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Travel to Egypt with 10 - the monthly child. Part II

Part 1 can be considered it here.
in general I will tell

of Impression to

about Egypt At once that this my opinion which I, naturally, impose nobody. I do not rank myself to ((to eternally all dissatisfied), but it is possible to close eyes to many things, only if you do not have them. The climate, the sea, small fishes and weather - are infinitely fine that cannot be told about people. Outside hotel - a madhouse. Infinite stickings of shopkeepers. At a meeting with old acquaintances, I understood that for them there is no concept of friendship. Only business. What discounts to Allah!!! On the contrary, try to take more. I in general had an impression that we were not recognized by one dealer. Though the husband densely communicated with him each half a year. With another it was not better too. The photo which was kindly brought by us the relic stored at home almost like, was accepted neutrally, without any emotions. Well and, hung out, drank beer, well and that...

Men there sensitive as Italians. You do not allow to snuggle the child, at once ask “why is not present?“ you will not give a hand - take offense. Well as was to explain to them that the thicket needs to wash hands... Me for unwillingness to communicate one type called haughty all the time.

What there dogs... Even the latest gardener and other servants are ideally shaved, accurately cut, at all hair are processed by hair gel (Alisk often touched their heads of hear), from all smells if not of the road, then, at least, decent toilet water. Neither the age, nor appearance of women for them have no value. To me, with the child on hands, so far the husband ran for a while in shop, and that suggested to meet in the evening. They equally hotly make eyes both young and old, and beautiful and not really. Even the plain woman in Egypt will just feel like the beauty. They consider all Russian girls fallen, more than available and respectively behave with them. I think, they have on that good reasons. It is funny taken a detached view as the Russian singles go to look for adventures on the 90.

B one of days I incidentally got acquainted with the Russian girl Tanya. She too with a carriage tried to cross the road with 2 - x the monthly son. A lot of things cleared up. She married the local bank employee and lived not one year there. She moved from here - for climate. Her father died from cancer and she had big problems with lungs. As I understood, in Russia it would be waited by the same fate. From it I learned that local children use disposable diapers too, eat can food. They swim only with fathers, with mothers it is impossible (the religion does not allow). She gave birth not in Cairo, and somewhere on the periphery. Childbirth cost it 2 thousand pounds that is by local standards inexpensive. It appears, local guys meet elderly foreign aunts. Those take boys on contents, buy up them hotels, in such simple way very many gradually find a job.

Continually tourists are wanted to be deceived. To inflate incorrect (Christians) at Muslims it is not considered a sin at all. Drivers of buses constantly strive to tear off three skins. All cheap tricks are used: to take money not as for the bus, and as for a taxi. How many time to all is explained that any bus can be a taxi. The owner - the barin. If in the bus to many people is definitely not a taxi. If you are the only potential passengers whether it is necessary to ask “the bus it at once?“ at once to agree about the price. If when landing say to you that it is the bus, and at an exit show on the sign Taxi, rigidly hold the ground, give pound and quietly you leave. If in your trace disapproving attacks are distributed, either keep silent, or threaten with tourist police. The same need to struggle with their impudence.

Official guides do not doze too. Usually become their lawful catch for the first time arrived. Without having understood, in the first day tourists order from them a great lot of excursions, and having learned that the same excursions can be visited for much smaller sum (having bought them in numerous tourist shops), can not always back return the money. Sings sweet songs “nightingale“ very skillfully. In own favor guides adduce arguments the following: you it is surely thrown these “shady business establishments“, your insurance will not work, you will get not the Russian-speaking guide, the bus, further horrors on decrease will be late. Think, but my opinion (in Egypt I was 3 times, and in general visited 9 countries for the last 4 years), all this a bluff. We five times took excursions from “private traders“ and everything passed normally. Nobody is never insured from anything, at all buses are late, both “private traders“, and official guides with identical success sometimes do not fulfill the obligations. With the health insurance in general hope only for yourself. Example. Last summer with us the woman (we will call her Tatyana) with the adult daughter, from the district city of N had a rest. We together with it quite often visited ashkeys, swam, well, together. Tatyana is a physician by training, and practicing on indirect signs, very competent in the specialization. She told the following. In the first days of stay it got under windsurfing. Floated to itself, considered small fishes. At this time the young girl passed the first lesson of driving on a surf. Wind that day was very strong. The teacher of the instruction gave from the land, combining a lesson with game in a backgammon. At some moment incurred the girl, she did not manage to drive and came around on the head to Tatyana. Tu was brought to reanimation. Further the most interesting. It is given drugs, Tatyana understands that preparations which will hide symptomatology give it. Refuses to accept them. It is hurried to be written out quickly, every other day it appears in reanimation again. At this time on it press, nearly with threat is not a trauma, it at you a sunstroke, and nobody will pay anything to you. Generally, thanks to knowledge of English of the clear head - the daughter, and the literacy she asserted the rights and all to them due.

