their decision

of Difficulty with a chair . For prevention of locks it is expedient to eat the products rich with cellulose, namely: bread of a rough grinding, flakes from bran, porridge, bean, lentil soup, for the night - curdled milk or one-day kefir, on an empty stomach in the morning - crude vegetables and fruit, prunes, apples.

Nausea . This unpleasant phenomenon quite often takes place in the first three months of pregnancy and, generally in the mornings. For prevention of nausea, having woken up in the morning, and yet without getting up, try to eat a small piece of dry bread or a toast, or a piece of apple. If you feel nausea throughout the day, then do small breaks between food with reception of a small amount of food, but so that the total amount of the eaten food in a day did not decrease. Otherwise big intervals between meal can provoke vomiting. In some cases the use of cold food which possesses not smaller food qualities, than hot dishes allows to avoid nausea. Sometimes various culinary smells can also cause feeling of nausea that forces to avoid fried products or dishes with various spices.

Heartburn . In the third trimester of pregnancy (in the last several weeks) some women suffer from this unpleasant phenomenon. To prevent heartburn and it is necessary to get rid of it:

If these receptions do not relieve you of the listed unpleasant phenomena, see behind consultation a doctor.

For prevention of the food poisonings caused by dangerous causative agents of intestinal infections such, for example, as a salmonella or a listeriya, during pregnancy it is expedient not to eat:

the General principles of healthy nutrition during pregnancy are as follows: