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The gnome of

“Mother, and Sveta with Yulya told that my grandmother - not the magician! And in general, gnomes, both wizards, and mermaids in life are not!“ My five-year-old Zhenka`s eyes are full of tears and bewilderment: how so? The grandmother by means of the magic basket “nakoldovyvat“ every day it any delicacies - a candy, cookies, a chewing gum. And suddenly - “not the magician!“ And gnome? Who then brings at night us strawberry berries in exchange for the lollipops left on hemp behind a hotbed? And mermaid? Mother so convincingly told about the mermaid living in Kukholke`s rivulet, directly near our seasonal dacha. Really and it is a lie?

physically I feel

Ya how the fantastic world of my little daughter which we so lovingly built the whole summer falls. Oh this scepticism of the senior little girls mixed with children`s harm! I suddenly become feel sorry for little neigbours, so early said goodbye to the fairy tale. But there is no time for reflections - the daughter with alarm waits for the answer: to be or not to be imaginations in her life? And I resolutely speak:“ How it - does not happen? For girls, maybe, also does not happen because they do not trust in miracles. And we with you will go to look at the mermaid tonight“.

I here in the evening when begins to darken, we all family go on the small river. Zhenka is silent, worrying and expecting a miracle, trusting and not believing in him. But curiosity gets the best and she begins to ask us - and what it, the mermaid? Beautiful? Terrible? Big or small? We with the grandfather in paints describe murmaid life, being fond more and more. Small river already absolutely close. My sister slightly lags behind all company and from - for our backs throws a handful of stones into water. Splash! “Zhenka! You saw? Mermaid!“ Zhenka fades with horror. But all around so rejoice! And here the horror is replaced by hope, and then... “Videla...“ - at first uncertainly, and then more and more enthusiastically: “Mothers, I SAW! It dived from the bridge, I saw its tail, it shone!“ “Well of course, it is covered with silvery scales“. How many happiness on a native attractive face! Everything turned out to be true!

in the Evening very surely we go to leave to

to a hotbed an entertainment for the gnome. And before going to bed, already lying in a bed, - deification of all representation: “And Sveta with Yulya - the liar!“ And, calmed, fills up.

Sleep, my chicken! Ahead of you waits for a lot more fairy tales which are thought up by us. It and Father Frost who found to you the road on the snow-covered dacha and laid out “The kinder - surprises“ a path from a porch to a fir-tree in the yard (thanks to the grandfather and father!) it and Santa - Claus who sent you - personally! - a card from far Lapland (thanks to the aunt, so in time gone there to business trip), it and your Birthdays with disguise and representations. It is interesting whether you will remember all this when you become adult? I hope that yes, that your Children`s fairy tale will remain with you for the rest of life. And who knows, maybe, sometime and you will prove to the children, my grandchildren that their grandmother - the most real magician...