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Fedyushkina stories

(in translation of mother Olya)

Tuk - tuuk! Tuk - tuuk! Tuk - tuuk!

Hi, and it I!


- hi - hi! And mother with the father know nothing yet!


- hi - hi! Hee - hi - hi!

Tuk - tuuk! - so my small heart fights! To me is already whole five weeks! Uf! And I grow not on days - hours, and on seconds! Tuk - tuuk - tuk - tuuk - tuk - tuuk!

Well? Began to worry? To me nearly 9 weeks! I understand, I grow, I try, and they - are not sure. Well and that that already tenth test negative. I can reserved, I can I like hide?!!! Well??!!

Well at last!!! Hurrah! Hurrah!! Hurrah!!! Never would also think that some two stripes will cause so many emotions! I congratulate! And here the grandfather the first guessed. I tell. There arrived somehow mother on a visit to the grandfather and the grandmother. Saturday was, a bath as usual... and after a bath, having well heated up. . What, already guessed? Yes! Fainted! The grandfather understood everything at once! I respect.

So, me 12 weeks!

Hey who looks at me there? And it is my grandfather. I will tell in confidence - he is a doctor and does ultrasonography, here and now he watches my mummy. Grandfather! Hi! Here my handles, legs, head of course. What does the tadpole mean? And absolutely not! I little, well, very little person!

Oh, as hot! And nobody will also give way to mother in the tram. Of course, puzik it is not visible yet. But all the same. Forgive mummy, it is heavy to you. And in the mornings especially, and in the tram... Suffer slightly - slightly... I then when I grow up absolutely, will be the most obedient and remarkable!

It is silent! Let`s listen that you are whispered there. You think out a name? The book bought clever? What does Polina mean? What I to you POLINA! Well and foolish you at me! And so - stick to times, I will hide, will not bother yet! Here! Hee - hi - hi!

So - so. To me 16 weeks. I can already make a start and swim. Wonderful occupation! And in general, I hear everything and I see for a long time. Everything is pleasant to me, you are big good fellows. Nearly an every day when the heat falls down, mother with the father walk. And the daddy every time tries to arrive from work a bit earlier, it is a pity that not always turns out. We with mother often listen to any music and every weekend all family we go to the cinema or still where - nibud. Ah, if was not so hot!

I still to me is not pleasant to sit in turns in a maternity welfare unit, it two, and even three hours. Try, sit out. The only thing, it is interesting to observe. All such different, these mummies: someone for the first time, some even at once and with daddies. Someone already absolutely “puzatik“, and already very soon the kid will decide that it is already time. - that believe me. And all of them in the majority kind such, iron the puzik, smile quietly. Charm simply!

Already and 20 weeks. Grandfather, it again you. Hurrah! Hi - hi! Here what I am already big! I can even suck a finger, and here still what perevertona I learned to do! Op - la! And once more! And here so! Well as? It was pleasant! What - what you tell? Is not shown? Of course, and you as thought. Thought up some Polina, here and receive.

Ya I get fat, it is direct vooshche! And me 24 weeks are already far for 20, to be exact! How many there on hours baked thoroughly? The 23rd zero - zero... Time! I slept, and now and it is possible to dance. What today to choose? The Pole - a butterfly? Perhaps hopak or saber dance? Or nevertheless incendiary flamenco!? Opp - a pas. And here so! And cha - cha - cha. Handles, now legs went! And now here such pereverton! I understand nothing and why mother wants to sleep? Well, it is fine - all right. I already calmed down. Well, time not dances, we will sing then. Give my darling, the mummy, Klara`s lullaby from “Porgi and Bess“. I will tell in confidence, my mother in chorus sang earlier, in big academic, we with her even in philharmonic hall acted when to me weeks 8 - 9 was. Fyyu - yu - yu, I already sleep.

A you are a grandfather? Hi - hi! At me all is excellent, can make sure. In total as well as has to be in 28 weeks. What you tell? Ah, I hide and whether bothered? Even I do not know. Perhaps it is time already... How to make it? Is better “I cannot suffer more - I am shown!“ or “all to leave a twilight!“? All right! Look! All man`s population of a grandfather`s office shouts triple: “UR - rrr - And!“ I also did not expect another! Get acquainted! My name is Fedor!

Something places becomes less and less, already and will not swim for a while as earlier, it is even impossible to be developed by time - all now so I will hang headfirst. And it, by the way, is absolutely even not inconvenient. It is possible so to speak - “crisis 30 - week age“. We with mother already stay at home and passed into the category “puzatik“. But we should not miss - the mummy knits to me any there jackets - panties, we visit Jeunet and Egorika puzatika, at cinema in the mornings on animated cartoons and we deal with a housing problem.

It is necessary to

as time departed, is direct skipping! Already Egorik was born, and New Year soon! I am already absolutely big! It becomes only somehow inconvenient, I have already not enough place. But then, the father told, I will have the certain room. Here I will clear up!

Yesterday saw the grandfather again. Told that all is normal, there is a truth little changes, but all of us solved - nonsense. Yes, it was necessary to wait not for long. It is interesting how it?

I here we with mummy already in hospital... I will not tell that to me it is direct all it is pleasant, but nothing. The daddy with put at this time with might and main refuel with repair in our new apartment. And the mummy waits, waits every day. And I somehow all cannot decide.

What is told by this aunt in a white suit? “Perekhazhivayete. Let`s rodovozbuzhdat tomorrow“? Hey, and somebody asked me? I want! Told itself and made! At three o`clock in the morning we were already lifted in the rodovy block. What was then, I remember badly... Mother told then that she even swore badly, the truth in French. You do not think, she is not the French intelligence agent, just that it was not so a shame. I regained consciousness already on a mother`s tummy. Slightly - it is slightly cold, however, but mummy nearby. A kiss - a kiss, very tasty. And now and it is possible to have a sleep...

There now, now all already behind, or only begins?