to you, as well as me, absolutely unreal quotations for certain caught sight to

. In each hotel, on visible or not really the place it is written that number in days costs $100 etc. The small chest opened simply: colleagues on rest had a plane in 23 evenings. At 12 in the afternoon they were exposed from number. Where to disappear, not absolutely clear. It is possible to sit out, of course, in a reception. And it is possible also in number with comfort... Here also these rastsenochka come into force.

we combined

of Walk with visit of “places of former glory“ - went to hotels in which we staid in former visits. We visited Le Pasha hotel in which we had a rest last year in July together with the husband. (Security guards of Royal Palace somehow told that they remember our family, (then at me also the tummy was not visible), it appears, in the summer they worked in Le Pasha, there is it). At that time there completed the third floors, a playground. The campaign showed that building is successfully finished. Protection in Le Pasha sits more than vigilant. Passing, we told lies that a pier, local. Deception was quickly opened. For us came to the beach and politely asked to leave. So the spouse managed to swim for a while not for long. (Painfully there the underwater world is good. The husband came to visit the old acquaintances - hedgehogs, small fishes and worms. From me said hello to them. We very much loved small fishes to feed with eggs from hands.) With ramps it is worse there, than in our hotel, on sand to the sea not to pass. I do not know as this year, but food was better in some parameters there. In Le Pasha there was an olive oil, tea was offered in bags, and coffee filled. To float in the sea there with the child from - for numerous hedgehogs not safely.

In Lilly Land hotel where the husband had a rest without me in December, 2003, we went to look at a zoo. There last year there were monkeys, peacocks, in a word, are what to look at. You will not believe, but we forgot to come there. When arrived, Alice slept therefore it was decided that Shreds will swim for a while a little with a mask. Then we hurried to leave a pier because the sun sat down and strongly cold wind blew. The decision to investigate the territory of the next hotel Reemyvera was on the way made. Here so we also doizuchatsya. Remembered the visit purpose only in the evening at supper. Impressions about Lilly Land hotel the following: I (as to mother) did not like both hotels (Lilly Land and Reemyvera). On the central path of Lilly Land it is impossible to pass with the sleeping child. The path paved by roughly otesanny granite stone made my walking a real handful. I had to carry a carriage on two wheels not to wake Alice. The roar stood such, as if not the carriage goes, and a tarantass. However, with ramps it was ideal there. Be green in both hotels a little (in comparison with other hotels). It is a lot of open sun, planes fly low, it is very windy.

Approximate prices of some objects, things, products, services:

  • the Course 1 pound = about 4,5 rubles or 6 pounds of 20 piastres = $1
  • Diapers (in a tourist zone)
  • of Pampers of 10 pieces = from 20 - 25 pounds
  • of Fixis of 22 pieces = 72 pounds
  • In the city of Pampers of 67 pieces. = 70 pounds
  • Baby food (Gerber) from 8 - 12 pounds (in a tourist zone)
  • Hipp Juice of 12 pounds
  • Water 1 liter = 1 pound
  • Cream for suntan with a factor 25 = 70 pounds (in a tourist zone)
  • the Glass of juice from cane sugar = 1 pound
  • Water for children 1, 5 liters = 2 pounds
  • of Bank of fish canned food = 8 pounds (in a tourist zone)
  • a tea Pack in bags of Lipton of 10 bags = 5 pounds (in a tourist zone)
  • the Fare in a dolmushka (Bus) 1 pound from the person (local pay 50 or 25 piastres).
  • by
  • the Visa to Egypt of $15 from the person
  • Standard children`s t-shirts from 15 to 22 pounds
  • to Make dreadlocks on hair of the average sizes (in salons from $35) out of salons of 10 pounds 1 braid or 150 pounds all hair.
  • the Baby carriage - a cane of 235 pounds.

the First-aid kit adult

the First-aid kit children`s