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I will go to the subway

is not dependent on whether you work until the end of pregnancy or bear the child of the house, the problem of movement remains. Someone gives preference to the car, however the subway remains the most popular type of transport still. Today we will talk about how to make presence of the pregnant woman underground the safest and comfortable.

It is unconditional, one of the main advantages of the subway is lack of traffic jams and high speed of movement. Really, it is possible to reach quickly work, clinic and other points. However from the point of view of safety the subway just a well of threats. The crowd, the escalator is only the beginning of the long list of dangers. But, following several simple rules, you will be able to secure yourself and “lodge“. Not to hurry, to be extremely attentive and to react quietly to any situation - here your main tasks.

It is stuffy. Closeness, draft and noise - it is always unpleasant, and during pregnancy especially. Do not wait when it becomes absolutely insufferably stuffy or hot. Undo outerwear at station, remove a scarf and a headdress. It is possible to use the mint or other refreshing candies, but do not abuse. The small small bottle of still mineral water can be very opportunely. Keep in mind, drafts though give a temporary relief, but they can turn back serious cold that is absolutely inadmissible. It is necessary to take noise seriously. By scientists it is proved long ago that on certain terms of pregnancy construction and other noise make serious negative impact on a fruit.

to Sit down. The excessive natural modesty in the subway is obviously inappropriate. If you are given way, you should not refuse. It is better to sit not only from the point of view of health, but also from a safety position. It is not necessary to hesitate to ask any boy or the man to give way to you. If men “incidentally“ close eyes or “very attentively“ read, are not ashamed slightly to touch them a hand and to ask to give way. Health of future mother and wellbeing of the child is more important than pride even if at you the stomach is not visible, and in hands there is no magazine of the corresponding subject. If the remote way to the center, and at station a chaos is necessary, it makes sense to sit down in the opposite side, to pass couple of excess stops and to waste a little time, but to go to the center sitting.

you do not seek to enter the car of the first (it does not concern final stops), it can quite turn out that at the last minute of the car will hurry to go out people and unintentionally you will be touched. Reach a comfortable position, but do not collapse. Do not cross the legs, and not only in the subway, so you limit intake of oxygen to the kid. Do not expose a leg far forward not to disturb people around. It is good if you took to esteem with yourself. It not only will help to pass away time, but also partly will solve a motion sickness problem. If you have to stand, try to leave pass, you remain for hand-rail at the level strictly not above a breast. If there is no such opportunity - pass into other place.

Whenever possible try not to go to rush hour. From ten in the morning to four o`clock in the afternoon of the subway is much more free, than in the rest of the time. As a last resort, ask somebody to keep you the company. Except relatives there are girlfriends, fellow workers, the former schoolmates who with pleasure will make to you “a small favor“. If you have no such opportunity, put an extra time on a trip.

Always you remember

that now your main task - incubation of the child. There are no more urgent and important issues. At present you - powerful chemical station, but not the Olympic champion in sports walking. Therefore you do not hurry. All will wait. Expecting the train, never stand close to edge of a platform. Your awkwardness and zapoloshnost of other people can play a dirty trick. The Running Man can unintentionally touch you. You carry always with yourself the napkins containing alcohol. Wet towel wipes - an irreplaceable thing - at all seasons of the year. If in the car together with you there are tramps, and most often they render habitable the ring line, try to pass into other car at the following station. If suddenly you felt unwell - ask the help for the sitting next people. It is enough to tell “to me it is bad“. That it happened, do not panic, know - you will be helped. Now almost all have a cell phone. In transitions always move in the direction of a stream. The same rule concerns also ladders. As a rule, the movement on them chaotic, but all - try to keep more to the right as it is possible closer to a handrail. Hold your horses. You for certain already estimated advantage of footwear without heels, especially on the escalator. It is better to stand on it quietly and to overtake nobody. It is good if the person standing ahead is on two, three steps above you. At the same time, in case he falters at a descent from the escalator, you will not encounter it a stomach. Happens that at stations is cancelled by trains and the crowd is formed. You do not get on the first train at all even if you are late or you hurry. Pass so many trains how many it is necessary that “stopper“ resolved.

If all of you - got to crowd, keep calm. Strong you hold hands hand-rail. Turn a back to crowd, you will expose hands before a stomach forward and protect it. Loudly tell that you are pregnant. Your obedient the servant, having got, to a similar situation once, loudly told: “If you do not want that I gave rise here - do not push me!!“ - the effect was, as at a cold shower. Ask nearby the standing men to block you. You breathe deeply, but it is quiet, if necessary ask to open window leaves. If it seemed to you that “began“, try not to panic. Only heroes of movies for an hour manage to become pregnant and give rise. There is, certainly, a concept the accelerated childbirth, but not so to give rise in the subway. Especially if you expect the first baby.

do not forget

that in thoughts there is force. Coming into the subway, dismiss all negative ideas on the street. To you there will never be nothing bad.