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It is a pleasure to be mother!

Came true: the miracle occurred! The small touching lump loudly notifies the world on the birth on light. Newly made mummy is happy: the most terrible remained behind, and ahead there is so much good, light, kind...

A further you dream to sleep, jumping up from a bed each two hours, turn pale and redden, listening to fears of grandmothers and aunts that the child at you “not such as...“, “at this age it has to...“ etc., nearly you faint from diagnoses of doctors, type “a neurologic wryneck“, “hyper tone“, “a toxic eritema“. Constantly you worry on the fact that the child had no chair already more than a day, the kid belches too much, often or seldom urinates, it is not enough or sleeps much. And without saying it that the falls of infinite routine affairs fell upon you: to wash, hang up, stroke, to wash up, sterilize, again to wash... Besides, you with surprise find out that practically each passer, most likely, having successfully defended the dissertation on pedagogics and having obtained the license for lifelong practice, precisely knows how to bring up your child. You live in constant tension, lose self-confidence and that the most terrible, sometimes you forget that the motherhood is not only responsibility, but also big pleasure.

to my kid was one and a half months old when at me milk began to vanish. Chronic fatigue, sleep debt, stress - the factors which are not promoting a lactation. And then I understood that I do something not so. Feeding by a breast was for me the basic moment therefore it was necessary to change the way of life cardinally. Having analysed a situation, I came to a conclusion that I do many excess movements, I listen to many excess councils and excessively I am upset on trifles much. From now on I began to be guided by concept of expediency.

I began to shift

For the night the sonny in the bed and (oh, a miracle!) we began to sleep with him on eleven hours in a row. Night pauses for frequent feedings that is very important for restoration of a lactation, became absolutely painless, to feed the kid, mother should not wake up completely, and the baby, having supported, continues to sleep serenely under a mother`s flank.

Household chores is decided to be minimized. At last in the house the washing machine - the automatic machine appeared, and, naturally, with washing of a romper suit and diapers disappeared problems. Process of a pulling of molecular chains for the purpose of disinfecting, simply telling, an ironing, I decided to exclude from the list of daily duties too. The American scientists made experiment on mice who were placed in sterile conditions, and it turned out that mice began to be ill and perish. Their immune system began to fight not against pathogenic bacteria, because of their absence, and with own and native. So the sterility finished to the point of absurdity not only is not useful, but even is harmful. Besides, the heated iron sticks together a fabric time that leads to deterioration in hygroscopic properties of cotton material. One more argument in our advantage.

A here abundance in the room of carpets, small pillows, soft toys, small souvenirs any more not in our advantage. And if earlier these lovely bagatelles were urged to create a cosiness, then with the advent of the child they acquired the status of additional dust collectors. And as I felt sorry for the great plush friends, for a while it was necessary to leave them. Time to regret also itself came.

was facilitated Considerably by life and the microwave oven. Except that it allows to prepare quickly simple dishes, to warm a lunch and to defreeze meat, with its help it is possible to sterilize easily nipples and small bottles.

began to remain

as a result of practical application of NOTES with me a heap of free time. With the kid we manage to redo all affairs quickly. The sonny allows me to leave for a while, playing in the bed about a miracle - the invention - a musical roundabout. He spends the rest of the time or on my hands, or on a sofa. Anyway the baby requires from me the mass of attention, and I am able to satisfy his need for communication. But when the child falls asleep, there comes my time. It is possible to indulge himself with a new face pack, it is possible to read the favourite magazine, lying in a bathroom, it is possible to sit down at the computer and to write article, it is possible just to relax, and it is possible and to be engaged in self-education. The most interesting that with the advent of free minutes there was an aspiration to self-improvement both in physical, and in intellectual and creative plans. There is a wish to remember that besides good mother you also the clever person, the interesting interlocutor, the creative person and just attractive woman.

By the way, psychologists consider that the most developed children are at those mothers who are not dissolved completely for the benefit of the children, and have own interests. Since the early childhood the kid sees a worthy example for imitation, strives for independence and learns to respect desires of other people, and mother does not feel something deprived any more and several years later will not reproach the child: “I devoted all life to you, and you...“ . But it does not mean at all that the baby will have deficiency of attention, on the contrary, the kid has to be sure that mother always nearby also is ready to help with any “trouble“.

the Successful example of respect for mutual interests of mother and kid, in my opinion, is walk with use of a backpack - a kangaroo: the kid feels direct proximity of mother and has an opportunity to study the world from the adult`s height, and mother receives a freedom of movement necessary for it. Of course, with a carriage you will not enter into shop, a drugstore, library, once again you will not want to lower it from the fifth floor to run to the girlfriend. The sonny with great pleasure travels, sitting a back to my breast, examines show-windows with linen and cosmetics, racks with books, the regiments with toys passing by people, the passing cars... How many all - interesting in the world for the little man!

However in nearby park, in my opinion, all - is suitable

for long walks a carriage more. To the kid it is well slept in the fresh air, and I can quietly wander on alleyka and chat with other mummies. Long walking helps with fight for symmetry, and communication with adherents is always informative and pleasant. Besides, the relations entered on a shop in park can develop into firm female friendship. For example, I can entrust the kid for an hour now - other girlfriend, knowing firsthand that she will cope. In turn, and she can always count on me. And in the evening, drinking in kitchen of seagulls, we admit each other that, really, according to one advertizing slogan, it is a pleasure to be mother.